2014 Resolutions Report briefing final

Resolutions Report
8 February 2014
Resolutions Committee
Committee Members
Col Warren H. Hurst
Col Barry D. Gorter
Col Robert A. Hamm
COL Terry M. Orange
COL William A. Denny
LTC William T. Ewing
LTC Ronnie S. Barnes
MAJ Judith A. Brown
Subject Matter Experts
BG Benjamin F. Adams III
COL Michael S. Ferguson
COL Michael A. Abell
COL Brian F. Wertzler
LTC Bryan M. Howay
LTC John M. Cline
MAJ James B. Richmond
and many others!
Proposed Changes to Army
• ARNG #1 (Aviation)
– Amend 1B to read:
“Accelerated procurement
of a Future Fixed-wing
Utility Aircraft (FUA) to
replace the aging C-12 and
C-26 aircraft. NGAUS urges
NGB to (1) support
protecting the current and
future programmed
funding of FUA; and (2)
support accelerating
acquisition activity of FUA.”
• ARNG #2 (Maneuver): No
• ARNG #3 (C4I)
– Re-prioritize, with top 3 as:
• Integrating Standard
Information Technology
package into MTOE
Battalions, with increased
• Laptops, docking stations
and peripherals for leaders
from JHFQ down to
company level
• ARNG #4 (Artillery/Air
Defense): No change
Proposed Changes to Army
• ARNG #5: Focus on the following
capabilities, delete the remainder
– Medical Equipment Sets Ground
– Deployable Weapons Storage
– M872 tactical semi-trailers
– flame resistant utility uniforms
– Refrigerator/Freezer Combo Trailers
– Preference for NG National
Maintenance program vs. contract
– TADSS fielding/policy supporting both
AC and RC requirements
– Relocatable Arms vaults
– Hard Covers for HMMWVs and
FMTVs (new)
– Modernization of current ARNG US
Army Operator Driving Simulator
(USA ODS) systems and fielding of
USA ODS in all states
• ARNG #6 (Engineer): Change as
– A. 350 Cubic Feet Per Minute
(CFM) Compressor (currently
– B. 20-Ton Dump Truck (FMTV)
(currently fielded)
– C. M870A4 40-Ton Semi-Trailers
– D. Upgrade Bradley Engineer
vehicles with comparable level of
digitization of their BCT fleet
– E. Water Well Drill Rig (currently
– F. Portable Concrete Mixer
(currently fielded)
– D-5 Dozer Tractors (new)
Proposed Changes to Air Resolutions
• ANG #4: Add
– Recapitalize C-130H fleet with C-130J model aircraft as priority
over more costly modernization efforts
Joint Resolutions Packet
• Reviewed by the committee and SMEs
• No changes recommended
Voting and Way Ahead
• Current packet
– Will entertain motion to
adopt recommendations in
their entirety
– If no motion, no second or
a “no” majority vote, we
will consider each
• Will call for any
emergency resolutions
from the floor
Way Ahead
• Resolutions Committee
completes NGAUS Draft
Resolution Input forms
with details
• Submit to NGAUS no later
than 15 May
• NGAKY reps present at
Chicago for NGAUS

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