Redundancy and Wordiness PowerPoint

What Does R & W Mean?
 “Redundant phrases are those that unnecessarily
repeat information,”(
 “Our rough drafts are full of extra words, because
that’s the way most of us speak and think,”
 “In both academic and business writing,
conciseness is important. Concise writing
expresses ideas without unnecessary wordiness.
Wordiness not only increases the length of your
work without adding meaning, but also makes your
writing harder to understand. This (wordiness) is a
natural result of trying to get your ideas down
clearly on paper…” (Douglas College)
How to spot redundancy?
Spotting Redundancy can be TRICKY.
 For instance:
 I have to use the ATM machine, but I
forgot my PIN number.
machine and number
 ATM= Automatic Teller MACHINE
 PIN = Personal Identification NUMBER
 I have to use the ATM, but I forgot my
In the beginning…
Often we will begin a sentence with a
 In the beginning,
 At first,
 Initially,
 We may tend to follow this introductory
phrase with a word or phrase that
means the same thing.
 At first, I initially was afraid of flying.
Super Extraordinary Modifiers!
Sometimes we are so determined to find the
right word(s) to describe something that we
over-do it.
Each and Every
Uniquely different
Completely done
Select the word that best fits, not a combination!
I worked hard on the project until I was
completely done!
Trying to Sound Faaaancy
Sometimes we think certain phrases just
sound better than the way we usually
during the course of
regardless of the fact that
due to the fact that
Don’t try to overwork language. Speaking
and writing should have a sense of flow. If
it doesn’t, you be doin’ too much.
Due to the fact that I didn’t study, I failed
the test.
Just Shut Up Already!
Sometimes people like to talk, so they
add all kinds of words that aren’t
 Expensive in price
 Heavy in weight
 Chances are if you’re questioning
whether you need a word, you probably
 The new Jordan’s came out and man
are they expensive in price.
Due to the fact that you just listened to
this Powerpoint with your ears and
probably took some notes in your
notebooks, you definitely certainly
should have learned a bit of knowledge
about redundancy and wordiness, right?
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