We sell data encryption services
which enhance the security and
convenience of dealing with
peer to peer currencies
Stephen Rowlison
0400 82 66 69
[email protected]
Value Proposition
• Solution: Diamond makes it easy to exchange currencies and reduces the risk of loss and theft
• Target Markets: Brick and Mortar Merchants, Tech savvy Tourists,
online payment gateways and money exchanges
• USP: Easy methods to acquire and dispose of virtual currencies –
“Beyond a shadow of a doubt” - security
• Barriers to Entry:
Quantum technology required to issue and secure funds.
• Competitive Analysis:
No identified direct competitor, numerous inadequate substitute solutions including:
2-factor authentication, print to paper, USB stick all provide varying degrees of convenience
and security apart from the established banking industry.
About bitcoin
• First decentralised currency
• Can be purchased online and in-person for cash
• Can be exchanged for goods and services
• Can be exchanged for cash or other virtual currencies
• $227 USD = 1 bitcoin (8/11/2013)
• $300 USD = 1 bitcoin (11/11/2013)
• $319 USD = 1 bitcoin (12/11/2013)
• Diamond Circle is highly confident in its capacity to
solution focused outcomes.
“bitcoin has been called a cryptocurrency
because it is decentralised and uses cryptography
to control transactions and prevent doublespending, a problem for digital currencies.
Once validated, every individual transaction is
permanently recorded in a public ledger known
as the blockchain.
Payment processing is done by a network of
private computers often specially tailored to this
task. The operators of these computers, known
as "miners", are rewarded with transaction fees
and newly minted bitcoins”
A complete eco-system for bitcoin
Bitcoin: Hardware for access and security
Bitcoin Merchant POS and
Home solution
Bitcoin ATM
Bitcoin Wallets
Market Size*
Source: *bitconwatch.com 20:24 6th November 2013
“Talking about bitcoin value is not about happily watching numbers go up and down
while having popcorn. This is about identifying a global market, looking at its size and
estimating a target market share based on the strengths and weaknesses of the
competing product or service under analysis.”
Sales and Marketing Plan
Consumers and merchants want to use virtual currencies
online and at the shops
Common Problems: Sending to wrong address, receiving to wrong address,
getting hacked, sent too much or too little, forgetting passwords, phase
phrases, unable to remember which web site has their bitcoins.
Consumer: “I get bitcoins at the local Diamond ATM and not in a car park”
Merchant: “Diamond POS equipment let’s us to accept bitcoin!”
Online: “When buying or selling, I use my Diamond Circle NFC Wallets”
“When you know the size of the
target market, and have an estimate
for your projected market share,
you can estimate the value of your
product or service as a percentage
of the value of the total market.”
Sales and Marketing Plan: Promotion
• Position ATM’s in strategic locations
• Hotels, Universities, Shopping Centres
• bitcoin is already accepted by 300,000 hotels*
• Issue from ATM’s and Shops 10,000 NFC wallets
• Bitcoin is already accepted by Wordpress, Amazon
(announced),Baidu (Chinese Internet Giant), PayPal (planning)
and most online shopping carts
• Assist merchants with Point of Sale starter trial kits to
enable them to accept bitcoin
• Initiate trade conferences
• Run advertising and promotion campaign
• National rollout in March/April 2014
* Source: simply travel
The total size of the transactional
currency market is hard to estimate,
but has been pegged at about
$60 trillion (the amount of money in
circulation worldwide).
Seeing how this number is roughly
on par with the world’s GDP, it is a
reasonable enough number to be
in the right ballpark. I think it is
reasonable that bitcoin captures a
1% to 10% market share of this market.
Sales and Marketing Plan: Price
Projected Units
$ 2,760,000
Total ATM
$ 3,995,000
Total POS
$ 1,034,000
Transaction Fees
Total Income
$ 7,789,000
2014 Capital Funding Strategy
Equity Capital Raised
Investor Hurdle Rate
Multiplier 10 times
Final Value
Dec – Feb
Mar - May
June - Aug
Ask $5-$36 a share for 400,000. Offer closes 31/12/2013
• Diamond Circle
First to market with a secure wallet for virtual currencies
• Low cost and easy to manage hardware device for making payments online and offline
• Diamond Circle
First to market with an easy to use Point of Sale solution for fixed and mobile payments
• An enabler for business to accept virtual currencies
• Diamond Circle
First to market with a secure and easy to use ATM
• Deposits and Withdrawals
“Released last week”
“Pre Order”
“No Solution”
IP Status
• Working demonstrable prototypes:
• Wallet encoding (issuing of currency)
• Wallet Registration (can be combined with encoding)
• Create Transaction
• Initiate request for payment (payee)
• Confirm Payment request (payer)
• Settlement
Not even banks use quantum computers to manage the security of their customers’ money
Thanks to our customers and shareholder
family – Questions?
Mike Oswald
Steve Parton
Interim CFO
Shareholders, Supporters & Contributors

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