Aviation English

The role of ICAEA in today’s
changing world
Philip Shawcross
ICAEA International Aviation English Conference
Brasilia 12th & 13th November 2012
Brasilia 2012
Our Growth
Our Roots - 1984
Building Bridges
Foundation – Paris, 1991
Coming together
Coming together
Coming together
English Requirements & Technical Training (Prague 1993)
Simplified English (Helsinki 1993)
Radiotelephony (Bournemouth 1993)
Lexicography & Teaching Aviation English (Warsaw 1994)
Cockpit Resource Management (Toulouse 1995)
Recurrent Training in English for R/T (Luxembourg 1996)
Initial Training in English for R/T (Riga 1996)
5th International Aviation English Forum (Paris 1997)
Effects of the conclusions of ICAO PRICESG (Warsaw
• Testing English for Aviation (Luxembourg 2003)
• Teaching & Learning Aviation English (Besançon 2005)
Coming together
• Aviation English: Training choices & solutions (Cambridge
• Testing for ICAO Compliance (Warsaw 2008)
• Implementation of ICAO LPRs in training & testing (Kuala
Lumpur 2010)
• Future developments in Aviation English Training & Testing
(Buenos Aires 2011)
• Training & Testing – Is there a common aim? (Brasilia
November 2012)
• Maintaining ICAO compliance: the links between training &
testing (Bangkok November 2012)
• Cross-cultural awareness & Aviation English training (Paris
April 2013)
• TBD (Guanghan, Sichuan Province, Autumn, 2013)
Cooperating with ICAO
ICAEA PRICESG* forum (Warsaw 2002)
Observer PRICESG (2003)
1st LPR** symposium (2004)
1st Rated Speech Sample Training Aid (2005)
2nd LPR symposium (2007)
European & North Atlantic region Coordination
Group Training Task Force – implementation plan &
regional workshops (2008-)
(*Proficiency Requirements In Common English Study Group;
**Language Proficiency Requirements)
ICAO Circular 323
2nd Rated Speech Sample Training Aid
Test endorsement working group
Where are we now?
Aviation English:
An unregulated activity
in a regulated environment
The weakest link
Where are we today?
Compliance or …..
‘… statements of compliance, on their own, are
necessarily of limited value. Related to this, there
are important issues around the comparability of
language proficiency testing programmes, and
grounds for concern that differences in the real or
perceived difficulty of tests run by different bodies is
leading to ‘test shopping’, including within Europe.’
Report of the ECAC* ad hoc working group on English language
proficiency, March 2011
(*European Civil Aviation Conference)
Reporting on ICAO FSIX* website
‘Box ticking’
‘Test shopping’
Insufficient test security
Awareness & Safety
Maintaining standards – recurrent training
(*Flight Safety Information Exchange)
Language attrition & effects of stress
Where to now?
Next generation of aviation professionals
(an example)
• Motivation
• Communication
• Accountability
• Computer skills
• Language
EAMTC* working group, 2011
(*European Aircraft Maintenance Training Commission)
Where to now?
LPR expertise in the developing world
Further Possibilities
Regional workshops ….
Latin American speech samples
Other areas of aviation English, e.g. Aircraft
maintenance; Cabin crew; Communication by
native English speakers; Greater inter-cultural
awareness; Integration of language skills etc.
• Raising awareness of language as safety issue
• Innovation
An invitation
Thank you very much
for listening
Philip Shawcross
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