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Big Lottery Fund
Paula Torres-Silva
[email protected]
25 July 2014
Where does our money come from?
Biggest distributor of lottery good cause money
Distribute funds through a range of programmes
When you spend a pound on the lottery:
Good Causes
Treasury 12%
Retailer 5%
Camelot 5%
Prizes 50%
Big Lottery Fund outcomes
• People having better chances in life, with better
access to training and development to improve their
life skills
• Stronger communities, with more active citizens,
working together to tackle their problems
• Improved rural and urban environments, which
communities are better able to access and enjoy
• Healthier and more active people and communities
What are we looking for?
• Evidence the need for your project
• The issues your beneficiaries face
• What evidence is there to prove the issues exist
• Involve your beneficiaries at every stage
• Activities must address the need & lead to your
outcomes, and contribute to programme outcomes
• Have a clear and realistic budget.
• Make a difference!
Awards for All
Eligibility – the applicant
At least 3 unrelated people on your governing
A UK bank account in the name of your
organisation with at least two unrelated
voluntary and community organisation, school,
parish or town council, health body
Eligibility – the project
• £300 - £10,000
• 12 months to spend grant
• Up to £10,000 in any 12 month period
• New activity and projects
• Repeat and regular activities –
If income less than £30,000 in last financial year
• Not for running costs i.e. ongoing organisation costs
Eligibility – the application
• Send BIG an application at least four months before
your project is planned to start
• There are no deadlines, apply when you like
• Simple application form
• Answer the questions!
Reaching Communities
Reaching Communities
• Revenue, Capital or a mixture
• Two stage application process (three
for large capital/buildings projects)
• Stage one
• Stage two
• Outcomes focussed
Reaching Communities
• Grants for revenue projects from £10,000
- including up to £100,000 capital
• Buildings strand grants from £100,000
- Projects needs to check postcode for eligibility
• No total project cost limit
• You can apply for between 1-5 years funding
• Fewer restrictions than Awards for All
Reaching Communities
You must contact us if:
You are applying for land and buildings
A project request of more than £500,000.
If you have been previously funded by BIG
and want to continue your project.
Where to get help
Funding - ‘Funding Guidance’
BIG Advice Team: 0845 4 10 20 30
Any questions?

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