21E Sally White

The Power of Partnerships
About Iona
Iona is a leader in the community, both in the provision
of services and advocacy
Mission: Support people with the challenges and
opportunities of aging
 Provide support and education to 10,000 older adults
and caregivers annually
 Advocate on behalf of 100,000 older District residents
Faith Communities
 Partnerships are part of our DNA: Iona was founded
by faith communities who came together to meet the
needs of older adults in the city
 Now work with over 20 faith communities
 Clergy focus group lead to program development—
now have a contract to provide social work support
for clergy and congregants at National Presbyterian
University Partnerships
Reach out to departments and individual professors
 The Catholic University of America
 University of Maryland
 Howard University
 George Washington University
 Georgetown University
 American University
 University of Alabama
 Yale University
University Partnerships
If you can provide a good educational opportunity for
students, you can go back to them again and again
Projects. Products. Experience
Philanthropic Partners
Bloomberg BNA
Law Firms
Senior Living Communities
Home Care Agencies
Under one Roof
Iona: adult day health care, consultation and care
management, fitness and support all in our main center
Here with us:
 Sibley Hospital Physicians Group
 Physical Therapy practice
 National Center for Creative Aging
 Other community groups that use the building
Aging in Community Villages
 We think of Iona as the original village
 Complement, don’t compete
 Contract with Capital Hill Village to provide caregiver
support group
 Creative partnership with Northwest Neighbors
 Grant support for Iona social work assistance
 Medical Note Taking Program development
 Partner to approach real estate developers
Corporate Eldercare
 Full-time Iona social worker on site at Fannie Mae to
provide eldercare support to employees
 Smaller contracts with other companies such as
Bloomberg BNA to provide pre-retirement seminars
 Contracts with various senior living communities to
provide caregiver support groups
DC Coalition on Long Term Care
 “Hosted” by Iona for 19 years
 Formed in 1995 to increase the choices available to
low income District adults in need of long-term care
 Brought together nursing home, hospital, home care
agencies, advocates and consumers
 Significant impact on laws, regulations, program
DC Senior Advisory Coalition
 Founded by two non-profit leaders in 2008
 Came together to work for and with older adults to
improve community based services
 Started with a small group of 6-8 trusted partners
 Some reluctance at first to be more public with gaps
in service, etc.
 Initial focus on DC Office on Aging management and
DC Senior Advisory Coalition
 Grant support for leadership began in 2012
 Continue to build membership and raise visibility
 Successful in securing a $7,000,000 increase in District
funds for the DC Office on Aging in FY14—an increase
of over 30%
 Recognition from Office on Aging leadership that
advocacy is important
Iona on Air
 New partnership with non-profit cable station, DCTV,
to produce TV quality segments on issues related to
older adults and caregivers.

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