Présentation PowerPoint

What is the subject of this quiz?
Nah, just kidding, this document will
show you a quiz about Australia :)
Australia, what a nice country !
Here you can the the « Perth route » , wich goes from west to east of Australia
1st question:
What is the total population of Australia ?
a) 10 Million
b) 22,5 Million
c) 45 Million
Yeeaaaah ! The correct answer was b) !
Question number 2:
How many territories does Australia count ?
a) 6
b) 8
c) 3
Well played ! The correct answer was a) !
Question n° 3
Do you know, what is the australian money ?
a) The US-Dollar
b) The Australian Dollar
c) The Australian Mark
You were right ! The correct aswer was b) !
Question n° 4
What is the Australian money made of ?
a) Stones
b) Iron
c) Plastic
Yeaa ! The correct answer was c) !
Question n° 5
What is the Capital of Australia ?
a) Melbourne
b) Sydney
c) Canberra
Well done ! The correct answer was c) again !
Question n° 6
Someone knows, what does the 7 stars on the Australian flag stand
for ?
a) 7 cities
b) 7 people
c) 7 centuries
Good job ! You were right, the answer was a)
Question n° 7
Wich animal represent Australia ?
a) Turtles
b) Narwahls
c) Kangaroos
That one was quite easy, the right answer was c)
Question n° 8
Is Australia considered as an Island ?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Not totally
In fact, Australia is much considered as a continent (answer b) )
Question n° 9
Wich of the 7 world wounder is/are located ine Australia ?
a) All of them
b) The Greet Barrier Reef
c) The Paricutin Volcano
Nice one ! The correct answer was b)
Question n° 10
What is the capital and the largest country of Tasmania ?
a) Adelaide
b) Hobart
c) Brisbane
Correct ! The answer was b) !
I hope you enjoyed this little quiz 
Cya next time class !

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