NYHRPS Member Information Packet

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2014 Information Packet
In this Document:
 What is NYHRPS?
 Why join?
 2014 Events
 Fact Sheet
 Member Benefits and Dues
 Volunteer Opportunities
 Communication Channels
What is NY HR People and Strategy? A vibrant community of HR thought leaders and
practitioners who share innovative practices that optimize workforce performance.
Why Join NYHRPS?
• Be part of a dynamic community and network of strategic HR professionals
• Exchange information, build relationships and develop thought leadership
• Share leading-edge practices for improving productivity, leadership, retention,
teamwork, talent, organizational culture, change, and workforce effectiveness
“NYHRPS helps me understand workforce trends that are
just over the horizon – what’s changing, what’s coming,
and what organizations are doing to prepare for the next
big thing.” – Director, Employee Research
“NYHRPS provides up to date information for Senior level
HR Executives and allows for networking in a warm and
relaxed environment.” - VP, Business Development
“I was looking for relevant content to deepen my
understanding and to network with senior HR executives.
I found it at NYHRPS.” - Independent HR Consultant
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Innovative thinking, collaborative solutions
2014 Fact Sheet
Fast Facts About NYHRPS
• Our Members: Approximately 200 senior HR leaders in the tri-state area
• Our Events: 10+ events a year -- Business breakfasts (business topics),
evening events (HR topics) and forums (emerging issues)
• You’ll Meet:
• Noted authors and speakers
• Top HR practitioners in Fortune 500 and mid-size companies
• Thought leaders in the profession
• Get Involved! Attend events, join our LinkedIn group, join a committee
Innovative thinking, collaborative solutions
2014 NYHRPS Events
Date / Time
Key Points
Feb 19
Right Mgmt
A Practitioner’s
Change in
Turbulent Times
Jane Luciano
VP, Global
Learning &
Jane invites you to a practitioners’ conversation on
what we are collectively experiencing in this
turbulent business environment. This will be an
opportunity to look at how we are handling change
that is hard to manage in traditional ways. Jane will
share her experiences with the BMS transitions and
look to learn with us. The session will be liberally
peppered with opportunities for discussion on
change: Pace, emotional reactions, whole systems,
resistance, new tools, new models.
March 19
Girl Scouts USA
420 Fifth Ave
See the Future to
Be the Future-Marketplace
Trends: 20142024
Margaret Regan,
President and
CEO of the
Margaret will take us on a journey to the year 2024
with demos introducing us to Anybots and 3D
printers. We will see how technologically
empowered generations in 2024 work
differently from today's diverse workforce. We will
discuss what HR practitioners need to be prepared
for when worker's brains are enhanced by
technology and employees can teleport to a
meeting. Based in solid data and breakthrough
innovation already used by leading edge companies,
you will take away a vision of the marketing
imperatives and opportunities ahead.
Apr 23
Right Mgmt
99 Park Ave
The Power of Big
Data / Analytics
Jeremy Shapiro,
Director, HR,
Morgan Stanley
Jeremy will provide an in-depth look at factors that
are driving the recent HR analytics trend. We’ll
discuss practical lessons from leading organizations
that are making advances in leveraging their data.
Learn how these organizations are increasing
innovation and managing talent effectively.
May 21
Girl Scouts USA
420 Fifth Ave
Perspective on
HR: A Panel
Moderated by
David Reimer,
CEO, Americas at
Merryck &
Join a conversation with a Fortune 100 Head of
Executive Talent, a Fortune 250 board member, and
a CEO for a discussion of the role HR plays in
integrating talent into the Board's considerations of
strategic risk and corporate sustainability.
June 11
Girl Scouts USA
420 Fifth Ave
The Future
Experience of
Work: Insights&
Inspirations from
Start-ups to
Jeanne Meister,
Partner, Future
Jeanne, contributor to Forbes.com and author of the
widely read column, 2013: The Year for Social HR,
will moderate a panel of HR execs who are changing
approaches to recruiting, development, innovation
and collaboration through new uses of social media,
gamification, mobile tech and the creative
arrangement of physical space.
For more Information and registration visit www.NYHRPS.org
Innovative thinking, collaborative solutions
2014 NYHRPS Events
Key Points
Sept 17
Loc. TBD
Hosted by NYHRPS
Membership and
Back by popular demand: Our first Fall meeting
is dedicated to connecting with one another in
engaging, meaningful ways. We’ll make it easy
and fun to reconnect with those you know well,
and to forge new relationships with people who
share your passion for linking people and
Oct 1
Girl Scouts USA
420 Fifth Ave
How Women (and
the Men Who
Think Like Them)
Will Rule The
John Gerzema,
Executive Chairman
of WPP Group’s BAV
John Gerzema, author of The New York Times
bestseller, The Athena Doctrine, will share a 21st
century leadership model focused - not on
diversity and inclusivity initiatives - but rather on
“feminine” skills that drive competitive advantage
and bottom-line performance.
Oct 15
Girl Scouts USA
420 Fifth Ave
4:30 – 7:00pm
BASF - The
Mighty Middle
Tina Kao, VP,
Human Resources,
Talent Dev. and
Strategy, BASF
Tina will provide an update and lessons learned
from the implementation of the program she
presented to NYHRPS two years earlier -Leverage the Power of the "Mighty Middle:"
Why focusing on just the top 10% of your
employees is not enough.
Nov 12
Loc. TBD
8:00 – 10:00am
Global Mindset:
defining It, Using
It, and Leveraging
New Insights for
Walt Cleaver,
former President &
CEO of HR People
& Strategy
Walt Cleaver, one of the world's leading
experts on Global HR, will discuss a researchbased profile of future global leaders, including
the specific competencies and experiences that
will enable organizations to thrive on a global
playing field.
Dec 10
Girl Scouts USA
420 Fifth Ave
4:30 – 7:00pm
The Purpose
Aaron Hurst, CEO
of Imperative
Aaron, an active adviser to the Taproot
Foundation and a globally recognized social
entrepreneur, will speak on the development
of the Purpose Economy.
For more Information and registration visit www.NYHRPS.org
Innovative thinking, collaborative solutions
Member Benefits and Fees
Your NYHRPS Membership Includes:
 Peer networking with world-class thought leaders and local senior HR practitioners
 10+ topical events per year, including business breakfasts, evening events, and
topical forums
 Guest invitations: Invite one new guest per speaker event at no charge
 Discounts for national HRPS events and on-line access to the members-only section
of the national HRPS website (www.hrps.org)
 Business book summaries from BBR®, a terrific way to keep up
 Involvement opportunities: Play a part in the planning and direction of NYHR
People & Strategy by participating in our committees
2014 NYHRPS Fees
Individual Membership Fees
Full Year Membership: $275 for 12 months (January – December)
Six Month Membership: $125 (July – December - New members only)
Full-Time Student Membership: $50 for 12 months or $10 per event.
Corporate Memberships
Please email our Administrator at [email protected] for more information about options
Non-Member Fees
$75 per event. For new members, one event fee may be applied to a current full year
membership if requested within five days of the event.
Dues cover attendance at all regular NYHRPS events. Additional fees for special events may apply.
NYHRPS membership dues do not cover National HRPS membership or meeting attendance fees.
Linkages to national HR People and Strategy thought areas
Innovative thinking, collaborative solutions
Volunteer Opportunities
Please join us in expanding our network and making NYHRPS successful!
Event Greeters:
 Greet and check-in attendees at the meeting room
 Invite guests to become members as they exit at end of the meeting
Marketing Committee:
 Collaborate on developing and running thought leadership forums
 Conduct research on organizational practices, member opinions and programs
 Facilitate focus groups; conduct interviews to get feedback
Membership Committee:
 Encourage members to renew their membership and visitors to join
 Collaborate with committee members to identify and contact potential members
 Identify and invite companies to become Corporate Subscribers
 Welcome and engage new members
Program Committee:
 Identify , contact and book speakers and venues for new programs
 Prepare speakers to ensure an effective mix of presentation and member
 Coordinate logistical support for events, includes floor plan, catering, and delivery
of materials
 Serve as liaison between the program manager and the venue
 Coordinate with Marketing on program communications and social media
To join a committee or learn more, contact Kay Henry at [email protected]
”Through my NYHRPS involvement, I’ve developed new skills, expanded my network,
met terrific people, and taken on assignments that stretch my capabilities.
I’ve gotten back at least as much as I’ve invested.”
Innovative thinking, collaborative solutions
NYHRPS Communication Channels
Visit our website - NYHRPS.org – for event announcements, news,
resources, and information
Join NYHR People & Strategy on LinkedIn to keep up on
member announcements, join discussions, and keep up on the
most influential papers, articles and blogs

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