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WCSM/LCSC Advanced 3-Year Apprenticeships
A Pilot Programme
funded by the
Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
109 Livery Companies in the City of London
from Mercers (1) and Grocers (2) to Spectacle Makers (60) and Clockmakers (61) to World
Traders (101) and Tax Advisors(107)
Earlier this year the 109th was incorporated – The Educators
Livery Companies are active in education across the UK –
schools, colleges
bursaries, training programmes
Only two are Nationally Approved Awarding Bodies the Spectacle Makers and the Farriers
WCSM is accredited in all four countries - Ofqual, SQA, Wales, CCEA
The Livery Companies Skills Council
Mission Statement
The Livery Companies Skills Council to be the organisation to support
and promote crafts and skills within the Livery Movement
Over 40 Livery Companies are members
WCSM is an active member
In 2012 the LCSC set up the
The Livery Companies Apprenticeship Scheme Ltd
To promote a series of pilot
3-year, Advanced Apprenticeships
through City Livery Companies.
The LCAS Ltd made a bid to the Department of Business
Innovation and Skills (BIS) for funds to directly support
apprenticeships in SMEs for crafts within the livery movement.
The WCSM wants the spectacle industry to benefit.
A special 3-year advanced apprenticeship
Framework designed by LCAS, WCSM and the industry
The optical company employs the apprentice
and delivers the normal on-the job training
Off-the-job training obtained from
a local College or WCSM Education Trust
WCSM assesses the apprentice and awards the qualifications over
the 3 years and issues the final Apprenticeship Certificate
LCAS Ltd provides the funding
Funds flow from
Livery Companies Apprenticeship Scheme Ltd
How Much Funding?
‘Host Trainer’ – Employer
Up to £16,700 per apprentice over 3 years
Paid quarterly in arrears
Signed off by LCAS on receiving evidence of training
20% retention until completion
The Livery Companies Apprenticeship
“Towards Mastery”
WCSM Framework
for a
Level 4 Three Year Apprenticeship
Spectacle Manufacturing
WCSM 3-Year Apprenticeship Pathway
Year 1
Level 2 Certificate in Spectacle Operations
Level 2 Certificate in Spectacle Production
Level 2 Certificate in Glazing Spectacles
Level 2 Award in Spectacle Lens Treatments
Level 2 Diploma in Manufacturing Spectacles
In addition apprentices must achieve the required:
Functional Skills
Award in Employment and Personal Learning Skills in Health
WCSM Apprenticeship Pathway
Year 2
Level 3 Diploma in Manufacturing Spectacles
Level 4 Diploma for Optical Technicians (Pt 1)
Year 3
Level 4 Diploma for Optical Technicians (Pt 2)
Level 3 Award in Spectacle Lenses
Level 3 Award in Rimless Glazing
A Master’s Piece
The WCSM wish to encourage technicians
to obtain craft skills
in all aspects of spectacle making
and so:
The WCSM will present an additional Award for those
Apprentices who are able to satisfy a Master’s Panel that they
have made an appropriate range of complete spectacles.
Applicants to this Apprenticeship will be aged 16 - 18 or 19 - 24.
They may enter:
if already working in optics
or from training programmes
or from work experience.
Some applicants may have already achieved a range of qualifications
e.g: Key Skills, Functional Skills, 14-19 Diploma
Personal attributes required:
• Conscientious
• Discreet and Respectful
• Personable
• Able to work in a team
• Staying power
• Carry out duties meticulously
Recruitment Process
WCSM has secured funding for 5 - 8 apprentices
We are in competition with other Livery Companies and crafts
Employers to:
request application forms from WCSM
submit applications to WCSM
If over-subscribed:
selection of apprentices by WCSM, FMO and LCAS Ltd
between employer and LCAS Ltd
between apprentice and employer
Registration with WCSM for training and qualifications
Thank you
please remember the other WCSM programmes
Customer Service
SMC Tech
Spaces available on some courses

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