Course Contents
First Lecture:
1. Fire Definition.
2. Fire Causes.
3. How to suppress Fire.
4. Codes & Standards.
5. Hazards Classification
Course Contents
First Lecture(continued):
Fire Fighting Systems:
6.1 Manual Fire Fighting Systems:
6.1.1 Fire Standpipe System: Fire Hose Cabinet(F.H.C). Landing Valve(L.V). Fire Hydrant(F.H). Fire Department Connection(F.D.C).
6.1.2 Portable Co2 Fire Extinguishers.
6.1.3 Portable Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers.
6.1.4 Portable Foam Fire Extinguishers.
Course Contents
Second Lecture:
1 Automatic Fire Fighting Systems.
1.1 Water Mist System.
1.2 Foam Suppression System.
1.3 Water Sprinkler System.
1.3.1 Sprinklers Types
1.3.2 Sprinklers Orientations.
1.3.3 Pipes & Fittings.
1.3.4 Zone Control Unit.
1.3.5 Firefighting Networks.
1.4 Gas Suppression System.(Co2 & FM-200)
Course Contents
Third Lecture:
1. Pumps Arrangement for Firefighting System.
1.1 Electric Firefighting Pump.
1.2 Diesel Firefighting Pump.
1.3 Jockey Firefighting Pump.
2. Manual Firefighting Hydraulic Calculation.
3. Elite software Example(Hydraulic Calculation).
Course Contents
Fourth Lecture:
1. Firefighting Tank Capacity Calculation.
2. Pump room Design.
3. How to Make a Civil Defense Report for a
Fifth Lecture
AutoCAD Summary Notes.
Projects Examples.
B.O.Q Items & Specs of projects.
Pricing of Items.

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