Studying Abroad

(Focus: Studying Abroad)
Bastian Fähnrich, SpringTerm 2013
> Internationalisation
Students of Oulu UAS have the possibility to gain international experience and competence for their
professional career. Internationalisation in higher education includes mobility activities such as studying
and/or practical training abroad. In addition, internationalisation at home includes language studies,
international tutoring, campus and free time activities with an international dimension etc.
> Studying Abroad
- Timing
- Study Place
- Study Grants
- Study Plan
- Application & Other Work
> Reasons to Studying Abroad
- Video ”Reasons to Study Abroad”
> Experiences of Studying Abroad
Student’s blogs and reports or presentation
> Contact & More Information
Studying Abroad
> Studying Abroad (3 - 12 months)
> 3rd year is the best time to go abroad for student exchange
> Study Places at partner Institutions of Oulu UAS in Europe and Overseas
- Altogether about 50 good study places
- Possibilites in Europe through Erasmus exchange programme or as free mover
- Possibilities overseas through North2North programme (Canada, Iceland etc.)
and bilateral agreements (Japan, Korea etc.) or as free mover
> Go Abroad Search Site (Search for suitable partner institutions in ICT)
> More info: Oiva (Studies Abroad & Practical Training Abroad)
Studying Abroad
> Study Grants:
- Erasmus/Free Mover (Europe): 245 EUR/month (3 - 12 months) + 450 EUR
- North2North/Bilateral (Overseas): 1200 EUR
> Study Plan (Learning Agreement) by Student
and Approval by Head of Degree Programme
> Electronic application through ASIO
ASIO > Exchange > Apply
> Compulsory course “International Student Mobilities” (3 ECTS cr)
> Paperwork before, during and after student exchange (N.B.! Visas etc.)
> More info: Oiva (Studies Abroad & Practical Training Abroad)
Reasons to Studying Abroad (Video)
Experience of Students – Blog in ICT
Experience of Students – Report (ppt) in ICT
Experience of Students – Report (ASIO) in ICT
ASIO > Exchange > View Reports
Working for a Good Student Exchange Experience
Contact & More Information
> Oiva (Studies Abroad & Practical Training Abroad)
> Students who have been abroad for studies!
> Teachers & Tutors with Experience and Contacts
> Staff in the International Office,room 2388
Ms Katja Kurasto (Overseas & Practical Training)
Mr Bastian Fähnrich (Europe)
Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 9-11 & 12-14, Fri closed
- Going Abroad Event, 30 January 2013

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