UMass Lowell Welcome Day Financial Aid Presentation

UMass Lowell
Fall Open House
Financial Aid Presentation
October 04, 2014
Learning with Purpose
Overview of financial aid
How do students apply?
Financial aid award letters
Paying for College
Free Resources
Learning with Purpose
Financial Aid Breakdown
Undergraduate Student Aid 2012-13 ($185.1Billion)
Learning with Purpose
UMass Lowell Merit-Based Aid
Awarded to our most academically qualified
Based on SAT and High School GPA
UMass Lowell Co-op Scholarship Program
Priority consideration given to Early Action
applicants (November 15)
Learning with Purpose
Other Merit-Based Aid
State and Private Scholarships
State Scholarships
• John and Abigail Adams Scholarship
• For other programs
Private Scholarships
Learning with Purpose
Need-Based Aid
Grants – gift aid
Federal, state and institutional
Based on need
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Student Employment
Allows students to earn money to assist with
payment of educational expenses
UMass Lowell Student Employment Programs
pay $10-$12 per hour
Students work 10-15 hours per week
UMass Lowell Student Employment team
assists students in finding jobs on campus and
in the surrounding community
Learning with Purpose
Federal Student Loans
Student is the borrower – not based on credit
No principal payments due while enrolled
Federal Direct Stafford Loans (two types)
• Subsidized – fixed interest rate of 4.66% after leaving school
• Unsubsidized – fixed interest rate of 4.66% begins immediately
• 6.21% for graduate / professional students
Federal Perkins Loan
• Fixed interest rate of 5%
UML strongly recommends students exhaust federal student
loan options before borrowing from other sources
Learning with Purpose
How do Students Apply?
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Open January 1st:
Must sign with a PIN:
IRS Data Retrieval Tool – available February 1st
Requires data from all parents who live together, married or not
Must be completed every year
UMass Lowell Priority Deadline
Learning with Purpose
Taxes and Verification
Tax Filing
• Estimate taxes to meet deadline
• Importance of good estimate
• Update FAFSA with actual taxes
IRS Data Retrieval
• Reduce error and selection for verification
Verification Review
Special Circumstances
Learning with Purpose
Award Notification
1. Apply by November 15 for Early Action
2. Acceptance Letters & Merit Award Notification
3. January 1 – Complete FAFSA application
College Goal Sunday (
4. March – Financial Aid Notification
Welcome Day
MEFA’s After the Acceptance seminars
Learning with Purpose
Comparing Financial Aid Award
College A
College B
College C
Total Cost
Less – Gift Aid
- $8,000
- $10,000
- $20,000
Equals “Net Price”
Student Loans
- $5,500
- $5,500
- $5,500
Student Employment
- $3,500
- $2,500
- $2,200
Remaining Cost
Learning with Purpose
Paying for College
Alternative Financing Options
Payment Plan:
TMS (Tuition Management Systems)
Parent PLUS Loan
Alternative Loans
Be a wise consumer!
Learning with Purpose
UMass Lowell as a Partner
Ask questions – we are here to help!
Education is an investment in your future
We are a partner in your educational journey
UMass Lowell Financial Aid Office
• Phone: 978.934.4220
• Web:
• Email: [email protected]
Learning with Purpose
College Goal Sunday
FAFSA Day Massachusetts
• Free assistance to complete the FAFSA
• Over 30 locations in Massachusetts
• Sunday, January 25, 2015 at 1:00 pm
• Locations and additional dates listed at
Learning with Purpose
MEFA Resources
After the Acceptance Seminars
• 25 Massachusetts locations
• March & April
• One on One Guidance
College Financing Seminars
Download the College Financing e-book
Sign up for MEFA emails
Online calculators
Learning with Purpose
Financial Aid Office
The Solution Center
Federal Student Aid
Massachusetts Office of Student Financial Aid
High school guidance counselors
Online calculators
Learning with Purpose

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