2014 ICAK Annual Meeting - International College of Applied

2014 ICAK Annual Meeting
June 19-22, 2014
Washington, D.C.
Hotel Information
The Ritz-Carton, Pentagon City
1250 S. Hayes Street
Arlington, VA 22202
P: 1-800-422-2410*
Room Rate: $159++
Hotel Cut-Off: May, 23, 2014
* You must reference ICAK-USA when making your hotel reservations.
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Dr. Chris Astill-Smith
Dr. John Bandy
Dr. Richard Belli
Dr. Robert Blaich
Dr. John Brimhall
Dr. Robert Ciprian
Dr. Howard Cohn
Dr. Sheldon Deal
Dr. John Diamond
Dr. Tim Francis
Dr. Stephen Gangemi
Dr. Hans Garten
Dr. Tracy Gates
Dr. Charles Heroux
Dr. David Leaf
Dr. Michael Lebowitz
Dr. Seung Lee Fong
Dr. Kerry McCord
Dr. Evan Mladenoff
Dr. Robert Morrison
Dr. Jose Palomar
Dr. Eric Pierotti
Dr. R. Thomas Roselle
Dr. Walter Schmitt
Dr. Joe Shafer
Dr. Kurt Vreeland
Dr. Scott Walker
Dr. Susan Walker
Dr. John Wittle
Dr. Chris Astill-Smith
Dr. Chris Astill-Smith is a Registered Osteopath graduating
from the British School of Osteopathy in 1970. From 19731980 he lectured in Nutrition and Dietetics at the British
School of Osteopathy, and in Arthrology and Myology from
1981-1989. On most weekends now, you will find Dr. AstillSmith lecturing internationally on Functional Biochemistry.
He obtained his Diplomate from the International College of
Applied Kinesiology in 1988. In 1992 Dr. Astill-Smith was
awarded status as Assistant Professor at the Institute for
Manual Medicine, Russia. That same year he also co-founded
Metabolics, Ltd., a nutritional supplement manufacturer
based in the United Kingdom.
Dr. Astill-Smith brings 41 years of experience in clinical
management to his lectures and will share with you his
extensive knowledge in the subject as well as a multitude of
clinical pearls.
Dr. John Bandy
Dr. John Bandy has been a practicing chiropractor since
graduating from Texas Chiropractic College in 1976. He has
also actively taught Applied Kinesiology worldwide for more
than 30 years. For the last 10 years he has served as Chairman
of the Certified Teachers of ICAK, and prior to that, served on
the board of directors for 8 years.
In 2005 Dr. Bandy created Austin Holistic Health focused on
the patient, teaching them how to live with the body they are
given and love the experience. His vision of holistic and
chiropractic care is to maximize human potential and spiritual
expression whenever possible using methods that work with
the basic systems of the body in ways that are natural and
He has published articles on subjects ranging from
conservative treatment of lumbar and cervical disc injuries
and the rehabilitation of muscle injuries to diet and
nutritional supplementation for athletes. A former team
doctor for the University of Houston and Rice University, Dr.
Bandy has served as the official Chiropractor of the University
of Texas Athletic Department since 1990.
Dr. Bandy is a Charter Diplomate of the ICAK and a member of
The International Chiropractic Knights of the Round Table.
Dr. Richard Belli
Dr. Richard Belli is a 1984 Magna Cum Laude graduate of Life
Chiropractic College – West and has a Diplomate degree in
Chiropractic Neurology from Logan Chiropractic College. He
has also attended over 1,000 hours of AK courses and is board
certified in Professional Applied Kinesiology. In addition, Dr.
Belli is certified in Functional Diagnostic Medicine, and has
completed graduate studies in nutritional biochemistry and
exercise physiology.
Dr. Belli has been a member of the ICAK for over 25 years and
served as chair of the ICAK Neurology Committee and as atlarge-board-member for several years.
His credentials include numerous papers on AK treatment
methods, a column for the ICAK news update entitled “The
Neurology Corner,” and is published in the official AK text
Applied Kinesiology Synopsis 2nd Edition.
Dr. Belli is currently pursuing board certification in clinical
neurochemistry, providing further knowledge in evaluation of
brain chemistry disorders.
Dr. Robert Blaich
Dr. Robert Blaich is one of the foremost holistic health care
experts in the world. His wide range of skills, extensive
credentials and numerous awards earned him the respect of
both traditional and alternative practitioners.
Dr. Blaich has taught the “AK 100 Hour Course” over 35 times,
as well as many advanced AK seminars. He served as
Chairman of the ICAK for 5 years and President of the
International Council of the ICAK for 6 years. Dr. Blaich holds 4
post graduate Diplomate degrees. He is a Diplomate of the
International Board of Applied Kinesiology (IBAK), the
American Academy of Pain Management (AAPM), the College
of Clinical Nutrition of the American Association of Integrative
Medicine (AAIM), and the Chiropractic Board of Clinical
Nutrition of the American Chiropractic Association (CBCN).
In private practice for over 35 years, Dr. Blaich has been a
Health and Human Performance Consultant to professional
athletes, CEOs and health care practitioners. His patients have
gone on to win Olympic gold medals, the Tour de France, the
Ironman, the Indianapolis 500, the Sebring 12-Hour Race, and
the Superbowl.
Dr. Blaich is the author of the highly acclaimed book Your
Inner Pharmacy. He lives and practices in Denver, Colorado.
Dr. Howard Cohn
Dr. Howard Cohn is the president and founder of the Cohn
Health Institute in Costa Meza, California. He is a licensed
chiropractor, graduating from Los Angeles College of
Chiropractic in 1989. His practice specializes in holistic and
alternative health care, including AK, Korean Specific
Technique, Neuro-Emotional Technique, Neuromodulation
Technique, Quantum Neurology and Total Body Modification.
For more than 23 years, Dr. Cohn has inspired patients to
achieve their own, ultimate health. He believes the body was
designed to heal itself—it just needs the right building blocks
to do so. Dr. Cohn has lectured and taught internationally on
the subjects of diet, nutrition, and natural and alternative
health care. He has also been intimately involved in product
development and testing of thousands of nutritional and
health products sin 1990.
Dr. Cohn holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from State
University of New York at Plattsburgh.
Dr. Robert Ciprian
Originally from Queens, New York, Dr. Robert Ciprian moved
to Los Angeles in 1996 to finish his undergrad and attend
Cleveland Chiropractic College. After graduating from
C.C.C.L.A. in 2000, he began practicing in Beverly Hills before
moving to Portland, Oregon.
Initially interested in sports medicine, Dr. Ciprian started
focusing on muscle testing after the technique worked to
solve his own personal health challenges dating back to
childhood. His general holistic practice in downtown Portland
helps patients overcome health challenges with a focus on
muscle testing, adjusting and emotional support. In addition
to AK techniques, he also incorporates TBM and NET.
Dr. Ciprian is on the Board of Certified Teachers of the ICAK
and teaches the AK basic certification course as well as other
muscle testing classes for professionals and the general
public. In 2012 he was invited to teach at the Canadian
Association of Orthopedic Medicine’s meeting in Toronto.
Dr. Sheldon Deal
After graduating as class valedictorian from the Los Angeles
College of Chiropractic in 1965, Dr. Sheldon Deal spent two
years of clinic internship at the Glendale Chiropractic clinic in
Glendale, California. He opened his private practice of natural
healing in Tucson in 1967. Dr. Deal is licensed as a
Naturopathic Medical Physician as well as a chiropractor.
Dr. Deal is a physical fitness enthusiast and prides himself on
keeping on the cutting edge of the research being done
around the world. This results in a busy travel schedule as he
lectures abroad numerous times during the year. He has been
instrumental in forming local organic gardening clubs and
chapters of the national health federation.
Dr. Deal is currently president of the Examining Board for
Diplomats in the International College of Applied Kinesiology
and a member of the Metabolic Research Foundation. He has
authored two books on nutrition and one on AK.
Dr. John Diamond
Dr. John Diamond, M.D., DPM, FRANZCP, MRCPsych., FIAPM,
DIBAK, is a pioneering figure in alternative and holistic
His remarkable body of work includes his discovery of the link
between the meridians and the emotions which he calls “The
Acupuncture Emotional System.” Other work embraces a wide
range of disciplines, the result of over fifty-five years of
research and clinical practice. He began his career in
psychiatry but expanded into holistic medicine, concentrating
on the totality of the sufferer.
Dr. Diamond is a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New
Zealand College of Psychiatry, a Foundation Member of the
Royal College of Psychiatrists, a Diplomate of the International
College of Applied Kinesiology and a Fellow and past
President of the International Academy of Preventive
Medicine. He resides in New York.
Dr. Stephen Gangemi
Dr. Stephen Gangemi is in his 16th year of practice in Chapel
Hill, North Carolina. He received his doctorate degree in
chiropractic and bachelor degree in nutrition from Life
Chiropractic University in Marietta, Georgia.
Dr. Gangemi is the author of 14 original papers for the ICAK
discussing new findings, techniques and treatment
procedures. He also runs two busy websites – drgangemi.com
(his office site) and sock-doc.com. The former focuses on
athletic injuries, performance, and health and fitness issues.
An avid endurance athlete, Dr. Gangemi has finished 16
Ironman Triathlon races and countless other endurance
events. He also runs small group “training and treatment
camps” which have attracted people from across the US and
Dr. Hans Garten
Dr. Hans Garten is the Founder and present Vice-President of
the German Medical Association of Applied Kinesiology. He
has taught AK for almost 20 years and has authored numerous
textbooks on the subject, as well as many articles and an
educational video series. His most recent book, The Muscle
Test Handbook, was released in 2013. Dr. Garten is an
international lecturer of Professional Applied Kinesiology in
Germany, Benelux, Brazil, England and Russia. Additionally, he
lectures for the German Medical Association of Acupuncture.
Also trained in anesthesiology, Dr. Garten has been in private
practice since 1987. He opened a multidisciplinary clinic in
Munich in 1990 focusing on AK, acupuncture, chiropractic,
osteopathy, nutritional therapy, orthomolecular medicine,
homeopathy, NLP, music therapy and related methods of
In addition to his DIBAK designation (earned in 1991), Dr.
Garten is a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology
Board (DACNB), a Fellow of the American College of
Functional Neurology (FACFN) and a Diplomate in Osteopathy
Dr. Tracy Gates
After studying medicine in the 1980s, Dr. Tracy Gates
retrained in Osteopathy and went on to specialize in
pediatrics. In 1990 she spent six months at the Peto Institute
in Budapest studying conductive education. Dr. Gates
eventually developed her own teaching module in the
treatment of the neonate and child, which has been
presented to neurologists, pediatricians and other medics
throughout Europe and Russia.
Dr. Gates also holds diplomas in Functional Performance and
Functional Therapy and is a Level 3 Personal Trainer and
Advanced Functional Trainer. She worked as a pitch-side
therapist at the Hockey Masters World Cup in 2012.
In 1994 Dr. Gates achieved Diplomate status in AK and has
served in many board roles in ICAK, including President of the
International College of Applied Kinesiology – UK.
Dr. Charles Heroux
Dr. Charles Heroux graduated as a chiropractor from TroisRivieres University in Quebec, Canada. In 2005 he became the
world’s youngest Diplomate of AK and the first DIBAK from
Quebec. (Quebec now has 9 DIBAKs.) He translated the basic
AK course into French and has been teaching AK since 2006.
Dr. Heroux had the privilege of studying AK with North
American Doctors Blaich, Charles, Diamond, Francis,
Goodheart, Leaf, Rakowski and Schmitt, and internationally
with Dr. Astill-Smith and Dr. Keen.
His main mission is to help his patients and students work on
consciousness. Along with two partners, Dr. Heroux runs a
practice that includes six AK doctors (4 DIBAKs) and a
psychologist. The clinic addresses the whole triad of health.
Dr. Heroux loves to teach lifestyle modifications on overall
wellbeing. In his latest challenge, he is concentrating on EMF
impact as the world increases its use of technological devices.
Dr. David Leaf
As a sought after practitioner and lecturer, Dr. David Leaf has amassed an
incredible wealth of information and resources through his practice and ongoing research. He is currently president of the ICAK and is a chiropractor in
practice for over 30 years. Dr. Leaf has lectured in the United States, Canada,
Europe and Australia on the application of muscle testing for different
Dr. Leaf has treated Olympic athletes, world champions and professional players in the NFL, NBA and NHL, and was on the medical staff of A.C. Milan for
the Italian soccer league. He is one of the best integrated practitioners and
muscle testers in the country utilizing a highly innovative treatment combination consisting of structural and chemical protocols to fix complicated
disorders. Dr. Leaf brings his experience treating these athletes to his patients.
He believes that each person has to become actively involved in their health
Dr. Michael Lebowitz
Dr. Michael Lebowitz is a 1980 summa cum laude graduate of
Western States Chiropractic College.
For the past 20+ years, he has taught Applied Kinesiology and
nutrition to physicians world wide as well as maintained a
research practice specializing in chronic health problems. His
research and innovation have brought much in the way of
testing techniques and treatments to alternative medicine in
the fields of dysbiosis, food sensitivities, toxic metals,
chemical and electromagnetic field sensitivity, bioflims,
mycotoxins, neurological desensitization techniques, etc. He
has also helped develop nutritional products and test
vials that are used internationally to treat these issues. His
latest classes are sold through ICAK USA.
Dr. Lebowitz is the author of 3 books and over 60 research
papers. He has worked with professional athletes from the
MLB, NFL, and NHL. He resides in Honolulu with his wife
Dr. Kerry McCord
A practicing chiropractic physician since 1973, Dr. Kerry
McCord has served on Committees of the ICAK as Chair and
Co-Chair and written 15 papers for presentation at ICAK
annual meetings. He has also lectured nationally and
internationally on stress, stress-induced illness and Applied
In 2002 he began collaborating with Walter Schmitt, D.C.,
DIBAK, DABCN, and teaching the body of work now known as
Quintessential Applications (QA). Dr. McCord was the catalyst
for the production of the QA Book (co-authored with Dr.
Schmitt), the QA Audio (ICAK paper discussing the QA
process) and the QA Course.
Dr. McCord is a graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic and
practices in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Dr. Evan Mladenoff
Educated in Canada, Dr. Evan Mladenoff received a B.Sc. in
Physiology and Biochemistry from the University of Toronto
before receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic at Canadian
Memorial Chiropractic College in 1978. After completing his
DIBAK in 1981, he finished a Fellowship of the International
Academy of Clinical Acupuncture. While living and practicing
in Canada, Dr. Mladenoff consulted with and served as team
doctor to numerous Canadian professional sports, national
and Olympic teams.
He moved to the U.S. in 1984 and continues to practice with
an emphasis on sports in Overland Park, Kansas. Dr.
Mladenoff’s patients come from many NFL and MLB teams
throughout the country, including the Kansas City Chiefs,
Kansas City Royals, Boston Red Sox, New York Jets,
Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys and more. Since 1989,
he has served as a second opinion physician for the NFLPA.
Dr. Mladenoff is a professional lecturer and has published
numerous articles on AK, Laser Therapy, Acupuncture, Sports
Chiropractic, and Nutrition for the athlete under stress.
Dr. Robert Morrison
Dr. Robert Morrison graduated from Western States
Chiropractic College (WSCC) in Portland, Oregon in March
2001. He transferred to Italy in September of the same year
and has since gained experience treating thousands of
patients both in private practice and in health care facilities
throughout the country. In 2009 Dr. Morrison achieved
Diplomate status in Applied Kinesiology, a title held by only
one other doctor in Italy.
He is currently the president of the Italian chapter of Applied
Kinesiology (ICAK Italia). Dr. Morrison practices in Paua and
Milan, Italy.
Dr. Jose Palomar
Educated in Mexico, Dr. Jose Palomar received his Medical
Doctor degree from the Universidad Autonóma of
Guadalajara and trained as an Orthopaedic and Traumatology
Surgeon at Universidad del Ejercito y Fuerza Aerea, Mexico
City. He also attended Texas Back Institute in Dallas to learn
spine minimally invasive surgery. In addition to his DIBAK
certification, Dr. Palomar is eligible for the degree of DACNB
after completing the Carrick course of Chiropractic Neurology.
Dr. Palomar is President of the Mexican Chapter of the
International College of Applied Kinesiology. He is a member
of the Board of Certified Teachers (BCT-ICAK) and a member
of the Board of Examiners (IBE-ICAK). Dr. Palomar is the
recipient of the Alan Beardall Memory Award from the ICAK
for his research in 2004-2005.
Dr. Eric Pierotti
Dr. Eric Pierotti graduated as a chiropractor in 1973 and has
40 years of clinical experience in private practice. After
undertaking further studies in Applied Kinesiology, SOT,
Nutrition and clinical biochemistry, he taught these subjects,
along with Symptomatology, at Health Schools Australia for
several years.
Dr. Pierotti is a certified teaching Diplomate with the
International Education Committee of ICAK. He is the
immediate past Chairman of the International College of
Applied Kinesiology, a position he held for 9 years, and is a life
member of the ICAK/Australasia.
He is the author of several original papers published in the
ICAK-USA Collected Papers for peer review, and his work has
appeared in the International Journal of Applied Kinesiology
and Kinesiologic Medicine. Dr. Pierotti teaches Applied
Kinesiology courses and other postgraduate seminars both
nationally and internationally.
Dr. R. Thomas Roselle
In 1972 Dr. Thomas Roselle graduated with a Bachelor's
Degree from Kent State University. He went on to receive a
Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from the National College of
Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois in 1977 and certifications for
acupuncture and nutrition. Since 1977 he has practiced in the
state of New York and Virginia.
Dr. Roselle has served on the Boards of Directors of the
Northern Virginia Chiropractic Society and New York State
Chiropractic Association, and held multiple local and state
offices. He has taught at the National University of Health
Sciences, the International College of Applied Kinesiology,
Northern Virginia Community College and Jamestown
Community College.
Since 1983 Dr. Roselle has hosted a radio talk show first aired
as Chiropractic Call-In, then Health Alternatives, followed by
Total Health Concepts, and now "Dr. Tom Roselle-Live." It
provides listeners with the latest information on integrative,
holistic and wellness health care methods.
Dr. Roselle is the founder of Caring For Others Ltd., a charity
that provides alternative health care for the homeless or
those living in poverty, and provides scholarships for students
of alternative health care.
Dr. Walter Schmitt
Dr. Walter H. Schmitt is the first doctor to hold Diplomate
status in both AK and chiropractic neurology. He has received
two awards from the World Organization of Human Potential
for his work to help improve the care of brain injured children
including its highest honor, the Statuette with Pedastal, in
Dr. Schmitt is the developer of the 180 hour Quintessential
Applications Clinical Protocol Course. He has been an adjunct
faculty member of several chiropractic colleges and serves on
the Editorial Review Board of the journal Alternative Medicine
Review. Dr. Schmitt has authored over 70 papers for ICAK
meetings and published over 30 papers in chiropractic trade
journals and in peer reviewed journals. He is the author of
several books for doctors, Common Glandular Dysfunctions in
the General Practice, Compiled Notes on Clinical Nutritional,
and co-author of the Quintessential Applications: (AK) Clinical
Protocol manual (with Dr. Kerry McCord.) He has published
another book for both doctors and lay persons titled Stop Your
Pain Now!
Dr. Schmitt graduated from Duke University and the National
College of Chiropractic and is a chiropractic physician
practicing in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Dr. Joe Shafer
Residing in the United Kingdom, Dr. Joe Shafer divides his time
between private practice and a busy schedule teaching
manual muscle testing and Applied Kinesiology, with an
emphasis on their use in neuromusculoskeletal diagnostics.
He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1980 and
received his DIBAK in 1990. Dr. Shafer is also a Certified
Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP).
In 2004 he was awarded the title of Full Professor of Postgraduate Medicine for Moscow Medical School of Social
Rehabilitation. Dr. Shafer’s publications include Terapia
Craniosacrale e Kinesiologia Applicata (2008) and Manual
Muscle Testing Manual (guest author 2013).
Dr. Scott Walker
Dr. Scott Walker graduated from Palmer College of
Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 1965. After many years of a
successful practice, he developed the Neuro Emotional
Technique (NET) in the mid 1980s. Dr. Walker began teaching
NET Seminars in 1988 and later, in 1994, developed unique
homeopathic remedies to support the body’s natural healing
Dr. Walker is a dynamic and motivating speaker. He is
frequently requested to speak at national professional
meetings, as well as participate in guest spots on radio. His
articles on NET have been published in a number of various
professional journals. As the Founder of The ONE (Our Net
Effect) Research Foundation, a non-profit multi-disciplinary
health education, research and service organization, he is
actively supporting research exploring the effectiveness and
various applications of NET. Dr. Walker has also developed a
practice management company for practitioners who practice
NET, called the Home Run Practice. For his work, Dr. Walker
was honored in 1992 by his peers as the Chiropractor of the
Dr. Susan Walker
Since age 11, Dr. Susan Walker knew she wanted to be a
chiropractor. She graduated from University of Queensland
with a Bachelor of Science and completed her Master of
Chiropractic at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Dr.
Walker specializes in treating children with learning delays,
behavioral problems and developmental concerns. She runs a
busy development focused clinic in Brisbane, Australia.
One of two qualified Retained Neonatal Reflexes (RNR)
teachers in the world, Dr. Walker is also a teaching Diplomate
for the International College of Applied Kinesiology. Over the
last decade she has contributed to AK and RNR development
and teaches both around the globe.
Along with Dr. Keith Keen, Dr. Walker established RNR Inc., has
published informative patient booklets, eBooks (now
translated into French and German) and has produced other
patient education aids for clinics using RNR techniques.
Dr. John Wittle
Dr. John Wittle is the current Chairman of the International
College of Applied Kinesiology and has been since 2008. For
over a decade he has devoted his energy to multiple boards
and committees within ICAK allowing in depth perspective of
this diverse international organization.
In his practice, AK has been one of his primary diagnostic
methods for over 15 years. He is a Certified Nutrition
Specialist and holds a Diplomate in Clinical
Nutrition. Additionally he is Certified in Neuro-Emotional
Technique as well as Active Release Technique and Functional
Dr. Wittle currently practices in Atlanta, Georgia.

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