LSD/ Hallucinogens

LSD/ Hallucinogens
Street Names
 LSD’s true name is Lysergic
Acid Diethylamide
 LSD is also called: South
Park( after the TV show),
Acid, Battery Acid,
Windowpane, Bart
Simpson(after the character
in the Simpson's), Yellow
sunshine, and Lucy In The
Sky With Diamonds(after the
son by the beatles) on the
Origin and description
LSD is a
created by Dr. Albert
Hoffman in 1938
LSD is made from
ergot, a brown, toxic
mold that grows on
rye and other grains
LSD is often found
in powder, pill, or
liquid drops
LSD can also be put
onto certain foods
like gelatin (“window
Drug Category
LSD is hallucinogen
Hallucinogens are
drugs(like LSD) that
cause hallucinations
Short Term/Immediate Effects
 How LSD effects you
depends on the mental
state of the user
 Distorted perception of
depth, time, and the
size and shapes of
 Heightened senses
 Psychological or
emotional effects such
as anxiety, depression,
dizziness, disorientation,
and paranoia
Short Term/Immediate Effects
Physical effects such
as dilated pupils,
lowered body
nausea, vomiting,
profuse sweating,
rapid heart rate, and
Long Term Effects
 Over long terms LSD
can cause: a growing
tolerance to the drug
this disappears quickly
after usage stops
 Flashbacks of previous
“trips” on LSD or past
life experiences
 Prolonged anxiety and
depression even after
drug is stopped
 Physical effects for long
term use are unknown
LSD is illegal in the United States
Other then a few small countries (most
that just don’t have drug laws) LSD is
illegal every where
Statistical Information
LSD cost between $3-20 depending on
where and when you buy it
More then 22.7 million people above
age 12 admited to using LSD in 2007
and its rapidly increasing
Where to go for help?
Alcohol and Drug Recovery Centers,
Inc. (ADRC) 500 Blue Hills Avenue,
Hartford, CT (860) 714-3700
Rushford is one of Connecticutユs
leading substance abuse and mental
health providers 883 Paddock Ave # 8,
Meriden, CT (203) 630-5280
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