Cllr Jim Dickson (Lambeth)

20 FEBRUARY 2014
Cllr Jim Dickson, Cabinet Member for Health and
London Borough of Lambeth
• Lambeth has the highest diagnosed HIV
prevalence in the UK (14 per 1000)
• Lambeth is followed by Southwark (almost 12
per 1000) and Lewisham (7 in 1000).
• We also have the estimated largest population
of gay and bisexual men per borough in the UK.
Locally Lambeth also tops the current scorecard
for the highest number of STIs.
Handover from PCT to LA & Collaboration with
neighbouring boroughs
• On 1 April 2013, LAs took over as the responsible
bodies for Public Health, including sexual health and
HIV from PCTs. This included a large number of HIVrelated contracts, including HIV prevention and health
• Prior to this transfer, much work was undertaken
between LAs and PCTs to ensure a smooth transition.
This included the creation of a Tri-Borough (Lambeth,
Southwark and Lewisham) Sexual Health
Commissioning team.
Focus on HIV prevention
• Our Tri-borough has had its own HIV prevention
programmes, dating back as early as the 1990s.
• Furthermore, we have some of the most
modern, integrated clinical Reproductive and
Sexual Health services in the country (Kings and
GSTT). These include the very recently opened
Guy’s and St Thomas’s GUM Service at Burrell
Street, which is a key partner in our approach to
HIV testing.
The Pan London HIV Prevention Programme
• At a London level, the Pan London HIV Prevention
Programme had been funded by PCTs (with the largest
contribution from Lambeth) and delivered by mostly
voluntary sector orgs, including THT since 2008.
• A new London HIV Prevention Programme, hosted by
Lambeth, is due to start before the end of 2014 and will
be aimed at both men who have sex with men and
Black Africans. The new programme will comprise of:
– Media and campaigning for BME and MSM communities
– London-wide condom distribution
– Outreach targeted at MSM
The Pan London HIV Prevention Programme
• In April 2013, Lambeth made a commitment to
reprioritise HIV prevention for MSM. This
included the creation of a new HIV prevention
commissioning lead post who has led on the
response to the emerging issue of substance use
for sexual purposes AKA “chemsex”.
• We are pleased to be leading the way in the UK
with this programme.
HIV care and support
Our range of services for people living with HIV include:
• South London HIV Partnership
• South London and the Maudsley (CASCAID- a specialist
mental health provision for people and families with
• GSTT HIV Community Specialist Nurses
• Mildmay hospital
• Muslim Peer Support
• Christian Peer support
• Positive Parenting and Children

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