AA-T and AS-T Degrees

AA-T and AS-T Degrees
Minimum Requirements
1. 60 transferrable units
2. 2.0 GPA
3. CSU or IGETC GE pattern
4. AA-T/AS-T major requirements
60 units, most GE, and major done by end of fall for spring
admission and by end of spring for fall admission
Golden 4 done by end of summer for spring admission and by
end of spring for fall admission
Student Responsibilities
Apply to CSU
Indicate intention to earn AA-T on application
Apply to IVC Admissions for AA-T by deadline
Submit AA-T verification to CSU campuses by
Student Benefits
Guaranteed admission to a CSU
Priority consideration at campuses applied to
GPA bump for impacted campuses
No impacted major criteria (CSULB, CPP, SLO)
Only 60 units at CSU to degree
1. Limited to AA-T majors at CCC
2. CSU must have “similar” major
3. No guarantee to a specific CSU
See www.adegreewithaguarantee.com for list of CCC and
CSU campuses who participate by degree
If you don’t get accepted to the CSU you apply to, your
application gets forwarded to the next closest campus for
consideration – this is not the case for regular applicants so
it is also a benefit!
Case Study
• Here is a transcript of a real student
• He was misadvised by 4 counselors and now, will not earn his
Psychology AA-T 
– History:
• 10/2012: Was told he only needed Psyc 7 and 10 to earn his degree
• 1/2013: Was told to apply because he was finished
• 1/2013: Was told that he still needed Psyc 3 – he was able to add it at the last
• 2/2013: Was told to apply because he was finished
• 2/2013: Came in to fill out AA-T application and was found to be missing one
• What can we do to avoid this in the future?
• Solutions?

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