Tracking Leave and Other HR Topics

• Anne Martin, Sr HR Consultant
VCUHS Human Resources
• Cathy Kercheval, Sr HR Benefits Consultant
VCUHS Human Resources
• Donna Barrett, Program Coordinator
Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program
Go to the GME website
Educational Resources (on left side of page)
GME Policies
Family Medical Leave, educational leave, etc.
Under Program Directors and Coordinators
Announcements and important information
Program Resources
New Innovations
Accreditation Resources
Forms and templates
Go to the GME website >Current Housestaff >GME Policies
Who qualifies for leave? What types of leave are there?
Sick Leave: Housestaff in the amount of thirty (30)
calendar days within a year’s contract period.
Family and Medical Leave: Allows up to 12 weeks of
paid [sick or vacation] and unpaid leave within the
guidelines of the policy.
Vacation: Housestaff receive three (3) weeks
Educational Leave: Residents may be eligible for one
month of educational training leave.
The ACGME and other organizations provide
guidelines for individual programs detailing the
amount of time expected for a resident to
successfully complete their training in that
Considerations when leave is taken:
Who will this leave effect in the training
program? Will this leave effect the resident’s
completion date?
Develop a “department leave procedure”
for your housestaff showing:
• Number of days they are allowed for
professional, personal days, or holidays
• How far in advance do you want this info
• How do you want them to report their leave
• To whom should they report their leave
Have the residents report to one person giving
them a written request for time off and the
purpose for the leave.
Have the Director approve this request.
Develop a method to track this leave (such as
an excel sheet) throughout the resident’s
entire residency.
Make this information available to others.
Submit the residents Housestaff Leave Request Form
to the GME office a minimum of 45 days in advance.
You will need to know the dates of the leave, reason
for leave and whether the residents has short-term
GME office ask coordinators to enter this leave into
New Innovations in the Block Schedule and in the File
Notes (demographic page).
Your resident should contact UNUM
A signed letter of approval is generated from Dr.
You know the dates. Submit your form.
Who will this effect?
HR and Kronos
Letter to dept
and resident
The Schedule
Other Residents
Residents need to contact UNUM prior or on their
first day of leave at 1-866-786-9321
Resident on unpaid leave – resident will receive
notice from Benefits Services with regards to
payment of their benefit premiums.
If the resident wants to stop paying for parking they
need to contact payroll and the parking office.
NOTE: they need to reapply upon return and it is
based on availability.
Educational Rotation Request/
International Travel Form
submits needed
Submit Form
to GME
Enter into
New Innovations
Your resident is hurt ….who should you call?
First question we were asked …is this workers comp?
On the VCU Health System Website > Workers Compensation
VCUHS Department of Workers' Compensation
Listed on their main page is a list of things to do…
Workers Compensation Forms
On left side of the main page go under Documents and Forms
Open up > Forms Hard Copy
There are several forms to choose
Any questions call 628-0555
Mike Paladino is the workers comp representative
His number is 628-1628
They can help you decide what to do.
Cathy Kercheval
Senior Benefits Consultant
Human Resources
VCU Health System
701 E. Franklin St.
Richmond, VA 23298
804-628-3724 Fax 804-628-0323
[email protected]

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