IPMA-HR Certification

Neil Reichenberg, CAE
Executive Director
 Designations offered
IPMA Certified Professional (IPMA-CP)
IPMA Certified Professional Executive Level (IPMA-CP)
IPMA Certified Specialist (IPMA-CS)
 Purposes of the program
Encourage continuous learning
Help to develop the next generation of HR professionals
 Over
7,000 people have been certified in 16
countries – we have certified the most people in
 Certification Advisory Board oversees the program
 The
certification program is based on the 20
competencies included in the IPMA-HR
competency model
 The
competencies are available at:
 The
competencies are assigned to four roles:
HR Expert
 Change Agent
 Strategic Business Partner
 Leader
offers the Developing Competencies for
HR Success training program that is based on the
competency model and the 4 roles
 The
training is offered in classroom and distance
learning formats
Education/Experience Requirements:
 Graduate
degree/2 years of HR experience with 1
in the public sector
 Bachelor’s
degree/4 years of HR experience with 1
in the public sector
 Associate’s
degree/6 years of HR experience with
1 in the public sector
 No
degree/8 years of HR experience with 1 in the
public sector
Education/Experience Requirements:
Your experience must be considered at the
professional/managerial level and be considered
exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act
Fast Track IPMA-CP Executive Level – Only
available until 12/31/12
designation is the same – the
certification requirements are different
 The IPMA-HR Executive Council voted to eliminate
this category of certification effective at the end of
this year
Executive Level Category of Certification
 Eligibility
 Less
is based on the size of the organization:
than 2,000 employees, the HR director or equivalent
could qualify
 2,000 – 10,000 employees, the top two managerial level HR
employees (HR director/deputy HR director) could qualify
 More than 10,000 employees, the top three HR managerial
level employees (HR director/deputy HR director/division
director) could qualify
 To
qualify for this category:
10 years of HR managerial experience
3 years of public sector human resources experience
If these requirements are met, the exam is waived.
Technical HR Component
experience at the mastery level for the
past five years in the designated specialty area
and the completion during the previous three
years of 30 hours of professional development
in the area of specialization.
Certification Exam
To complete the certification process you must
demonstrate an understanding of HR competencies by
successfully completing a written examination.
 The exam is provided online.
 The exam is an 85 question, multiple-choice exam that
measures an applicant’s understanding of the 20
 The exam study guide is available online.
 The Developing Competencies for HR Success training
program helps to prepare for the exam
 To
retain the IPMA-HR Certification designation,
an individual must accumulate 50 points every
three years and submit a completed
Recertification Report Form.
 Due to the economy, the number of points
required for recertification has temporarily been
reduced to 40.
 Earning points toward recertification can begin
immediately after receiving the initial IPMA-HR
certification designation.
Interested in Certification?
Next Steps
Complete and submit with payment the
certification application, position
description & signed statement of IPMAHR principles and values
The application is reviewed for approval
Take and pass the online certification
--- OR ---
Complete the Developing Competencies
for HR Success training and pass the
online examination.
Complete and submit with payment the
certification application, position
description, & signed statement of
IPMA-HR principles and values
The application is reviewed.
HR Executive Leadership Program
 Five
day training program introduced in 2011 in
 Program
is based on the new IPMA HR
Leadership model
 Those
interested in receiving the IPMA Certified
Leader (IPMA-CL) designation need to complete
both the training program and submit a project
addressing an HR issue with their organizations
 We
plan to introduce the program in other
markets including the US
HR Certificate Program
 Launched
in 2011
 Program
is based on the IPMA HR body of
 Designed
for new entrants to the HR profession
or those who want to gain more knowledge in
other areas of HR
 Program
is offered primarily through distance
HR Certificate Program
modules included in the program
Public Sector HR Basics
Classification and Compensation
Labor and Employee Relations
EEO & Diversity
Organizational Development
 Exam
needs to be passed by those who want to
receive the certificate
 HR Management by Jackson & Mathis is the
primary textbook
 Contact
 Online
 For
Neil Reichenberg, nreichenberg@ipma-
certification - www.ipma-
 For
HR certificate - http://www.ipmahr.org/node/21596

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