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The Future of HR Certification –
What Do I Choose?
Presented by Janine Dunn
HRACC, December 3, 2014
The Future of HR Certification
 Starting on January 5, 2015, there are two options
for HR Certification, HRCI and SHRM
 We will discuss both, so hopefully you can decide
which is better for you, or if you want to hold both
 Let’s start with the new SHRM certifications,
SHRM Certification Objectives
 Incorporate the behavioral competencies that HR
professionals need for career success
 Create the basis for a relevant & credible certification
that receives widespread employer support
 Establish a universal standard and global brand for HR
certification that will be recognized in every region
 Provide a streamlined certification program that
expands access, minimizes bureaucracy, and supports
the continued development of the HR profession
SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge
The SHRM-CP and SHRMSCP is based on the SHRM
Body of Competency and
Knowledge, which includes
four key Knowledge
Domains and the eight
Behavioral Competencies
that HR professionals need
for career success.
SHRM Certification Eligibility Criteria
In order to be eligible to sit for the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP exam, an applicant must meet the specific educational and work experience criteria, outlined below:
Less than a
Bachelor’s Degree*
Bachelor’s Degree
Graduate Degree
3 years in
HR role
4 years in
HR role
1 year in
HR role
2 years in
HR role
in HR role
1 year in
HR role
6 years in
HR role
7 years in
HR role
4 years in
HR role
5 years in
HR role
3 years in
HR role
4 years in
HR role
A SHRM-CP credential holder is eligible to sit for the SHRM-SCP exam after
successful completion of one three-year SHRM-CP recertification cycle.
*Less than a bachelor’s degree includes: associate’s degree; some college; high school or GED
Notes: 1000+ of HR related activity = 1 year of experience; HR experience may be in an
exempt or non-exempt capacity; for more information, see
Our eligibility criteria
eliminates barriers,
emphasizes the
value of formal HR
education, and
provide an
accelerated path
from the SHRM-CP
to the SHRM-SCP.
To maintain SHRM-CP and
SHRM-SCP certification,
certified professionals will
have three years to acquire
60 Professional Development
Credits (PDCs) in three
categories: Advance Your
Education, Advance Your
Organization, and Advance
Your Profession.
All programs that enhance your competencies will qualify for PDCs, giving
you great flexibility in designing your professional development plan!
Pathway Process
 All holders of valid HR generalist certifications
may obtain their SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP via the
“pathway” process
 Candidates can obtain their SHRM certification
by going to, agree to the
SHRM Code of Ethics, and complete an online
tutorial on the SHRM Competency Model
 Volunteer leaders can complete the “pathway”
during the VLS; others can complete the
pathway from Jan 5 – Dec 31, 2015.
 Pathway participants are not asked to “give up”
existing certifications!
2015 SHRM Learning Systems for SHRM-CP / SHRM-SCP
The 2015 SHRM Learning System addresses all elements of the SHRM BoCK, and provides
comprehensive online learning and instructional aids, accessible by any device.
Individual cost is $695 for SHRM members, $895 for non-members
HR Competencies
• Overview
• Competencies
• Leadership & Navigation
• Business Acumen
• Ethical Practice
• Relationship Management
• Consultation
• Critical Evaluation
• Global & Cultural Effectiveness
• Communication
Talent Acquisition & Retention
Employee Engagement
Learning & Development
Total Rewards
• Structure of the HR Function
• Organizational Effectiveness
and Development
• Workforce Management
• Employee Relations
• Technology & Data
HR in the Global Context
Diversity & Inclusion
Risk Management
Corporate Social Responsibility
Employment Law &
*Applicable only to examinees testing within the U.S.
Business and HR Strategy
• The Role of Strategy
• Strategy Formulation
• Developing Strategy
• Implementing Strategy
• Evaluating Strategic
• Providing Leadership
Online Learning Center
 Level selection (CP/SCP)
 SmartStudy
 Tests (including Knowledge
and SJT questions)
 E-reader modules
 Flashcards and glossary
 Resource Center
 Individual and Group
Education Partners for Exam Preparation
SHRM is partnering with over
200 colleges, universities, and
other organizations in the US
and around the world to deliver
SHRM-CP / SHRM-SCP cert prep
programs – and we are adding
more partners every week.
In addition, SHRM certification exam prep
courses will be delivered in the following
countries: China, India, Mexico, UAE, Egypt,
Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia,
Qatar, Denmark, Malaysia,
Indonesia, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa,
Colombia, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Romania,
Vietnam, South Korea, Hong Kong, Trinidad
& Tobago, and Turkey, among others.
Key Dates
Nov 20, 2014 – Learning System for SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP
January 5, 2015 to March 13, 2015 - Application Window
January 5, 2015 – “Pathway Process” Available
May 1, 2015 to July 15, 2015 - First Exam Period
Pilot Exam
Atlanta, GA
Alexandria, VA
Bethesda, MD
Chicago, IL
From Oct 18-Nov 1, SHRM conducted a highly successful pilot
exam in 14 locations and 19 sites in six countries, drawing 1070
participants – including 30% from outside the United States.
Dallas, TX
Portland, OR
San Diego, CA
Waltham, MA
Beijing, China
Delhi, India
Dubai, UAE
Hyderabad, India
• Monterrey,
• Port of Spain,
Trinidad & Tobago
SHRM Certification Commission
Wayne Cascio, Ph.D., Chair
Distinguished Univ. Professor
Univ. of Colorado (Denver)
Business School
Losey Award Winner
Jeff Lindeman
Senior Director
Talent & Engagement
San Diego Int’l Airport
Former SHRM Chapter President
John Boudreau, Ph.D.
Center for Excellence in
Univ. of Southern California
Losey Award Winner
Betty Lonis
VP, Human Resources
Former MAC Member
Trent Burner
VP, Global Org. Effectiveness
Santrupt Misra, Ph.D.
Director, Group HR
Aditya Birla Group
VP, Global Org. Effectiveness
James Outtz, Ph.D.
Outtz and Associates
Susan Podlogar
VP, Human Resources
Johnson & Johnson
Former SHRM Foundation Board Member
Richard Vosburgh, Ph.D.
RMV Solutions, LLC
HRPS Board Member
Tim Young
Director, Field HR
SHRM BoCK Panel Member
Sheldon Zedeck, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Univ. of California at Berkeley
Last week, we announced the SHRM Certification Commission, chaired
by Wayne Cascio, Ph.D., and made of up distinguished leaders in the HR
profession, to oversee the technical aspects of the new program.
SHRM Certification Preferred Provider Program
 All State Councils and Chapters in good standing are eligible to
participate in the SHRM Preferred Provider Program, free of charge
 SHRM Preferred Providers may allocate SHRM PDCs for your in-house events
throughout the year without prior approval from SHRM
 What are your next steps as a Preferred Provider?
 Post your preferred provider seal – let your members know your programming supports the SHRMCP and SHRM-SCP credentials.
 Attend SHRM’s informational webinars – look for an invitation in December to learn more about our
program and the types of development opportunities that are eligible.
 Assign PDCs to your courses – participation in the program allows you to assign PDCs to your courses
in accordance with SHRM guidelines. Contact [email protected] with any questions.
To date, 48 State Councils and 403 Chapters have registered as SHRM Preferred Providers!
Example Programming Topics for HR Expertise
Example Programming Topics for Behavioral Competencies
SHRM Certification Web Site
SHRM launched a new SHRM
certification website -- that
provides comprehensive
information on the SHRM-CP
and SHRM-SCP program, and
will serves as an entry point
for candidates, certificants,
and Preferred Providers.
Program Materials
SHRM has published a variety of
pamphlets, guides, and handbooks
on all aspects of the SHRM
certification program – which can be
accessed via .
HRCI Certification
 PHR® Professional in Human Resources - PHR certification is a great way to
establish yourself in the HR field. It proves your mastery of HR operations, best
practices and regulations in the U.S., and creates a solid foundation for your
future advancement.
 SPHR® Senior Professional in Human Resources - The recognized credential for
HR leaders in the U.S.
 GPHR® Global Professional in Human Resources - Demonstrate your knowledge
of cross-border HR.
HRCI Certification
Recertification credits can be earned in the following categories:
 Continuing Education
 Instruction
 On-the-Job Experience
 Research/Publishing
 Leadership
 Professional Membership
HRCI Certification
Earning credit involves much more than attending conferences and
workshops. Most certified HR professionals earn their recertification credits
through the very activities that make them valuable members of their
organizations and increase their HR knowledge, including:
 Creating leadership development initiatives
 Developing a diversity program
 Implementing HR best practices participating in contract negotiations
with union leaders
HRCI Certification
All certifications are valid for three years. Recertification is required
every three years to maintain your credential.
To recertify:
 Accumulate 60 credit hours of HR-related continuing education
activities completed before the three-year anniversary of your
certification cycle and pay a recertification fee of $150
 Take the certification exam again
HRCI Strategic Partnership
The HR Certification Institute (HRCI) announced it will partner with
Dave Ulrich and Wayne Brockbank, both renowned HR professors,
authors and consultants, in the seventh round of the world’s largest
study of HR competencies. Called the Human Resource Competency
Study (HRCS), the ongoing project is led by Dr. Ulrich’s RBL Group
and the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.
Which certification should I get (or keep)?
 This is an individual choice
 If you are currently HRCI certified, why not hold both? Take the
Pathways exam for SHRM certification at no charge from 1/5/15 to
 We won’t really know how the SHRM certifications are accepted for
a few years
 Look for the SHRM Preferred Provider and HRCI logos for preapproved programs
 You can still count programs for recertification, even if the courses
have not been pre-approved

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