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Welcome to HRascals Plus
October 9, 2013
Welcome HRascals
Shana Sechrist
Associate Vice President
Human Resources and University Policy and
Personnel Updates
• Ramon Diaz
• Ali Nasiri
• Madison Manley
Agenda – 10/9/13
● Student Employment Update – J.R. Tarabocchia
● Required Posters Reminder – Kristin Barber
● November Payroll – Jennifer McLean
● Moving Expense Reimbursements – Gina Turner
● Open Enrollment/Benefits Updates – Kerry Gilbreth
Student Employment Update
J.R. Tarabocchia
Outreach & Advancement Coordinator
Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
Student Employment Presentation
Why is student employment important?
• Students are employed in over 2,500 jobs on campus
o Represent one of the largest sub-populations on campus
• Successful student employment programs are positively
associated with student retention, educational success, and
students satisfaction
o 52% of student employees say that working on campus influenced their decision to
remain at PSU
• PSU provides student employees the necessary and
appropriate skills for use in employment after PSU
o 85% of student employees feel that working on campus will make them more employable
upon graduation
o 78% of student employees feel that working on campus furthered their career goals
Student Employment Presentation
The Guide for Supervisors
Student Employment Presentation
The Guide for Supervisors
Student Employment Presentation
The Guide for Supervisors
The guide is subdivided by topic:
● Student Employment
● Types of Student Positions
● Recruitment, Selection, &
● Onboarding
● Managing
● Records Retention
● What happens if it doesn’t
work out
● Acronyms
Student Employment Presentation
What type of students does this guide cover?
• Students earning an hourly wage
o Regular wage students
o Students who have federal work study
o International student employees
• Does not cover
o Graduate Assistantships
o Educational Stipends/Student Service Awards
o Volunteers
o Employees who are taking classes through tuition benefits
Student Employment Presentation
Employment at-will
• “Student employees” at PSU are “at will” employees.
This means
that either the student employee or the University may terminate
the employment relationship without notice, at any time, and for
any reason not prohibited by law. A supervisor of a student
employee may not change the “at-will” nature of the employment
• There should not be guidelines, policies, or procedures adopted by
a PSU department that undermine the at-will status of students.
• When in doubt, call HR.
Student Employment Presentation
Fast Fact
Students working on campus gave their
supervisors an average grade of “A-”
Student Employment Presentation
Credit Requirements
• Undergraduate Students = 6 credit hours
• Graduate Students = 5 credit hours
• Non-degree seeking students = 6 credit hours
• Post-Bac students = 6 credit hours
o Post-bac undergraduate
o Post-bac general
Student Employment Presentation
Credit Exceptions
• Final Term at PSU
• Thesis Term or "in the normal course completing degree"
• Medical Leave
• Appeals made to VP EMSA
• Does not apply to students earning Federal Work Study
Student Employment Presentation
Term Off
• Student employees may work while not enrolled for a
maximum of one term per calendar year
o Typically taken during summer term
• First term cannot be term off
o Exception for fully enrolled students who have work study
• Back-to-back terms off are not allowed
Student Employment Presentation
Term Off - Not Allowable
Student Employment Presentation
Federal Work Study
• Available for a very limited number of student positions (about
• FWS student employees may not work more than 40 hours
per week
o FWS student employees may earn overtime, but overtime
will be charged 100 percent to the department (not at FWS
FWS student employees may not work more than 130 hours
in a pay period (roughly 30 hours/week)
• Note: Students earning FWS may be eligible for SNAP
benefits (food stamps)
Student Employment Presentation
International Students
• Students must have
o F-1 or J-1 visa
o Letter of offer from employing department
o Written permission from the Office of International Affairs
 This written permission facilitates their attaining a
social security number and their entry into the PSU
payroll system
o EPAF required
Student Employment Presentation
International Students
• Credit Requirements
o Undergraduate = 12 credits
o Graduate = 9 credits
Exceptions go through the Office of International Affairs
Student Employment Presentation
International Students
• International students cannot work more than 30 days before
the start of the student's academic program
• International students may only work 20 hours per week while
school is in session (first day of term to last day of finals
o International students may work more during summer term
and when school is not in session
When an international student graduates, employment must
end on the Friday of finals week
o Exception is if student is continuing education at PSU after
International students may work a maximum of 130 hours per
pay period
Student Employment Presentation
International Students - Term Off
• International students are eligible for a term off (working, but
not taking classes) only after being enrolled for 9 consecutive
The student must enroll again at PSU in the term following
the term off
Student Employment Presentation
• Minimum wage is pegged to the Consumer Price Index and
will change each January
Student Employment Presentation
• Student Employee 1 - entry level
• Student Employee 2 - basic skills and some experience
• Student Employee 3 - work is more specialized and
professional in nature
• Student Employee 4 - technical and para-professional work;
may supervise others
• Student Employee 5 - para-professional work; leads in an
area of expertise; may require certification or graduate
Student Employee 6 - highly technical and specialized area of
Student Employment Presentation
Records Retention
• Recruitment records - 3 years after separation
• Work study records - 5 years after separation
• Regular wage records - 3 years after separation
• See Oregon Administrative Rule 166-475-0095 (46)
• Shredding, pulping, or incineration
o Incineration not recommended
Student Employment Presentation
Required Posters Reminder
Kristin Barber
Leaves Manager
Required Posters Reminder
November Payroll
Jennifer McLean
Payroll Manager
Moving Expense
Gina Turner
Payroll Accountant
Open Enrollment/Benefits
Kerry Gilbreth
Associate Director of Benefits
Human Resources
Introductions and Contacts
• Kerry Gilbreth, Associate Director for Human
Resources, Benefits, Leaves and HR Reception
503-725-3749 or [email protected]
• Melissa Young, Senior Benefits Coordinator
503-725-4996 or [email protected]
What’s New
Open Enrollment
Open Enrollment is MANDATORY
You must enroll during Open Enrollment Sept. 1 - Oct. 31 in order to:
• Provide coverage for your dependents
• Choose your medical and dental plans, and identify your dependents
• Help improve your health and have less deductible from your pay by
participating in the HEM program
If you don’t actively enroll during Open Enrollment, then Jan. 1,
• You will default to a higher deductible version of your medical plan
• You’ll pay $25 ($50 for employee and spouse) per month because you
didn’t check “no” on the tobacco use question.
• You’ll pay $50 per month because you did not check “no” your spouse did
not decline health coverage with their employer
• If you have optional life insurance you will be moved to the tobacco use
HEM (Health Engagement Model)
• PEBB is continuing with the HEM as part of the PEBB
members’ choices for 2014
- The board is continuing this model to engage every
member of our group in trying to reduce individual health
- HEM is designed around actions that will help with
improving health and well being
HEM (Health Engagement Model)
Members who enroll in a HEM plan commit to taking just three steps:
Complete a confidential, online assessment to identify health
risks during open enrollment – you must complete your health
assessment by 10/31/2013. No date restrictions with Kaiser this
Participate before Open Enrollment (October 1, 2014) in two
additional activities of your choice that focus on health education.
For more information:
Pledge to take action in areas where simple steps can reduce
health risks
Link to information regarding the Health Engagement Model:
HEM, con’t
•Members who select to participate in the HEM program and meet the Health Assessment
(HA) requirements will be eligible to enroll in the regular medical plans (existing plans) and will
receive a monthly monetary incentive beginning January 2014; $17.50 for employee only, and
$35 for employee and spouse or domestic partner. No change from 2013.
•Members who select not to participate in the HEM or who sign up for HEM and then do not
meet the HEM requirements will be enrolled in a higher deductible plan – regular plan
deductible plus $100.00. Any medical plan changes during 2014 will require the member to
remain in the deductible plan they are appropriately in.
• There is not a mid year correction on the HEM, you must fully complete all actions by
October 31, 2013.
•Full Time Plan Comparison:
2014 Rx Plan
• Prescription coverage – maximum out of pocket expense $1000
for Providence Plans
• Formulary for PEBB Statewide and Providence choice at:
Formulary for Kaiser at: www.kp.org/formulary
Additional 2014 Plan Changes
• Kaiser:
- Substance abuse treatment fully covered at no cost to member.
- Bariatric surgery covered for those with BMI of 35 and higher and
diagnosis of diabetes.
• PEBB Statewide & Providence Choice:
- No limit on number of naturopathic visits.
- Acupuncture and spinal manipulation limited to 60 visits per year
(combined) in PEBB Statewide; $1,000 per year in Providence Choice.
- Knee viscosupplementation, bunionectomy, surgery for hammertoe, and
Morton’s neuroma are covered with an additional $100 copay.
• Providence Primary Care homes – you have lower costs when you join a
patient-centered primary care home/medical home
Your Dental Options
4 full-time and 2 part-time plans
• ODS Traditional, is now Moda Premier*
• ODS Preferred, is now Moda PPO*
• Kaiser
• Willamette
* Late enrollees have a 12 month waiting period for Basic and
Major services and a 24 month waiting period for Orthodontic
• http://www.oregon.gov/DAS/PEBB/2014Benefits/FTPlanComp.pdf
Opt Out of Medical or Opt Out of
Medical and Dental Coverage
• You will need proof* of other coverage
• Will get money back $233/$193.50 depending upon your Opt Out
option. (prorated for part-time)
• Will have $5,000 of Basic Life insurance for employee only
• Can choose other optional benefits
• Must provide proof * of coverage to HR within 5 business days of
enrollment (for example, plan ID card or letter from employer).
TriCare and other employer offered medical/dental coverage is
accepted. Medicare, Medicaid and individual policies are not accepted
How to Enroll
• Register Online at
• Select ‘Register Here’ if you haven’t logged in to your Pebb account
• Select ‘Get It Now” if you have registered before but have forgotten
your User Name or Password.
• DO NOT select email the password to me. That selection is
currently not working, PEBB is trying to fix it.
How to Enroll (continued)
• Use a PC/Internet Explorer/Unblock Pop-ups
• Enter name, date of birth and ID
- Use PSU ID – not Social Security Number
• Select and answer your security question
• Check your personal information
• Update your contact information on your Pebb account / Make
Sure Your Plan Can Contact You
Add or Remove Dependents
• Per PEBB – do not use Open Enrollment to add new
dependents or remove individuals who have lost eligibility either
before or during the Open Enrollment period.
• Submit a Midyear change form to add a new dependent or
remove a dependent due to loss of eligibility.
• Midyear change forms must be submitted to HR 30 days from
the qualifying status change event – no exceptions. After 30
days the request is handled by Pebb through an appeal process.
Make Your Plan Choices
• Enroll/re-enroll in a medical and a dental plan
• Enroll/change optional plans
- The link to the optional plan information is:
Life insurance, disability, long term care
- Must re-enroll in Flexible Spending Accounts each year
“Save and Continue” or change beneficiaries
Print “Benefit Statement” for proof
Be sure and compare your 2014 enrollments with your December
- Check your January paycheck if in an FSA (make sure your
deduction is listed on your paystub to avoid future adjustments!
Calculate your out of pocket pre-tax premium share and surcharge costs
Help with Online Enrollment
• Special Computer Labs will be scheduled for September and
October. Market Center Building, Mt. Jefferson, Room 326.
- September 3, 17 and October 1,15 & 29 from 7:30-10:00
- September 10, 24 and October 8 & 22 from 11:30-1:30
• Call PSU Benefits at (503) 725-4926 for help with unlocking
your Pebb account or resetting your password
• Call PEBB directly at 1-(503) 373-1102
- 9 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday
(Pebb will have no furlough closures in October)
More Info at Benefits Fair
• When: Thursday, October 3rd from 10 to 2
• Where: Ballroom (SMSU 355)
• Special presentations in SMSU 327
- Vendor Presentations:
- 11-11:30 am Social Security
- 12:15-1:30 PERS
• Get questions answered from all plan reps
What Benefits Stay the Same
Medex Travel Insurance
Wellness perks through your medical plan
Dental Plan Options and the Opt Out options
Life Insurance Basic and Optional Life
AD & D coverage
Disability Insurance Choices
Long Term Care
Flexible Spending Account
Weight Watchers
Employees and Spouse/Partners/Children 10 and older with Dr.
approval join for free
Follow the instructions on the Pebb website at:
For meetings held at PSU, contact
~Diana White, 5-2725
( Smith Memorial Student Union/SMSU Rm#258, Tuesdays,
~Cindy Waugh, extension 5-3098
(Facilities Conference Room 202 (University Services
Building/USB Rm#202), Fridays, 12:15 )
Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
• Must enroll every year for pre-tax savings
• Health Care Account helps pay for uncovered medical/dental
costs. $2,500 annual maximum for Health Care Account
• Dependent Care Account helps pay for day care (up to age 13 or
• $5,000 annual maximum (Dependent Care can have a family
contribution of $5,000)
• Use it or lose it
• Domestic Partner FSA, for domestic partner use- new for 2014
Flu Shot Clinics
• Look for PSU Information emails on how to sign up
• Scheduled dates
Tuesday, October 15 (SMSU 328/329)
Wednesday , November 6 (SMSU 338)
8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
For all 2014 Open Enrollment Updates!
Public Employees’ Benefit Board materials were mailed to your
home the first week of September, for copies of the Open
Enrollment materials :
Remember your deadline for the health assessment and open
enrollment 10/31/2013 !
• Next HRascals Meeting:
• Feb ??, 2014, To be confirmed soon! Watch your email.
Thank you!

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