Digital Measures Activity Insight Electronic Faculty

Digital Measures’ Activity Insight
Electronic Faculty Database
Session Overview
• Digital Measures’ Activity Insight
• Data Entry Requirements
– Timeframe
– Required information
• Getting Started
• Frequently Asked Questions
• How to get assistance
Digital Measures Overview
• Web enabled information management
system used by more than 400 schools
and colleges worldwide.
• Assists faculty with maintaining an
ongoing record of their professional
– Intellectual contributions
– Grants and contracts
– Education
– Teaching history
Digital Measures Overview
• Maintained by the faculty member
– Entered once. No more repeat requests for
the same information.
– May be used to produce standard vita through
report feature.
• Secure environment
– Each faculty member may only access his/her
– Access to faculty information is restricted to
college and university administrators to create
reports (e.g. SACS-COC).
– DM is a vendor hosted solution on secure
Data Entry Requirements
• Timeframe:
– Must have complete information starting
– Request information for the past five years.
– May enter as far back as desired
• Personal benefit: generate a complete and up-to-date
vita at any time
• Deadline for above timeframe: May 1, 2011
• Document/File storage currently not available.
Getting Started
• Visit the Digital Measures webpage on
the University’s website.
• Navigation to webpage
– Go to
– Under “Who”: click “Faculty and Staff”
– At the top of the next page, click “Faculty
and Staff”
– At the bottom left of the next page, click
“Digital Measures”
Accessing Digital Measures
• Username = TROY e-mail address.
• Password = click “Request Your
Password” link on the University’s DM
– An initial password will be emailed to you.
– You will be prompted to enter a new
• Instructions are available by clicking the
“Download” link at the bottom of the
DM webpage on the TROY website.
Getting Started
• Instructions are available on the TROY
• A video and guide are available in DM.
Getting Started
• Video
• Guide
Managing Your Activities
• Access
links on the
main page.
Entering Intellectual
• Click on Intellectual Contributions.
• Click on Add A New Item
Entering Intellectual
• Enter data, but do not enter Ranking.
• Current Status must be entered. If left blank, the
entry will not be included in reports.
Quickly Entering Data
• Intellectual contributions with multiple
authors working at TROY will automatically
populate for all authors after being entered
• If co-authors are TROY faculty members,
simply select them from the drop down menu
when adding co-authors.
• Using the PasteBoard feature at the bottom
of the DM screen allows users to drag and
drop information quickly into fields. View the
DM video for an example.
Populate Information
• All full-time faculty must input their
information by May 1, 2011.
• Completion Status: Per academic year
– Completion status section may be entered at the
bottom of the DM main page.
• Scheduled teaching and education are
automatically populated from Datatel and are
noted as such with an “R” for restricted.
• Other areas should be populated.
• Scholarship/Research is an area of emphasis.
• Changes made in Digital Measures do not
make changes to information in Datatel.
Frequently Asked Questions
• What is the PasteBoard?
– Middle-man between your vita in Word
and DM’s Activity Insight
• I have a lot of contributions to the same
journal. How can I enter those quickly?
– Use the Copy feature and then edit only
the fields that differ from the original
Frequently Asked Questions
• Do I need to repeat all Intellectual
Contributions in Presentations?
– Yes. In order to correctly report your
scholarly activities, both publications and
presentations (even if the presentation is
about the publication) need to be listed.
• Contact your college DM team member
– A&S – Ms. Meredith Singleton
• [email protected]
(334) 670-3399
– CCFA – Mr. Roy Hudson
• [email protected]
(334) 808-6142
– COE – Ms. Marci Shirley
• [email protected]
(334) 670-5842
– HHS – Dr. Christina Martin
• [email protected]
(334) 670-5763
– SCOB – Mr. Sven Aelterman
• [email protected]
(334) 670-3922
Thank you for your timely

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