strategy recognises value of CCIOs and CCIO - E

The role of the CNIO
Fiona Stephens, Jon Hoeksma
EHI CCIO Leaders Network
Celebrating Leadership in Nursing
4th July 2012
Jon Hoeksma, Editor EHI
CCIO Leaders Network aims
“To support and develop
current and future clinical
information leaders”
Why, CCIOs?
• We’re using the term generically – not CMIOs
• Based on simple proposition that health IT
projects do better when clinically led
• A role that will appeal to a broad range of
clinicians not just doctors
• Drawing on US experience of CMIOs (Chief
Medical Information Officers and Chief Nursing
Information officers) over past decade
• NHS Information Revolution depends on local
information leaders – strategy recognises value of
CCIOs and CCIO Leaders Network
Florence Nightingale – the first CNIO?
Florence Nightingale 1820-1910
The founder of modern nursing was a pioneer in
the visual presentation of information and statistics
to highlight seasonal sources of patient mortality in
military hospitals.
NB - Since 2008 ANA has marked her birthday, 12
May, as Nursing Informatics Day
Nurse information leaders needed
• Biggest professional clinical group in NHS – 300K
• Ensure focus on nursing needs and practice when
IT solutions being selected and deployed
• Using data to measure and improve clinical
performance and outcomes
• Help provide a trusted interpreter between
clinical, management and technology groups
• Ensure patient focus to information use
CCIO Campaign June 2011
• Launched calling for Sec of State to encourage
trusts to develop ‘local clinical information
champions’ - CCIOs
• Aim - secure first appointments end 2011
• Lobbying of DH and Royal Medical Colleges –
round table event in November 2011
• Promotion through EHI
• Started campaign and online petition
• Built into EHI Live 2011 event
Progress by end 2011
Three CCIOs appointed
Secured backing 11 Royal Medical Colleges
Backing 60 suppliers
200 individual campaign endorsements –
including Sir Bruce Keogh.
• Momentum achieved
• Decided to launch CCIO Leaders Network to
take forward objectives of campaign…
CCIO Leaders Network 2012+
• EHI hosted and managed professional network
• Encouraging individuals to join network - 1,400 have so
• Work with partner orgs who supported the campaign
• Governance - established an Advisory Panel – chair
elected and Julie Tindale Vice Chair.
• 11 CCIOs so far appointed – hospital docs, GPs, nurse
• Events - working with partners – BCS, midwives, CHIF,
nurses, RCPsych
• Online community – forum to be launched July
CCIO Leaders Network Events
Network launched 8th March - RCP
10 events in 2012
Half on professional development
Half with Royal Medical Colleges on specific
clinical opportunities for CCIOs
• First national CCIO Conference, 6-7 November
@ EHI Live 2012
CCIO Leaders Network website
Campaign news
Columns, including by CCIO leaders
Profiles of all UK CCIOs appointed to date
Features, case studies, resources and videos
CCIO events booking
Document library
CCIO Community tools and
CCIO Leaders Network next steps
Terms of reference for advisory panel
Survey of current and future CCIOs
Portfolio of job descriptions
Mapping job descriptions to competencies
and available training resources – working
with DHID
• Publish case studies and resources
• Examining a mentoring/Q&A tool
Questions for nurses?
• Would establishing a specialist CCIO interest
group for nurses be helpful?
• Do we need to establish a baseline of where
nurses are now?
• What career resources and tools are most
• How best to enable CNIOs to be able to share
their experiences?
• What have else?
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