5 Step Guide for Integrating
Windsurfing into Clubs
What is Windsurfing?
 The windsurfer was patented on 6th Jan 1970 by
Jim Drake and Hoyle Schweitzer
 The original windsurfer became the Windsurfer
One Design that is still sailed and raced around
the world today
 Windsurfing is broken up in to two major
categories (Long and Short Board sailing)
Who Windsurfs?
 Adults up and over 70 years of age are known to short
board windsurf
 Windsurfers in their early 60s are achieving speeds
close to 50 knots here in Victoria
 Kids as young as 5 years old windsurf, though we
would suggest 8 years of age is the preferred starting
Different Styles of Windsurfing
 Long board windsurfing stems from the original
 Long board windsurfer had its biggest impact within
Australia in the 80s
 Short board windsurfing took over as preferred level of
the sport in 90s once the equipment became easier
 Long boarding came back in to style in 00s, with the
Raceboard class and now the Stand Up Paddle (SUP)
Long board categories
 Raceboard (designed for course racing)
 Funboard (user friendly, previously used as beginner
 Windsurfer One Design (sometimes known as a Wally and
used for long board freestyle)
 SUP (the new breed of long board windsurfer that can be
used for SUPing, windsurfing on flat water or in the waves
in light wind)
 Hybrid (cross between a long and wide style short board)
 Modern beginner board (shorter and wide for easy
Short board categories
Speed (designed for straight line speed)
Slalom (designed for across and down wind racing)
Formula (designed for course racing)
Freerace (cross between a slalom and freeride)
Freeride (a short board version of a funboard)
Freestyle (specially designed board for short board
freestyle tricks)
 Freestyle Wave (cross between a freestyle and wave
 Wave (designed for wave jumping and wave riding)
Competitive Windsurfing
 Competitive windsurfing is done all round the world
 The Professional Windsurfing Association (PWA)
include Slalom, Freestyle and Wave
 Windsurfing Victoria with our local windsurfing stores
and Yacht/Sailing clubs run a variety of Slalom, Course
Racing, Wave, Speed, marathon and fun events (Inc.
Step 1 - Come & Try Events
 Windsurfing Victoria has been running windsurfing
events at Yacht and Sailing clubs for a number of
 Some of these events include come and try
windsurfing components
 These come and try events have been organised and
managed by Windsurfing Victoria with some times
support from our local windsurfing stores and/or
Step 2 - Beginner Programs
 Beginner windsurfing programs can be setup at the
 These programs can be for children and for adults
 The programs can be based on current windsurfing
school programs and the very successful Windsurfing
Victoria Kids Club
 Modern beginner windsurfer equipment and the right
tutoring can have a new windsurfer sailing in 30
Step 3 – Social Sailing
 Before a sailor steps in to racing they need to
experience social sailing
 Social sailing is where the fun begins and doesn't stop
 A number of prime windsurfing locations in Victoria
are based around our clubs
 Some of these clubs have establish their own
windsurfing clubs
Step 4 - Club Racing
 Type of windsurfing racing that have and could be
setup as regular club racing program
 Course Racing
 Slalom
 One Design
 Costs of windsurfing racing can be very cheap and
could be the most cost affective club racing option
Club Racing – Course Racing
 The race course can be the same as the current courses set
for other sailing boats
 Starts from the water as per sailing boats
 Equipment required can be based on;
 second hand long board style windsurfers from the 80/90s
that have a centre board to help go up wind
 modern course racing boards
 the original Windsurfer One Design
 hybrid board (long/shortwide board)
 Stand Up Paddle (i.e. WindSUP)
Club Racing – Slalom
 The race course needs to be either a figure 8 or a
down wind M style course
 Starts are preferred to be from the beach
 Equipment required can be based on;
second hand short fun boards
modern free ride board
dedicated slalom boards
course racing style boards
Step 5 – World Cup
 Windsurfing has a number world cup racing paths
(e.g. PWA – slalom, Raceboard, Formula, BIC 293
youth class, RSX, RS:One?, etc.)
 If clubs want to head down a set path it needs to be
decided with cost, availability, support and a
progression structure in mind
Case Studies
 Come & Try Events
 A beginner and course racing clinics were included in the 20112012 Windsurfing Victoria Course Racing series that were ran
at Parkdale and Mordialloc
 Support was from WaSSuP, SHQ and SBHQ
 Beginner Programs
 Parkdale Yacht Club has been running a beginner program off
and on over the years within the club
 Social Sailing
 Elwood Sailing Club have a Windsurfing Club (Elwood
Case Studies
 Club Racing
 Parkdale Yacht Club has been hosting Windsurfing One
Design racing since the 80s
 Windsurfing Victoria has been hosting windsurfing races at
Elwood Sailing Club for a number of years and now back at
Parkdale Yacht Club as well
 Over the years a number of clubs have hosted national and
international windsurfing events since the 80s
 World Cup
 Victoria has only had a hand full of very successful
windsurfers with one or two world champions
Thank You
 Any Questions?

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