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3 Big Ideas for Vendor Selection
Thanks Captain Obvious
Katy Owen
HR Operational and Transformational Leader
VP, Human Resources, Taylor Morrison
VP, Human Resources, McKesson Provider Technologies
VP, Human Resources, CheckFree
Director, Compensation & Benefits, Lanier Worldwide
Over her 30 year career, Katy has been instrumental in selecting, implementing
and modernizing multiple large company’s human resources systems and
Vendor Selection - 3 Critical Areas of Focus
How Do We Pick It?
How Do We Get
Get these right, and your chances
of success will go up dramatically!
How Do We Navigate?
Be clear on the
problem that needs
to be solved.
• Ensure requirements are well
defined to avoid ‘scope creep’
• Get the right people involved
so you are clear on
requirements and constraints
How Do We Pick It?
What are we trying to do?
Leverage internal
and external advisors
who will add value to
the process.
• In your department
• In Purchasing or IT
• 3rd party consultants
How Do We Pick It?
Do we have to figure it out
on our own?
Identify the vendors to
Do you want (or can you live with)
• A single comprehensive HCM
• Point solutions to address
discrete or unique HCM
• A combination of both…
• 80% HCM suite + 20% best of breed?
How Do We Pick It?
What are we trying to do?
Get the help You
• Most HR teams can’t take the
time away from day jobs to
research all the HCM players
and offerings adequately.
• Be honest with yourself about
the effort and time it will take
to make a decision.
How Do We Pick It?
Do we have to figure it out
on our own?
External support can be very
valuable for:
The Long List - identifying the universe of
The Short List – efficiently eliminating
vendor that don’t fit your high level
Broad Experience - Providing first hand
experience with many vendor solutions
Their Network - Better access to vendor
resources for those tricky/quirky
Organizing – Having an existing, proven
method for going through the process
Marshalling - Keeping your resources ontrack and the process moving forward
How Do We Get
Do we have to figure it out on
our own?
Influence Decision
Makers during the
• Every step of the process is an
opportunity to build support
and influence decision makers
• Know their pain points and
hot buttons
How Do We Get
Who’s with me?
Rally The Troops
• Begin with the end in mind
• Get the support you need
• Address resistance to change
directly and actively
How Do We Navigate?
Recognize it’s a
Get Curious But Stay
• Be careful to avoid ‘window
• Be inquisitive
• Make no assumptions
How Do We Navigate?
Recognize it’s a
Keep An Open Mind
• Be open to the possibilities
• A new process or idea can change
the way you do business for the
• Be curious and make sure you get
all questions answered before you
pick your solution
• Be Diligent
How Do We Navigate?
Recognize it’s a
Know Your Definition of
• Gather your business
• Due diligence (RFP, RFI)
• Evaluate responses and products
• Select a vendor
Avoid high effort/low value tasks
that try and sneak into the
selection process
How Do We Navigate?
Recognize it’s a
See The Results
Eliminate Waste and Redundancies
Streamlined Processes
Better Decision Making
Favorable Selection
Credibility of HR Organization
Yes! You made a great selection and you’re on your way
Now, lets talk about the software
to transforming your business and achieving your goals!
implementation project...
To Sum It Up…
Deciding on a vendor doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Standing firm on
your requirements and staying close to the process can help define success in
making an informed decision.
Get internal and external help. Apply a solid selection methodology and you can
be sure all the bases are covered and lay the foundation for success to achieve the
desired results.

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