revision lesson 2

Exam Revision
GCSE Year 10
Lesson Objectives
In today’s lesson you will:
• Can I identify some key terms for my exam
• Do I understand how to answer a 6 mark
BLP Starter
Cheryl Cole to China in 5 steps:
Married to Ashley
Ashley players football
Football is a sport
Sports can be played at the Olympics
Bejing Olympics were in China
Get from David Beckham to The Voice in 5
Key Terms
Work through the handout and fill in as many
key terms as you can.
• Look through your book
• Work in pairs
• Ask the teacher
6 Mark Questions
• Remember you must make 6 valid points!
• Make notes on paper – eg if its stating SRF –
write the components down
• Underline key words eg describe, explain,
• Keep on subject
• Do not repeat any points
6 Mark Question
• Describe and classify the following body types,
and explain how they are suited to their sport
or physical activity?
6 mark question
6 Mark Questions
Tom has recently joined a local football club,
explain some of the reasons behind Tom’s
decision to become more physically active and
how this may contribute to his health.
Think about reasons for taking part in sport
6 Mark Question
Anita is a long distance runner who trains
regularly and competes to a high standard.
Explain the importance of a balanced diet on
Anita’s performance and consider how her
dietary requirements may be altered prior to
an important race.
Think about DIET
How can you get maximum marks on a 6 mark
Chat with your partner – report back
Revise For Exam
All key terms from year 1 and 2!

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