held at SIRD, Ranchi on 06.02.13 Participated by

PMRDF Review Meeting Report
held at SIRD, Ranchi on 06.02.13
Participated by
Mr. R.P.Singh, Director, SIRD / Nodal Officer, PMRDF
Mr. Job Zachariah, Chief, UNICEF, Jharkhand Office
Mr. Deepak Dey, PME Officer, UNICEF. Jharkhand
Mr. Dipankar Shrigyan, Deputy Director, SIRD
Mrs. Anupam Srivastava, Nutrition Officer, UNICEF
Dr. Vishnu Rajgadia, Coordinator,
Jharkhand Panchayat Women Resource Centre
Prof. E. Toppo, Centre Incharge, TISS, Ranchi
PMRD Fellows (29, out of total 33)
Objective of progress review meeting
• Review the progress of work undertaken by
PMRDFs since July 12 to Jan 13
• Brainstorming on the deliverables of PMRDFs
• Feedback from fellows
• The PMRDFs were suggested to come with
filled-in reporting format regarding their
works and activities.
PMRDF Review Meeting- 06-02-13- SIRD
Major activities carried by the PMRD Fellows
and their contribution during last SIX months
MNREGA- Social Audit- supporting, capacity building, documentation, Labour
Budget Planning- supporting, MIS – Developing MIS tracking format,
Monitoring of work, Distribution of MGNREGA fund, Inspection of work,
Social Audit planning and organisation, Meeting and capacity building of
BDO’s and BPO’s, Meeting with bankers – timely disbursement of fund and
simple process for opening of new accounts
INDIRA AWAS YOJNAMIS- Handling technical problems faced by operators, Capacity building of
operators for Indira Awas Soft,
Planning - Distribution of district target on the basis of BPL household
ratio for all the panchayat, Physical Verification of Indira Awas’s and
Capacity building for Indira Awas Soft , physical verification of Indira
Awas’s and disbursement of remaining installments.
PMRDF Review Meeting- 06-02-13- SIRD
Decentralise Planning - Micro planning for
implementation of works under various schemes,
Preparing village database and resource mapping, need
UID- Enrolment - Coordination with enrolment agency for
better output, Digitization, Mapping UID no. with the
database available, Bank linkages with banificiaries
SHG- Database preparation of existing SHGs, capacity
building of staff , documentation and implementation
at village level, Reviewing the progress made by the
NRLM team in the intensive blocks through regular
meetings and field visits, Orienting the district officials
regarding the guidelines for the implementation of
NRLM in the Non Intensive blocks, Field visit and
guidline providing, Capacity Building of SHG
PMRDF Review Meeting- 06-02-13- SIRD
Training - Identification of the youth for skilled based
training Collaboration with L&T, IL&FS, Gurukul and
other similar establishments to set up centers in
certain districts, Providing special training to the
youths in the Saranda region.
Grievance redressal - Building an Online, grievance
redressal tracking system, Organising Janta Darbar
Model Village scheme - Meetings with the villagers for
the development of the model village in some districts
Forest Rights- Identification of the villages eligible of the
rights under FRA, Coordinating with the district
administration to help the tribal get there riths under
PMRDF Review Meeting- 06-02-13- SIRD
Inspection of development work or scheme as
per specific instruction by the DC or
concerned authority like check dam and Public
Distribution System, Mid-day meal,
IAP, other Flagship plans - Liaisoning with line
departments and collecting reports,
highlighting key issues related to IAP and
other flagship schemes, screening the reports,
data analysis
PMRDF Review Meeting- 06-02-13- SIRD
Key support required from the Govt/DCs
• Communication to the all DCs to identify a common role
and function of the fellows
• Transportation facility in discharge of govt duties
• Timly disbursment of the salary
• Office space & related aides like computer, internet, printer
• Request to involve in state training programmes such as
training on NRLM at state level , training on Nirmal Bharat
Abhiyan etc.
• Linkage of PMRDF with NIC as they are handling MIS of IAY
• Providing training on various governments programs
PMRDF Review Meeting- 06-02-13- SIRD
Way Farward for PMRDF scheme
• Organizing monthly review meeting of the PMRD
Fellows on every second Saturday at SIRD.
• Technical sessions for training of the Fellows on
various related issues with support of UNICEF
• UNICEF shall provide a technical expert to
support the scheme
• The DCs of all IAP districts shall be communicated
regarding common role and scope of works of the
PMRDF Review Meeting- 06-02-13- SIRD

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