Ambient Interfaces
Pekka Valtonen
Direct Brain-Machine-interface
• One of the Holy Grails of technology.
• STRENGTHS: total ease of use, endless
possibilities, usable by nearly everyone.
• WEAKNESSES: technology still unavailable.
• OPPORTUNITIES: increased positive results
• THREATS: Possibly requires invasive procedures.
• Also, Crye Industries is one of the companies
developing BMI.
(BMI continues)
A MONKEY with wires into its brain is operating a robotic hand by
Freaky shit provided by Schwartz lab, University of Pittsburgh.
• A simplified, downtoned version of ”monkeyof-doom”- system to use BMI as interface.
• Reads neural patterns such as ”I am moving
my left hand” and uses them to move objects
on interface.
Brainloop (continues)
• STRENGTHS: external tinfoilhat-like sensors,
does not require stuff inside skull.
• WEAKNESSES: requires some learning and
concentration, practical solutions yet limited.
• OPPORTUNITIES: if sensors smallened, usable
for computer interaction on home use.
• THREATS: technology still on development.
Wearable retinal interface
Wearable Heads Up Display (HUD), web
broser, microphone.
The images above are about ten times the
size of current models.
Wearable retinal interface
• STRENGTHS: soon to be adaptable to fit
eyewear such as eyeglasses, shades and
monocles. May even bring monocles back!
• Weaknesses: primitive compared to
augmented contact lenses.
• Opportunities: with headset, allows total
reckless drive-while-chat!
• Threats: relatively expensive tech.
Augmented Reality contact lens
• A normal-sized contact lens which works as a
personal HUD (Heads-up-display)
• STRENGTHS: awesome technology, in concept
an idea that people have learned on sci-fi for
over 40 years.
• WEAKNESSES: Cost- and health- related issues.
BMI and military money, hello terminator!
Pain Vest
• User feedback interface for video games.
• Provides the user the fun sensational
feedback of ”that guy just shot you in the back
with a shotgun”
• Already in use.
Pain Vest (continues)
• STRENGTHS: provides fun addition to gamers
with too much money, can be used for military
• WEAKNESSES: isnt really that groundbreaking
or usable.
• OPPORTUNITIES: lots of money lying around
on video games..
• THREATS: very limited use, expensive unit
Microsoft Surface
• Multitouch touchscreen interface.
Microsoft Surface (continues)
• STRENGTHS: existing tech, easy to use.
• WEAKNESSES: expensive
• OPPORTUNITIES: as an embedded interface
useful and fast to use
• THREATS: just one multitouch system among

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