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Improved Cooking Technology Program—Project Objectives
The objective of the Improved Cooking Technology Program (ICTP), also referred to as Recho Pa’w, is to set Haiti on a path towards longterm sustainable cooking solutions and achieve a significant reduction in charcoal consumption by large users and households. The
program team and partners are working together to achieve this objective by expanding the market for improved biomass cookstoves and
cleaner fuels, developing clean energy businesses engaged in supplying the market with cleaner fuels and improved biomass cookstoves,
educating consumers and generating market demand, and addressing the regulatory issues that are limiting the expansion of LPG in Haiti.
ICTP works in four programmatic areas to achieve these aims:
1. Establishing a thriving local market and industry for household improved biomass cook stoves. The strategy for this component
is multi-faceted. The program supports the development of a range of stoves to create a true market by targeting both supply- and
demand-side constraints to long-term market growth.
2. Reducing charcoal consumption by large users, particularly food vendors, schools and orphanages. The program will enable
more than 10,000 street vendors, orphanages, and schools to switch from charcoal to LPG by increasing access to quality cooking
equipment, fuel and financing.
3. Building a legal and regulatory framework for LPG. The Improved Cooking Technology program works closely with the government
of Haiti (GOH), LPG companies and distributors, and other stakeholders to provide needed expertise and to help bring stakeholders to a
consensus on LPG regulations, standards, and pricing.
4. Devising carbon finance and financial incentives for scale-up. The program is working to establish local carbon assets and loan
funds that generate long-term revenue streams contributing to the sustainability of the market for improved cookstoves
Project Overview : Improved Biomass Cookstove Commercialization Activities
A local market for improved household biomass cook stoves will be expanded through the activities below:
• Leading efficient improved biomass cookstoves promoted and commercialized
• Guide four manufacturers through commercialization process
• Increase number of improved cookstove sales points
• Expand marketing and outreach cook stove campaigns
• Conduct widespread media campaigns to increase consumer awareness of improved cookstoves and quality
• Launch raffle scheme via church organizations to increase consumer awareness and adoption
• Develop $2 Million USD loan fund for manufacturers, retailers and consumers
• Establish Haitian Certification and Testing Center and train BME staff and interested stakeholders in
international testing standards and protocols for ICS
• Support charcoal workers to develop alternative livelihoods using SHG methodology
Existing Partners: EdM, D&E, ILF, Prakti, Haiti Metal, MFIs, Mercy Corps, AMURT
Current Results:
• Four Improved Cookstoves meet proposed certification standards
• 13 improved biomass stoves tested using CCT testing protocols
• Approximately 6,000 stoves were sold by Haiti Metal, ILF, Eco Recho and EdM from October 2012 to April 2013
• The program improved the clay mixture for Eco Recho stoves and has established the ideal clay/biomass mixes for any manufacturers interested in using clay or
ceramic liners in their stoves.
• 14 Trainers trained on 4 Trainings modules in accounting/book keeping, marketing, logistics and customer service have been developed
• 1 day supply chain workshop with more than 45 partners of ICTP participating , including IDB, SOPHIDES, CFI and other financial institutions donors and private
companies in renewable energy sector
• More than 20 active retailers, 5 mobile sales retailers and 15 boutiques opened between October 2012 and June 2013
• The Recho Pa'w radio shows are now playing on Radio Caribes and twelve radio shows have been recorded and aired including one show with the Minister of Energy
• 50 community organizers from Churches in Delmas were recruited and are participating in the raffle activity
• 26 cumulative raffle drawings occurred in December 2012 and April 2013. Higher numbers are expected in May as Community Organizers arranged Mother’s day
• 160 improved biomass cookstoves have been sold as a result of the ICTP raffle initiative.
• Entrepreur sdu Monde (EdM) is using the raffle idea to increase stove sales in Croix de Bouquet and for the IFRC camps. They have held 6 drawings in Croix de
Bouquets and 2 Drawings in the IFRC IDP camps. After the two drawings in the IFRC IDP camps more than 100 stoves were sold.
• ICTP reinforced EdM IFRC camp activities by directly training3 0 IDPs in stove marketing and sales techniques in two training sessions in May 2013. Two more
trainings are scheduled for June.
• National Certification and Testing Center created and lab staff trained by Aprovecho. The Director of the testing laboratory and ICTP participated in the EPA intensive
testing workshop in North Carolina USA in January 2013
• The Bureau des Mines et de L’Energie (BME) Logo was modified and modernized (seen on top left hand corner of this page). The BME has accepted this logo with a
few modifications of the color of the stove, pot and women’s waist, which will be thicker. This logo is different from the quality seal, which has not yet been decided.
• 3 Self Help Groups composed of 75 charcoal workers were formed to help them identify and be trained on alternative livelihoods.
• Next Steps for ICS activities include launching the media campaigns (logo shown on top right corner and picture of 4 stoves below are part of the campaigns) and
creating the cookstove savings challenge (piggy bank stove shown on bottom right corner). Activites are scheduled to begin in mid June 2013.
Expected Results for 2013:
• Four improved cookstoves that meet the program's proposed certification standards will be available on the market in PAP for
household consumers
• 10,000 stoves sold in pre-commercial trials and sales
• 16 trainers trained - four TOT sessions for each manufacturer and their nominated four TOT retailers
• At least, 20 new sales points established across PAP (Micama, TOTAL service stations, independent retailers)
• 5 MFIs testing financial services for green energy products like ICS (3 cooperatives, ACME SA, ID Microfinance)
• Four specific media campaigns focusing on quality recognition, access points, payback period and stove benefits for
household, and customer service (stove warranty).
• 8 culturally appropriate marketing messages produced and used in marketing, SMS advertising and visibility activities and
specific messaging for Haitian Diaspora developed and shared and used by partners to increase stove sales via remittances
• 100 community organizers from communes within PAP recruited and trained with 1,000 raffle rounds conducted (10 raffles per
community organizer) and 1,000 improved cookstoves distributed and/or won by 1,000 users in PAP

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