Functions and People Mapping - May 2012

MAY 2012
NHS South of England overall
NHS South of England – by ‘old’ SHA
Changes from second to last return
Staff numbers by Tab
People Tracker
• Background
• The HR Workstream has undertaken a Functions and People mapping
exercise (mid 2011 to February 2012).
– To identify the DH, NHS and ALB functions that will transfer into
other organisations
– To count the number of staff currently carrying out these functions
– To map functions to Receivers
Proposed Framework:
The ‘People Tracker’
An Excel based spreadsheet tool for each Sender and Receiver
Monthly mandatory reports to the HR Workstream will be automated if the
People Tracker tool is used
Initial effort is required to populate the People Tracker with all existing staff
(Senders); most of the data is available in existing staff databases and
should be able to be copied and pasted saving manual effort
Once populated, staff moves must be recorded as they occur during each
reporting period to ensure data is always up-to-date to support Transition
activity; this will also avoid excessive month-end workload
For Receivers, the Tracker will be populated as decisions are made
regarding transfers/redeployment/recruitment during Transition
People Tracker:
System-wide reports
Once the HR Workstream team have received and consolidated the Sender
and Receiver reports, a variety of System-wide reports will be available
It is anticipated that the following reports will be provided monthly:
– Equality report (on 4 protected characteristics: gender, ethnicity, age,
– Current headcount and FTE (Senders)
– Current headcount and FTE (Receivers)
– Headcount and FTE transferred
– Headcount and FTE redeployed
– Headcount and FTE recruited
– Headcount and FTE redundancy
Proposed People Tracker framework
A high-level view of the framework:
System-wide reports
• Consolidated view of staff moves across the system
• Produced monthly by HR Workstream
• Reviewed by HR Strategy Group and other Boards
Sender/Receiver returns
• Automated returns from the People Tracker tool
• Monthly reporting cycle
• Reports staff moves from Senders to Receivers
Tracker Tool
• Spreadsheet containing individual staff level data
• Maintained by each Sender and Receiver
• Enables easy monthly submission of returns
The HR Workstream use the consolidated data to
provide System-wide reports to support the provision
of effective governance and oversight of Transition
HR activity
The HR Workstream receive automated returnss
from each Sender and Receiver team at the end of
each monthly reporting period. These returns contain
aggregate data only (i.e. no staff data) and are
consolidated to enable System-wide reporting
Senders and Receivers maintain their staff data
in their People Tracker, recording the change in
Transition status of their staff as it occurs. An
automated return is sent to the HR Workstream at
the end of each monthly reporting period

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