Broadband Product Roadmap

Broadband Product Road Map
Migration from 20C IPstream to 21C Wholesale Broadband Connect
IPstream ‘Stop Sell’
IPstream retirement within WBC footprint & Datastream in total
WBC rollout to further sites
Further WBC expansion (To be agreed)
Ofcom Broadband Market Review Outcome
Asset report: map users to network element
Implement Ofcom Market Review Outcome
Host Link Migration Process
WBMC metro-node handover trial and launch
TR101 Upstream line synch info delivered
Value Added Services
Voice Assured Broadband Trial
Daytime Bursting Permanent
Opt out for 3db on eCo+
Broadband Enabling Technology
Telehouse Connectivity
Consume BB regenerator
WBMC reseller model
Implement Ofcom Consumer switching
Multi-Service Edge Rollout and Migration
Multi-Service Edge Further rollout
BBAC speed ranges
FTTC: Provide on cease
Fibre on Demand early market deployment exit
Wires only self install
FTTC Self Install: Stop/Start
G.Fast and 1Gig FTTP trials
Openreach KCI notes via B2B & Portal
Sim 2 for FTTC Self install
Radio to FTTC trials
SIM 2 for FTTC
Vectoring: 2nd Trial
Home movers for FTTC
Automatic Expedites
Fibre on Demand (FoD): Price change
VDSL Retransmission
FOD distance based charging & full launch
VDSL amplifier technical trials
SIM2 Expedite and Escalate
EMP Mitigation and Consumption
BD UK areas roll out
Future activities are aspirational and not fully committed
Timings within years are approximate

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