Banafrit - Catherine

By Catherine Baker
Once upon a time there was King Khenti who ruled
over all Egypt. He had a beautiful daughter whose
name was Banafrit. When she was 12, her mother
died. The king worried for his daughter for she had no
He decided to remarry to Woserit. She was very greedy
and evil. She would always ask the king, “Am I
beautiful? Do you think I am beautiful? Say I’m
beautiful!!! Say it!!!”
Woserit was also secretly jealous of Banafrit’s
beauty. King Khenti did not see this, he thought she
was a perfect role model for Banafrit.
One day Banafrit was walking with her father, when all of a
sudden a crocodile, who was lose in the palace, came up to the
king and ate him. Banafrit screamed in horror. The queen saw
what had happened and thought, “Finally, with the king out of
the way, I can banish Banafrit to the desert so I can be the
most beautiful in the land.”
She thinks
she’s so
The queen’s jealousy grew bigger and bigger as Banafrit grew
older. By the time Banafrit was 18, she was very beautiful. Then
one day, one of the queen’s servants mysteriously died. The queen
framed the crime on Banafrit.
Get Out!
“You were always jealous and mad because I have, I mean
HAD a better servant than you,” the queen lied.
“I did no such thing!” squealed Banafrit.
“I hereby banish you. Get out!!” growled the queen.
Banafrit was banished into the desert. She was confused and thirsty walking for miles
and miles, until she came upon a small temple.
Hello? Hello?
Anyone home?
“Hello? Anyone home?” she called. All she heard was her own voice
echoing back. She wandered into the little temple and found seven
little beds and seven little chairs around a table. She was very tired
from walking so she decided to sleep in one of the beds.
“What is it? What’s it doin’ here? Why is it in my bed?”
asked seven little voices at once.
Banafrit woke up to 7 pairs of eyes staring at her.
“Ahhhh!” she screamed.
“ It talks!!” said Ammut.
“Who are you?” she asked hesitantly.
“We are the 7 gods. There’s Ammut, Aten, Babi, Geb,
Seth, Bes, and I’m Ptah.”
Get out of my
“Hello I’m Banafrit. I saw your temple and I’ve been
walking for miles and I needed a rest. Sorry if I’m
“Oh, its O.K dear…. But first one thing, GET OUT OF MY
BED!!!!!” screamed Ammut.
“ We shall make a deal with you. You cook, clean, and
respect us we and we will let you stay” said Ptah.
“Deal! What do you do for work?”
“We work in the desert and look for gold.” replied Babi.
That’s how Banafrit decided to live with the 7 gods.
One day while Banafrit was working, the evil queen was working
on an evil plot to get rid of Banafrit. She went down to the Nile
River and she asked,
“Nile, Nile the lovely river, tell me news. Now, deliver.”
“What do you want to know?” the river said.
“Banafrit, is she alive?”
“Yes, she lives in the temple with the 7 gods. Just moved in”
“To bad she just settled in. She has to die on the first day.”
She grabbed one juicy fig and made a juice to dip the fig in. It contained
cobra venom. When she finished with the fig, she dressed up as a 96
year old lady. She went to Banafrit’s temple and knocked on the
door. Once Banfrit opened the door, the queen said in a croaky voice,
“Hello dear. Here’s a housewarming gift. It’s one of my best grown figs.
They’re very, very juicy.”
“Why thank you. Goodbye,” said Banafrit. She took a bite of the fig and
fell to the ground in a deep sleep.
When the gods returned, they found her laying on the
floor. They thought she was dead. They took the body to
the desert and put it a sarcophagus. Then they each put a
flower on the sarcophagus. They were all grieving around
her when Prince Rasui showed up on his camel.
He asked what happened. The gods told him. Rasui knew
what to do to wake her up. He bent over and kissed her.
Her eyes popped open. They were so happy together, that
they wed.
They took over Egypt and banished the queen to the desert
and lived happily ever after.

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