The Master Teacher Programme

CAS Master Teachers
September 2012
Network of Teaching Excellence in
Computer Science
Built on the hub network
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Together we can make
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Why a Master Teachers?
• How do we develop and share best practice to enable the
delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum otherwise?
• OFSTED report highlights the value and impact AST model i.e.
teachers training teachers
– No centralised strategy for ASTs
– Additional costs of AST in most LEAs moving to schools
– Business model for schools to utilise ASTs
• Providing career opportunities for teachers - with the
proposed changes to the Teachers Pay and Conditions through
the possible introduction of a DfE Master Teacher.
Who should apply?
• Candidates will be:
– Experience Computer Science teachers and who
already know the challenges of the local area.
– Non-specialist AST’s with a STEM background who
regularly perform outreach.
• The Applicant’s school will be a member of
the Network of Teaching Excellence.
• Non-specialist Master Teachers will be
expected to work closely with their local
Network of Excellence:
– Academia: Further and Higher Education
– School Teacher
– Industry contacts via STEMNet and BCS hub network
Master Teacher
Computing Teacher
When & where?
• The Master Teacher will run CPD sessions on:
– Mornings or afternoons
– Twilights
– Weekends or school holidays
• Run virtually, in local schools, Universities
and industry training facilities.
• Virtual learning will be a tool:
– For follow ups to face-to-face sessions providing
peer as well as specialist support.
– To deliver training to remote parts of England
What will be delivered?
• The CAS Master Teacher will:
– identify gaps in local provision and skills and to
develop and deliver CPD workshops
– Perform a minimum of two CPD sessions and peer
review a CPD session
– Share all CPD session and lesson resources
produced with CAS
• CPD sessions will be:
– Aimed at non-specialist teachers and trainee
– Based on the CAS Computing Curriculum
– A mixture of plugged-in and unplugged activities
– Communicating with other Master Teachers to
avoid duplication and ensure curriculum coverage
How will CPD be delivered?
• There would be local CPD teams.
• The local coordinators could be:
Regional BCS Hub Co-ordinator
Regional CAS Hub Leader
Regional STEM Co-ordinator
University CS & ITT departments
• Local coordinators would report to the CAS
• The Network of Teaching Excellence
combined with local coordinators and
Master Teacher would be responsible for
advertising any training sessions.
• The Master Teacher and relevant computing
specialist would be responsible for
developing and delivering sessions.
Regional CAS
CPD Sessions
What’s in it for the Master Teacher
• The CAS Master Teacher will receive:
– Receive the equivalent of one afternoon per week in time, between
October 12. and March 13.
– Recognition by CAS & BCS as being an official CAS trainer e.g. on the
CAS website, including a certification.
– Training, then continued support as a facilitator and coach.
– Career development and employment opportunities
– Support for meeting some of the proposed criteria for the changes to
the National Pay and Conditions i.e. DfE Master Teacher.
– An pedagogy and knowledge exchange between professionals
What’s in it for the employer?
• The school gains the opportunity to:
– Develop his or her school’s capacity to teach Computer Science.
– Meet the membership to the Network of teaching Excellence criteria
to sharing expertise and resources.
– Meet the Academies contractual required to undertake in community
– Receive reimbursed of £2,000 for the equivalent of one afternoon per
week between November 12. and March 13.
– CAS will also advertise all sessions through its network of 30+ hubs
and on it’s website to help maximise the attendance to sessions.
– Collaboration between organisations giving initiative greater
What’s in it for the Universities?
• The Universities will:
– Develop relationships with local schools delivering Computer Science
to take students on placement during teacher training
– Attract the best local students
– Meet their outreach requirements to justify tuition fees
– Advertise further education CPD courses i.e. Masters etc.
– Clear indicator for placement schools for Computer Science trainees
– Develop relationships between departments, developing computer
science expertise in ITT departments
Frequently asked questions
• Will there be an accreditation for attending a event?
– Yes but we will make this announcement after appointing the Master
• Will the CPD sessions follow a defined structure?
– Yes but we will tell the Master Teachers this information when they
attend the one day training
• Can an AST who’s school is not part of the Network of
Teaching Excellence apply to be a Master Teacher?
– No, I’m afraid not.

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