27 Amendments with Cartoon Network Final

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2. Table Of Contents
3. Intro
4. Amendment One
5. Amendment One
6. Amendment One
7. Amendment One
8. Amendment Two
9. Amendment Three and Five
10.Amendment Six
11.Amendment Seven
12.Amendment Four and Eight
13.Amendment Nine
14.Amendment Ten
15.Amendment Eleven
16.Amendment Twelve
17.Amendment Thirteen
18. Amendment Fourteen
19.Amendment Fifteen
20. Amendment Sixteen
21. Amendment Seventeen
22. Amendment Eighteen
23. Amendment Nineteen
24. Amendment Twenty
25. Amendment Twenty- One
25. Amendment Twenty-Two
26. Amendment Twenty- Three
27. Amendment Twenty- Four
28. Amendment Twenty- Five
29. Amendment Twenty- Six
30. Amendment Twenty- Seven
Cartoon Network and The
Cartoon Network wants to help you learn the 27
amendments of the Constitution. The first 10
amendments are part of the Bill of Rights. Pay
attention to the rights and actions of the characters.
The story begins on the next page…
Amendment 1
The First Amendment is all about your freedoms. Bugs Bunny
has the right of speech. This means that he can say what he
feels. No one can stop you from saying what you feel, but this
doesn’t mean that you can say bad things that could get you
into trouble.
What’s up,
The next Freedom of the 1st Amendment is the Freedom of Press.
Tweety Bird works for a big newspaper, “The Looney Toons Times”.
He was very upset with Mayor Scooby and wanted to voice his
opinion through the press. Tweety bird could say what he wanted,
but again he doesn’t want to get into trouble.
A historical landmark was being torn down in the local park.
Daffy Duck and the Sylvester the Cat were not very happy and
they wanted to do something about it. They decided to
assemble and start a petition. They had the right to protest
and voice their opinions.
Save the
in the Park!
The last freedom of the 1st Amendment is the Freedom of
Religion. This freedom allows anyone to practice their own
religion. No one can tell you which religion to practice or
follow. For instance, Daffy Duck goes to church, while Taz goes
to a mosque.
Amendment 2
Amendment 3 and 5
We can do
whatever we
want!!! We
are soldiers!!!
We didn’t give
you the right
to stay in our
Tweety Bird and Sylvester are soldiers who need a place to stay while they are
waiting to be transferred. They decide to pick Shaggy and Scooby Doo’s house to
stay at, but they didn’t get approval from Shaggy and Scooby. When Shaggy and
Scooby came home from a long day of solving mysteries, they see Tweety Bird
and Sylvester in their living room watching TV. Shaggy and Scooby know this is
violating their rights against Amendment 3. They report to the police. According
to the 5th Amendment, Tweety and Sylvester have the right to a defense lawyer, a
jury trial, “double jeopardy”, they can’t be forced to testify against themselves,
and they can’t be in jail or lose their property except through proper legal
Jury Trail
Amendment 6
Scooby Doo and the Gang have killed the Night Phantom and the
city is safe again, but they were arrested. Although the Night
Phantom was causing trouble to the citizens, Scooby and the
Gang did not have the right to kill the Night Phantom and now
must to go trial. Even though they killed the Night Phantom,
Scooby and the Gang have the right to a trial. Scooby and the
Gang are also supposed to be told of what they were in trouble
for. The Scooby Doo gang has the right to a lawyer. Hopefully, the
trial will say that Scooby and the Gang are innocent of killing the
Night Phantom.
Amendment 7
Not only did Scooby Doo and the Gang have a criminal trial but they also
were being sued because they destroyed people’s houses and
businesses when trying to kill the Night Phantom. Some of the
townspeople were not happy when Scooby and the Gang killed the Night
Phantom because they also destroyed their property. Although Scooby
and the Gang are allowed to have a jury, it might not be a good thing
because some of the people on the jury may have had their property
destroyed too.
The 4th And The 8th Amendment
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck search the Mystery Machine
without a search warrant, they are breaking the Mystery
Gang’s rights of the 4th amendment. The Mystery Machine
can’t be searched without a search warrant. When the
Mystery Gang discovers what has happened they go to the
police. Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck are then charged with a
fine and punishment. They feel the fine and punishment is
very unreasonable, so the rights of the eighth amendment
are violated. The 8th amendment doesn’t allow cruel and
unusual punishments.
Amendment 9
The ninth amendment is about the Rights retained by the people. In this
Amendment , some rights aren't listed in the Constitution. The rights
that aren't listed in the Constitution are kept by the people. For example
Tom the Cat has the right to privacy even if it isn't a right in the
Constitution. The right to privacy is kept by the people, or Tom the Cat.
Amendment 10
The Toons of ToonTown need to fix the roads and buildings
ruined in a car chase. The government of the real world won’t
help them. What can they do? According to the 10th Amendment,
they can raise their own money to fix the roads and buildings.
The Toons of Toon Town can add tax to the toys in the stores, so
they can raise money for the construction. The powers that aren't
given to the federal government, are given to the state
Amendment 11
I was injured in
Michigan!!! I want
to sue the state of
You can’t sue
us!!! You are
from Texas, a
Taz is from Texas and he wants to sue the state of Michigan for
causing him an injury, but if he does this he violates the 11th
Amendment. According to the 11th Amendment, people can’t
sue a state in federal court if they are citizens of a different
state, or of a foreign country. Although Taz has the right to be
treated as an American citizen, he still can’t sue the state of
Amendment 12
Daffy Duck is running for president and Freddy is running for vicepresident. Their elections are separate, not together. The 12th
Amendment says this and allows the same political party
(democrat and republican) to win the elections for both president
and vice-president.
Amendment 13
Scrappy Doo is on a new adventure but he needs more help. He decides
that instead of just asking for help, he is going to make people work for
him. He won’t pay them because their payment will be that the bad guys
are getting caught. This all sounded good until Velma discovers that this
is illegal and a form of slavery. It was illegal because slavery and forced
work is not allowed. Instead, they ask people to help and if they said no,
they don’t have to work.
You have to work
for me!
No I Don’t!!!!
Amendment 14
Amendment 14 is all about your civil rights. This amendment gives
any citizen these rights. All citizens have to be treated equally,
including former slaves. Bubbles from the Power Puff girls and
Johnny Test might look different but they have the same rights. One
of those rights is they both have the right to vote for the President.
Amendment 15
Amendment 15 tells you about your voting rights. Even though
people look different, any citizen can vote. No one can take this
right away from you. Taz, Scooby , and Blue are all in line to vote,
even though they are different they can all vote.
Amendment 16
Daffy duck works for the government, and he and Congress
have the right to make taxes. He can make taxes on things like
tea, toys, coffee, and more.
Amendment 18
The Toons needed to make money because the Toons don’t have any
money. So they decide to make and sell adult beverages (alcohol) to
the people on the other side of the wall. This is illegal because you
are not allowed to sell adult drinks.
No Women are
Allowed To Vote!!!!
Well that’s not fair!
According to the 19th
amendment we are
allowed to vote!!
The Mystery Gang goes to vote, but once Daphne and Velma try
to take their turn, Bugs Bunny refuses to let them vote. This is
violating their rights of the 19th Amendment. State and national
governments can’t deny people the right to vote, no matter what
their gender is.
Amendment 20
The terms of the President and the Vice President shall end at
noon on January 20th, and the terms of Senators and
Representatives end on January 3rd, at noon. These dates are
when the president and the representatives have to end their term.
This means that they are out of time, they have to leave their job as
president or representative. The president only has two terms, or 8
Amendment 21
Bugs Bunny and the senators have decided to stop the Toon
Town bad guys from selling the adult drinks illegally. Bugs
Bunny took away the 18th amendment, so they can sell the
adult drinks legally.
Amendment 24
Scooby Doo wanted to help elect the incoming president. He is a
United States citizen and the electors told him he couldn’t vote
because he wouldn’t pay unfair taxes. He was against this and
he said that it violates his rights of the 24th amendment. The
electors checked, and finally realized that Scooby was right.
Then, he was allowed to vote just as he had wanted to.
Amendment 25
Bugs Bunny died when he was president, and he obviously couldn’t
carry out his duties. Tweety bird then had to take over for him
because he was vice president.
Amendment 27
The Congress is not allowed to change the pay of the
representatives. Congress is allowed to change the pay of the
representatives and senators after the next election.
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 Citizen-a native or naturalized member of a state or
nation who owes allegiance to its government and is
entitled to its protection.
Amendment-an alteration of or addition to a motion,
bill, constitution.
Jury -such a group selected according to law and
sworn to inquire into or determine the facts concerning
a cause or an accusation submitted to them and to
render a verdict to a court.
Mosque-the state of being free or at liberty rather than
in confinement or under physical restraint.
Retained- to continue to hold or have.
Tax-to demand a tax in consideration of the
possession or occurrence of (income, goods, sales,
etc.), usually in proportion to the value of money
 Bill of Rights-a formal statement of the fundamental
rights of the people of the United States, incorporated
in the constitution as Amendments 1–10, and in all
state constitutions.
Terms- a period of time to which limits have been set.
Violate- to break a rule
Elect- to choose or select by vote, as for an office: to
elect a mayor.
Legal- permitted by law
Double Jeopardy- a person can`t be trailed for the same
crime again
Search Warrant-a court order authorizing the
examination of a dwelling or other private premises by
police officials, as for stolen goods.
Slavery- the keeping of slaves as a practice or
District of Columbia- this is the area of Washington

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