Temporary Positions Policy

(formerly known as Hourly Positions)
Affordable Care Act (ACA)
Requires employers to provide health benefits to any 75%
(30 hours) or more FTE employee.
Additional Benefit cost would be applied at 43.25% of the
hourly wage and would be a significant additional cost
University wide.
Failure to offer healthcare to newly eligible employees
results in significant financial penalties across the
Goal is Compliance without increasing healthcare
Current healthcare budget is $212.7 million
Significant changes for part-time employees - July 1, 2013
Limits number of hours worked by Temporary employees
Changes in Implementation Date
Delays in some provisions of Affordable Care
Through September 28, 2013, number of hours
worked is not specifically limited
29 hour rule goes into effect on September 29
(beginning of pay period which includes
actual implementation date of October 1, 2013.
Strongly suggest that for full fall semester, set
workers’ schedules to comply with 29 hour
Temporary Positions (formerly Hourly)
Definition of Temporary employee
Temporary employees have either student or nonstudent status and are defined as those employees
not occupying a budgeted line position (an
appointed position) and are temporary, at will
Temporary Regular (HR) positions are intended for
those who work up to 999 hours per year (19 hrs.
 Temporary with Retirement (HP) are intended for
those who work 1,000 – 1,508 hours per year (20 –
29 hrs. /week)
Temporary Positions Policy
Applies to:
AmeriCorps (HA)
Temp w/retirement (HP)-formerly hourly
Regular (HR)
Student (HS)
Work study (WSU)
Not permitted to work more than 116 hrs. over
two consecutive bi-weekly pay periods, all units
Can set limit to 29 hrs. per week for ease of
administration or 58 hrs. per bi-weekly pay period
IF not setting limit to 29 hrs. per week,
supervisors will need to monitor and adjust
excess hours in following bi-weekly pay period
Example: for a temporary employee who works 80 hrs.
during a bi-weekly pay period, then he/she is limited to
working no more than 36 hours total during the following
bi-weekly pay period
For Summer work only
Temp employee works full time up to 6
consecutive pay periods (12 wks)
6 consecutive pay periods starts beginning May 2014,
employee must not have worked for IU in any
position during 6 preceding pay periods
 The temp employee will be separated at end of 6 pay
 Cannot work any other part-time position for
following 6 consecutive pay periods (12 wks)
 Must obtain approval from UHRS
Other Limits
Temp employees, except HP, not permitted to
work more than 999 hrs. during calendar year
(include all aggregated hours)
Employees in Temporary w/Retirement (HP)
positions not permitted to work more than
1,508 hrs. during calendar year, starting 2014
If work needs greater than the above limits,
establish a new staff position within university
policy or hire a second temporary employee
Other Limits contd.
Must terminate employee from temp position
after not worked any hours during 6
consecutive pay periods
 Supervisor
must notify HR/Payroll to terminate
Required to record hours worked in
synchronous TIME: clock in and out
Adjunct not permitted to hold temp position
and vice versa
Total Hours Limited in All Jobs
Worked at IU
Supervisors ask potential employees if they
work other jobs at IUE or other IU campuses.
New Employee Look-Up Tool Available in
Any IU employee can use tool
Requires potential employee’s university ID or
name and birthdate
Handout in packet provides information on
how to use.
Reminder: Rounding Counts!
Rounding occurs when an employee clocks in at a few minutes before or after the hour for example:
Clock action times, with the exceptions of breaks, are rounded to the nearest tenth of an hour. This
means that clock actions will be recorded as occurring at the nearest six minute interval (12:00, 12:06,
12:12, 12:18, etc.) This is Time Rounding which you can see in the chart below:
:57, :58, :59, :00, :01, :02
:03, :04, :05, :06, :07, :08
:09, :10, :11, :12, :13, :14
:15, :16, :17, :18, :19, :20
:21, :22, :23, :24, :25, :26
:27, :28, :29, :30, :31, :32
:33, :34, :35, :36, :37, :38
:39, :40, :41, :42, :43, :44
:45, :46, :47, :48, :49, :50
:51, :52, :53, :54, :55, :56
IUIE reports to be developed allowing
managers to look up employees’ hours worked
in real time
TIME system “pop up messages” to alert
employees when close to exceeding the 116
hours, supervisors must be proactive and look
for these messages.
Reports are expected to be ready in 2-3 weeks.
Recommendations for Easiest
Scheduling and Compliance
 Schedule
no more than 29 hours per week on a
consistent basis!
 Work Study employees continue to be limited to
20 hours per week or the maximum number of
hours awarded by Financial Aid
 Student
has maximum allowed hours based on
financial need
 Department has maximum hours awarded by
Financial Aid
 Department must schedule within these parameters
Related Information
Filling Temporary Positions
Establishing Staff Positions
Student Social Security Tax Withholding
Exemption FIN-PAY-IV-230 at policies.iu.edu
Additional Contacts
Campus HR office:
UHRS: 812-855-1286, [email protected]

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