Water around the world (, 1 MB)

Water around the
Meet nine-year-old Nsomah from Ghana. Here she is with her
family. Find out what Nsomah has to say about collecting and
using water.
Nsomah lives in Bolgatanga in the far north of Ghana. This is a
twelve hour drive from the capital city of Accra. It is the hottest and
driest area of the country. Why do people use water carefully here?
Nsomah goes to the pump four times a day to collect buckets of
water. Before the pump was built, Nsomah went to the stream to
fetch water. But animals drank from here too and people often got
Nsomah now has clean and safe water to drink. What do you
use clean water for?
Nsomah also collects water for washing cups and plates. How is the way
Nsomah washes the same and different to the way things are washed in
your home?
Nsomah’s mother uses water for cooking food. It is measured
out carefully using mugs. How do you measure water?
Children at Premnega Primary School in India learn about
using and saving water.
Meet Rajendra and his school friends.
Rajendra enjoys going to school. He loves meeting his friends
and learning about saving water and staying healthy.
The hand-pump at school is looked after by a water
committee. They make sure it is kept clean.
When Nita collects water from the hand-pump, she has to clean the
pot, cover it, and use a ladle to take water out. If she doesn’t do
this, young children sometimes put their hands in and the water
gets dirty.
The water committee also brings water from the pump to the
classrooms so that other children can easily enjoy a drink.
This group of children look after the school garden. They use
waste water from the hand-pump to water their fruit and

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