Monday, September 24th
• Science Starter:
1. What does the word phenomenon
2. Now use the word phenomenon in
a sentence to describe the whirligig.
Planning Guide P. 44
Question• What question are you investigating in
this experiment?
How does the length of a whirligig’s blades affect the
time it takes the whirligig to fall to the ground?
How does the number of paper clips on the
whirligig’s stem affect the time it takes the whirligig
to fall to the ground?
Prediction• What do you think is going to
happen? Why do you think that?
Planning Guide P. 44
Variable Identification• What part will you be changing?
• Which variable will you change?
• What conditions and procedures will you
keep the same? (control)
• What will you measure?
• How many trials will you do?
Planning Guide P. 44
Procedure & Data- Write detailed
instructions and include . . .
How you will set up the whirligig
How you drop it
How you measure it’s performance
How you record the data
How many trials
Tuesday, September
Science Starter:
1. What is the mean (average) for the
following data? 5, 10, 3, 4, 3, 3.
2. What is the median for the following
data? 5, 10, 3, 4, 3, 3
3. Define the following:
– Interpret
– Trend
– Claim
Wednesday, September 26th
Science Starter:
1. What is a variable?
2. What is the difference
between a dependent
and independent variable?
(P 51)
3. How do you make a test, a “fair test”? P 49
Poster Requirements
1. The question you are trying to answer
2. Your predictions
3. Your procedure and
what makes it a fair test
4. Your results and your
confidence in them
5. You interpretation of
Thursday, September 27th
A fertilizer company was experimenting with a new
type of fertilizer. The company used 5 different
types of plants that require the same amount of
water and light: tomato plant, green Ivy, Aloe
plant, Peace Lilly, & plumbago. They are all in
the same soil and are given the same water
• 1-Identify the independent variable(s)?
• 2-Identify the dependent variable(s)?
• 3-What could the plant company do to make the
test even more fair? (HINT: think about adding
more variables)
Friday, September 28th
Science Starter:
• Define the following
– Force
– Gravity
– Drag
Whirligig Science
• Gravity pulls down.
Gravity = 9.8m/s
• More paper clips = larger mass.
• Larger mass = larger pull.
• Larger pull = faster fall.
Whirligig Science
• Air resistance pushes up.
• Longer wing span = more
surface area.
• More surface area = more air
resistance. (collisions between
• More air resistance = greater
push up.
• Greater push up = slower fall.
But what about a feather
Ms. Fike?
meaning an area
with low air
pressure like
outer space.
4th Blk Enrichment
• F=m*a Newton’s 2nd law of motion
• Force= Mass times Acceleration
If a ball is falling off a building what will
be the force of impact on the ground?
Mass of the ball is 100grams
The ball is acceleration at 5 meters per
What is the force?
Answer: 500 m/s2
Try this one on your own!
Answer: 100 m/s2

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