General Information

Scholarships &
Financial Aid
Scholarship Information
General Information:
Application for admission & scholarships is combined.
Incoming freshmen only need to complete this one application to be considered for
all scholarship opportunities at UCO.
Application is online at
Deadline is February 1
Waivers for Lunch Programs
Counselor should submit form or letter
 Once student has completed their application, they should contact Admissions.
 Admissions will “push” their application for it to be processed.
Improvements for Next Year:
Include better instructions & information in application (i.e.:
“Warning: Before you submit this application, have you completed all sections including all
scholarship and essay questions?” You will NOT be able to return to this application once
you hit submit).
Scholarship Information
Types of Scholarships at UCO:
Oklahoma State Regent of Higher Education
Leadership Scholarships
Academic Scholarships
 The only automatic placement scholarship at UCO is the Oklahoma Regent Academic
Scholar Program.
UCO’s other scholarships are not guaranteed.
Students must meet certain eligibility requirements depending on the scholarship.
Then, students “compete” for the scholarship with other applicants.
Ultimately, the students with higher GPA’s, ACT’s, financial need, or other criteria
will be awarded the scholarship first.
Number Given:
The number of scholarships given at UCO is not unlimited.
This is noted on the scholarship sheet.
Why so few? What can you do to help?
Other Information:
Some candidates being considered for the Baccalaureate & Freshmen Achievement
Scholarship may be called for interviews during the month of February or March.
Interviews will be held at UCO.
UCO Scholarships & Financial Aid
Special Situations & Other Information:
Undocumented Students can apply for scholarships if they
graduated from an Oklahoma high school.
The student is required to fill out and sign a legal affidavit that indicates where they
are in the legalization process.
The student must provide proof that he/she submitted an application/petition with
USCIS and it is being reviewed.
Students that are approved for legal, permanent residency are eligible for all type of
scholarships and financial assistance.
 Required Information:
Official Six Semester Transcript
ACT scores (National is required for Regents Scholarships, Residual accepted for all
other scholarships)
FAFSA completed by end of March (FAFSA available January 1st. Families unable to
complete taxes in this turnaround time should estimate by using last years taxes.
Historical UCO Data
 In 2009-2010, the average incoming freshmen student who
received a scholarship from UCO had a 3.76 GPA and 26 ACT.
 In 2009-2010, 72% of scholarship applicants received a
scholarship award.
 A 2010 study demonstrated that 69% of our students who
receive scholarships as freshmen are retained through to their
sophomore year at UCO.
The same study indicated that retention of our total scholarship
program stands at 82%.
UCO offers a wonderful continuing scholarship program for
students who receive one-year awards as incoming freshmen.
Students can apply for departmental, third-party, Admission and
Foundation awards.
Financial Aid
All students applying for scholarships must complete the
FAFSA. However, we encourage all students to complete
the Free Application for Federal Student Aid!
 Grants (i.e.: Federal Pell Grant, OHLAP, OTAG)
Loans (i.e.: Direct Subsidized, Direct Unsubsidized, Direct Parent )
 Work-study
 Process of Applying & Possible Verification
Selection, Special Circumstance, etc.
Stacy McNeiland, Director
Recruitment & Scholarships
(405) 974-2597
[email protected]
Carol Dean, Assistant Director
Federal Work-Study & Scholarships
(405) 974-3334
[email protected]
Thank you for attending
The Scholarship &
Financial Aid Session!

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