Classroom Expectations

 Focuses your attention on the lecture content
 Makes studying easier
 Information retention is greater for note takers
GS 101
Three Common
The Outline
The Cornell System
The Mapping System
GS 101
 Organizes information using:
 Headings and subheadings
 Hierarchical order
 Best Practice:
 Write down information during the lecture
 Organize into an outline after the lecture
GS 101
 Divide page into two vertical sections
 Section A: questions about information in Section B
 Section B: actual notes from lecture
 Can be modified to include a third section across the
bottom of the page
 Section C: additional summary comments
 Referred to as a “T System” because it resembles an upside-
down T
GS 101
 Pictures of information
 Illustrates relationships
GS 101
 Politely ask the instructor to repeat the information or
slow down
 If the instructor is unable repeat or slow down
 Leave a blank space with a question mark where the
information should appear
 Obtain the missed information from the instructor or a
classmate after class
GS 101
 Set up your computer prior to class
 Be respectful of other students; some might be
annoyed by the tapping of keys
 Do not worry about spelling or grammar; these can be
corrected later
 Set tabs for specific note-taking systems prior to class
GS 101
GS 101

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