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Human Resources Update
Human Resources Update
Human Resources Update
• Who we are:
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Human Resources Update
• New Classifications:
o ITPA 9: This classification allows for the hire of an
applicant with only an associates degree with the
requisite credit hours. This means you can move
an IT Student Assistant who was hired through a
selection process to a permanent full time
position after completion of the associates degree.
Reclassification to the 11 level is not automatic.
Human Resources Update
• New Classifications, cont.
o There is an executive level work group working with
Civil Service to look at other opportunities for more
specific classifications for certain hard to fill skills such
as developers, architects and cyber, which could
include different pay ranges from the ITPA.
o The education and experience requirements were
changed for the IT Project Coordinator and IT Project
Manager, so more candidates will be able to meet the
Human Resources Update
• Career Paths
o The ITPA can take two tracks, which are parallel in
classification level and pay.
o Manager: This track requires three years as an ITPA 11,
to be eligible to compete for a12 level (senior) position.
With four years of ITPA 11 or one year as a12, the
employee is eligible for the IT Manager 14 or 15. There
are also combinations of experience for the IT
Supervisor to compete for the IT Manager 14 or 15.
Check the class specifications. Senior standards must be
reviewed by the IT Position Review Committee. Levels
of Managers must be approved by Civil Service.
Human Resources Update
• Career Paths, cont.
o Manager, cont.
IT Manager 14 is a first line supervisor over IT
positions. There are some work areas approved for an
IT Manager 15 as a first-line manager in a complex
work area. Most IT work areas have a State
Administrative Manager 15 as the second-line manager.
This classification requires two years as an 11 level
professional or one year as a 12 level professional.
Human Resources Update
• Career Paths, cont.
o ITPA tracks cont.
Specialist: The specialist classifications do not require
any supervisory responsibility. This track requires three
years as an ITPA 11 to qualify for the senior level (ITPA
12). One year as an ITPA 12 or four years as an ITPA
P11 qualifies for the IT Specialist 14 or 15. Levels of
specialist positions are determined by review of the IT
Position Review Committee.
Human Resources Update
• Career Paths, cont.
o Project Management
There are opportunities for ITPA’s to move into project coordinator
classifications if they have the requisite experience requirements.
IT Techs
IT Techs can qualify for IT Supervisor 11 after two years as an ITT 9
or one year as a 10, and the 12 level IT Supervisor after two years as
an ITT 10 or one year as an 11 level IT Supervisor. The 13 level IT
Supervisor requires one year as a 12 level IT Supervisor or two
years as an 11 level IT Supervisor.
IT techs qualify for the ITPA 9 with 2 years of IT Tech experience
and a high school diploma, and the ITPA 11 with 2 years of IT Tech
experience and an associate’s degree or a high school diploma and 4
years of IT Tech experience.
Human Resources Update
o If you don’t answer all the questions, don’t provide all
the requested information or attachments, you will
likely get screened out.
o Make sure your application and resume reflects the
experience you are reporting in the questions on the
posting. If you say you have four years of SharePoint
experience, it should be clear in your application and
resume that you do. If your application and resume
doesn’t match what you report, you’ll be screened
Human Resources Update
• NEOGOV Tips, cont.
o Be truthful. We check whether you have discipline,
criminal records, sanctions, etc.
o Read the questions carefully to ensure you are
answering what is being asked.
o If you are going to apply for a posting, do it sooner
than later. If there are too many applicants, the
posting may come down sooner than indicated, there
may be IT issues, etc.
Human Resources Update
• NEOGOV Tips, cont.
o You can set up job interest cards so you get notified
when a posting goes up without having to check the
o Change your cover letter and resume to address the
job you are applying for.
o Don’t apply for jobs you don’t qualify for. You can
send your resume and transcripts to Civil Service at,4614,7-14743903_59861_59862-267722--,00.html to find out
what classifications you qualify for.
Human Resources Update
• Interview Tips
o Do your homework. Review the organization chart
for the work area, ask people who work in the area
how they like it, find out what the work area does.
Read the position description.
o Ask for the competencies so you can better prepare
examples of how you meet them.
o Use your most current examples.
o Pay attention to interviewers’ body language. Don’t
let them get bored.
Human Resources Update
• Interview Tips, cont.
o Answer the question as if you were already in the
o Be thorough, but watch your time. You want to be
able to answer all the questions.
o If the position is for a position in your work area,
don’t assume the interviewers know what you do. You
still have to completely answer the questions.
Human Resources Update
• Interview Tips, cont.
o Appearance matters. Dress for the position you are
interviewing for. Shake hands with each interviewer.
Thank them for the opportunity to interview.
o Follow-up e-mails are nice. Hand written notes are
o Be enthusiastic about your interest in the position and
how you would be the best candidate.
Human Resources Update
• Interview Tips, cont.
o Have questions prepared to ask the interviewers
about the position. Don’t just ask when they expect
to make a decision. You want them to know you did
your homework and that you are checking to see if
there is a good job fit.
Human Resources Update
• Additional Comments
o The Manager/Specialist paths are not set in stone. You
have to decide what level you want to aspire to.
Sometimes you have to take a lateral move to get to
an opportunity for an upward move. Sometimes you
need to take a step back. Your career path is unique
to you and whatever life throws at you.
Human Resources Update
• Additional Comments, cont.
o I was asked to comment on how additional education
plays into career opportunities. Often the possession
of an advanced degree can get an early or advanced
pay step and may lead to being screened into an
interview pool. Gaining skills in a new area may make
you more marketable for opportunities or show
initiative, but may not necessarily get you a promotion
or more money.
Human Resources Update
• Additional Comments, cont.
o Departmental Analysts and Managers have a lower
maximum salary than IT positions of the same level
and Civil Service does not count experience in these
classifications towards experience in an IT
Human Resources Update

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