Carbon Chat

Carbon Chat Virtual Sales Agent
Engage Exit Traffic
You spend a lot of time and money generating
traffic to your website with the goal in mind of
converting that user into a sale or prospect.
Carbon Chat provides an automated solution
to re-engage the traffic leaving your website
and turning that user back into a sale.
Our virtual chat is fully customizable,
providing a branded resource to answer
consumer questions. All content is captured
and it runs 24/7, so any time your site has
visitors it will attempt to capture them before
they leave.
How It Works
When a visitor attempts to exit your website, a virtual agent chat
box appears, asking the user if they have any questions.
Behind the scenes, we add
customized responses to anticipated
questions for your product or
With every response, there is a
unique tracking link back to your
Case Studies
Case Study #1
We ran a test over a weekend for an
inventing company to see the
response we would get. Carbon Chat
saved 47 leads that would have
otherwise been lost. We also took a
look at the quality and found it to be
as high of a standard as the email
traffic the offer was getting
otherwise. The inventing company is
now in the process of expanding the
Carbon Chat to all of its other
Case Study #2
Carbon Chat has been running with a
mortgage lead company. Initial tests
had found the virtual chat had saved
around 10% of the leads that would
otherwise have been abandoned.
Through tweaking and adding
questions and answer options, from
studying the call logs, the goal is
headed to saving 15% of the leads
that would otherwise have not been
filled out.
Virtual Chat Services
BMI Elite’s Carbon Chat is a customer
acquisition tool, aimed at consumers
who are looking to leave your site or
have questions they want answered
before they enter their information.
With customizable “agents”, Carbon
Chat can answer any questions or
concerns the consumer has on a realtime 24/7 basis.
How it Works
Our virtual chat is customized to
your needs and anticipates consumer
questions, so we can answer them
sufficiently. Our goal is to get the
consumer to engage with the chat
and eventually convert to a lead or a
sale. Unlike other virtual chats, we
consistently analyze chat logs to
improve the communication
between the chat and the consumer.
Incredible Value
With no set-up or monthly fees, the
only thing you pay for is a lead or a
sale. We can convert traffic that would
be otherwise considered abandoned
into a viable acquisition channel.
Easy Installation
BMI Elite’s Virtual Chat app is easy to install; it takes only about five minutes to incorporate to existing
websites, and it’s also intuitive for site visitors to use to get the answers they need.
All content is captured and it runs 24/7, so any time your site has visitors it will attempt to capture them
before they leave. You can easily turn it on or off anytime.
We customize the responses to your product or service and learn about what visitors are asking.
There are hundreds of agents to choose from to fit the demographics of your site visitors.
The chat window colors can be tailored to match your brand.
Absolutely No Cost
There is no cost to you to get the virtual agent up and running on your site. We take a percentage of the sale
that would have otherwise not occurred.
Contact Us
We take great pride in the quality of the services we offer, along with the expertise of our staff of dedicated
professionals. Together, we work with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business, your
audience, and what you need to do to be the leader within your industry. Please do not hesitate to reach out to
us if you have further questions about what we can do for you.
1095 Broken Sound Pkwy NW
Ste. 300
Boca Raton, FL 33487
p. 561-330-6666 x368
c. 561-452-0020
e. [email protected]

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