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BCS Case Study
Michael Sheasby
CEO, LumaPix
The 2012 BCS Championship Game
NCAA football game
– University of Alabama
– Louisiana State University
It was HUGE
– 24 Million viewers
– 2nd-largest audience in cable television history
Offered something new
– User-customized photobooks
– Available hours
after the game ended
The Players
• LumaPix
– Technology Providers
• Memory Book Studios
– Publisher who acquired license and sold products
• Universities & licensing authorities
– Reviewed & approved use of branding for sale
• Proven Direct
– Printed & fulfilled the books
The Value Proposition
• Fans: come to this website and buy a custom
photobook to commemorate the game.
• You love the team
– The book includes pro photos from the field
– You can’t buy a book with this branding from any other source (licensed)
• You can integrate personal pictures to make your book unique
– Upload and integrate your own pictures from
the tailgate party / your seat in the stands / the bar party you were at
• The game is still “fresh”
– You watched the game hours ago, now the book is available
Sample Pages
User Customization
• Dec 7th
Impossible Timeline
MBS lands licensing deal & calls LumaPix
(4 weeks…)
• Jan 9th
Game Day
• Dec 7th
Impossible Timeline
MBS lands licensing deal & calls LumaPix
• Dec 8th+
Custom domain registered (www.ACTphotobooks.com)
Custom storefront created / Custom graphics for store created / Custom templates for book created
Products created in store / Payment Gateway wired up / Test orders submitted
• Dec 22nd
Xmas vacation… twiddle thumbs for 2 weeks (really!)…
• Jan 3rd
University approves templates
• Jan 9th
Game Day
4 photogs on field shoot images 8-11pm / Images uploaded to cloud / Images integrated with
• Jan 10th
Storefront open for visitors
Included Technologies
1. Power content creation tools for staff artists
2. Rebrandable storefront with custom URL
3. Online layout engine for template population by end users
4. Cloud-based storage of templates, WIP, user images,
rendered output
5. Cloud-based render farm
6. Reporting tools, XML output
What’s different
1. Completely custom layout
– Not one of a thousand off-the-shelf templates;
artwork published for this one game
2. The book was on sale hours after the game
– Pictures went from the field to the template
to the end user’s browser “in real time”
3. Ferocious setup pace, with zero custom code
– Went from hello to done in 4 weeks,
including Christmas holidays & university approvals
Contact information
[email protected]
Thank you!

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