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• If you have created URLs for articles
in Business Source Complete, please see
Slide 25 for important info.
“Staffing Our Stores” –
The Target Consultation Project
Ms. Shana Gass, MSLS, MS
[email protected]
Business Librarian
Fall 2010
Key Starting Points for Research
• Cook Library:
• We have Subject Gateways (with specially selected sources) for:
– Business
– Human Resource Development *
– Economics
Not every database mentioned in this PPT is represented on these 3 gateways.
If you don’t see a link on a gateway, go to the whole list of Research Databases.
Company Background
• LexisNexis Academic (library database)
> Company Profiles (left side of page)
> *search for Target as Company Name and
*select Source: Hoover’s before searching
• Target corporate website > Investor Relations
– Annual Report/10-K, pressroom (these are press releases)
– Remember info from Target’s page is all from the company’s own point
of view!
A fine place to start your research, but don’t let it end there!!
Continue on to the Big 4 business article databases to find articles
about Target or any other company.
Industry Background
• Standard & Poor’s Net Advantage (library
database) > Industry Surveys > Retailing: General
Retailing: Specialty may also be interesting.
• The National Retail Federation is a major trade
association for this industry.
– Does it address staffing issues?
– Remember that this org. represents employers, not
Human Resources Background
• Society for Human Resource Management
Professional org. for HR field. Includes
glossaries, other info.
Not all info free for non-members
• Sage Reference Online [library database]
Encyclopedia of Career Development; Encyclopedia of
Industrial and Organizational Psychology
• The Millennials
Book On Reserve at library
RESERVES HC110.C6 M479 2009
What do
want from
There is tons of
research on this
• Search WorldCat TU
for more books
(Books search on
library website)
• Search for articles in Business Source Complete,
Human Resources Abstracts databases, etc.
Note: There are some other terms for the Millennial generation.
Can you think of any?
Are there other terms that might apply to the workforce Target is angling for?
Take a look at the Target Careers website!
Which positions are advertised? Requirements?
Which audiences are they trying to appeal to?
What is the job application process? Are there other ways to apply other than online?
Information about recruiting?
O*Net – classifies careers
Occupational Outlook Handbook – what skills & training do particular jobs
require? How much do they pay? (even by state/metro…)
Also check Sage Reference Online database – it includes Encyclopedia of Career
Re: campus recruiting, the TU Career Center would be a valuable resource.
HR Research & Scholarship
[library databases]
• Business Source Complete
> Refine your results > Source Types: Academic Journals
• Human Resources Abstracts
• Emerald
• Also consider:
– PsycINFO (psychology, some coverage of work environment, attitudes,
stress, etc.)
– Education Research Complete (covers topics such as
vocational guidance & career development)
– Academic Search Premier
(a little of everything!)
HR News
[in the “Big 4” business article databases]
Big 4 tips
• Business Source Complete
> Refine your results
> Source Types: Magazines, Newspapers, Trade Publications
• Factiva:
> use DJ Intelligent Indexing for Labor/Personnel Issues
• LexisNexis Academic
> click News (left side of page) for best options
• RDS Business Suite
> Advanced Search > UNcheck everything but Business &
Management Practices tab > select Human Resources for
For broad HR trends, look out for trade publication articles
(will include HR-specific journals such as HR Magazine)
Recruiting & Retention
• You’ll be relying heavily on HR Research &
News resources in previous slides.
• Remember the “Millennial” (or other
generational) angle
• What would attract you to a job?
• What would entice you to stay?
• What is the difference between a job and “a
Branding & Marketing
• In addition to Business/HR-related databases, consider:
Communication & Mass Media Complete database – lots on
• Who looks at job sites?
SRDS Media Solutions database
> Consumer Media Advertising Source
Info about advertising in particular media outlets.
Media kit links give demographics for each.
• Pew Internet & American Life Project
How do Americans use the Web, social media, etc.?
Though these themes are labeled Branding & Marketing, there may be other
search terms that are more on-point.
• Hot topic in HR
• Search Business Source Complete, Human
Resources Abstracts, Emerald databases
• Key (legal) resource:
• This is a hot topic in retail!
• Which phrase would capture the essence of
this subject?
(Hint: guest is Target-speak for what?)
• It might be interesting to know more about
the “guests” at Target…
• To find out about their demographics, see
Mediamark Reporter database – will cover
people who have shopped anytime in the last
three months up to very frequent Target
Shoppers, your choice
This database requires that you create an individual account.
More info on Mediamark
(also see Quick Guide)
• Locate competitors – direct and other relevant ones
as defined…
• Search by company in Big 4 business databases
– Hint: most business databases let you specify you are searching for a company instead
of just a keyword – good idea here!
• Lots of rankings out there for best places to work!
Here’s one:
• Guide to Economic Indicators
REFERENCE HC 103.F9 2006
• Amos World Glossary:
Economy & Trends
• US Census (demographics):
– American Factfinder:
American Community Survey provides updated info
– > Projections
• Bureau of Labor Statistics:
• National Bureau of Economic Research:
This is the org that “declares” economic cycles such as recessions!
• Dismal Scientist:
• NYT - Times Topics:
> United States Economy
[US government site re: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009]
Job Trends
• Try this database: CQ Researcher
• Recent issues on Job Outlook, etc.
Economic Indicators & Other Statistics
• Bureau of Economic Analysis:
• Conference Board - Economics:
• Economagic Time Series:
• FedStats [government statistics portal]:
• Liber8 – St. Louis Federal Reserve:
Links to Library Database Articles
• Business Source Complete and other library
databases from EBSCO include special links you
can use that are stable and accessible from offcampus. You MUST use the Permanent Link
• Where is the permalink? See next slide.
• Do not assume that links in other databases are
accessible – email/save/print the articles you find
Permalinks in Business Source
Complete & Other EBSCO databases
Copy & Paste this link for your bibliography so
Prof. Case can view article
Important Note on URLs
• I discovered last night that the bookmark URLs I
showed several classes how to generate in Business Source
Complete are not working.
• This is not the service’s fault--EBSCO needs to fix the
URL that is being passed to I’ve contacted EBSCO
about the problem.
• If you need to recover your link, hopefully you have at least
some info about the article (title, author, etc.)
If you need help with finding an article again let me know!
• In the meantime, just use the long Permalink for EBSCO
database articles, including Business Source Complete
• I apologize for any inconvenience!
Creating a Durable Link for a
LexisNexis Academic article
• It is possible to create a “durable link” to an
article in LexisNexis Academic. It is much more
complicated though.
• If you want to try this for an article you’ve
located, go here & follow the steps:
• These links will only work on-campus.
• Email Shana: [email protected]

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