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• MyFloridaMarketPlace Registration
• Overview – State of Florida Purchasing
• Resources for Marketing to Florida State
MyFloridaMarketPlace Overview
• MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) is the State of
Florida’s online procurement system
• Single eCommerce conduit between state agency
buyers and vendors
• Agencies use MyFloridaMarketPlace to complete
their operational purchasing processes
MyFloridaMarketPlace Overview
MFMP Vendor Benefits
• Equal access for Florida veteran, women and minority-owned
• Electronic Invoicing (eInvoicing)
• One-stop registration that enables a vendor to receive
notifications of all executive state agency solicitations for any
selected commodity code
• 24/7 access to more business opportunities and information
– Vendor Bid System (VBS)
– Sourcing
– eQuote
MyFloridaMarketPlace Overview
MFMP Vendor Benefits
• Improved quality and accuracy of interactions with
the state
• Customer service support available to provide realtime assistance
• Green catalog and product listing options
MFMP Registration Overview
Commodity Codes
• Florida uses the United Nations Standard Products and Services
Code (UNSPSC) commodity code set comprised of eight digits.
• Commodity Codes are a series of numbers that describe goods
and services.
• When buyers solicit bids or quotes, MFMP distributes
notifications based on the classification you selected.
• In addition, state purchasers use commodity codes to notify
applicable vendors of upcoming bids and solicitations.
• When registering, select commodity codes that generally fit the
goods or services you provide.
MFMP Registration Overview
Department of Financial Services (DFS) W-9 requirements
• All vendors who conduct or wish to conduct business
with the State of Florida must submit a Substitute Form
W-9 to DFS
– DFS validates Vendor Tax Identification Number (TIN) with
the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
– Completed through DFS website
• MyFloridaMarketPlace Registration
• Overview – State of Florida Purchasing
• Resources for Marketing to Florida State
State Purchasing Overview
Purchasing Overview
• Informal Purchases
 Less than $35,000
 No requirement for competitive bidding
 Buyers use eQuote to request quotes
• Formal Purchases
 Greater than $35,000
 Require competitive bidding
 Buyers post solicitations using MFMP Sourcing and the Vendor
Bid System (VBS)
State Purchasing Overview
Where does your business fit?
• Consider:
 What is your specialty?
 Are you ready to fulfill commitments of a multi-year
The answers above will assist you in developing
your marketing plan for state agencies.
• MyFloridaMarketPlace Registration
• Overview – State of Florida Purchasing
• Resources for Marketing to Florida State
Your first steps as a vendor are to:
• Register with MyFloridaMarketPlace
• Complete your Form W-9 validation
through DFS’ website
• Complete your Certified Business
Enterprise certification, if applicable
Marketing Efforts
Why develop a marketing campaign
specifically for State of Florida agencies?
• MFMP has more than 100,000 registered
• Marketing builds name recognition.
• You have worked hard to develop your
business model.
• Marketing allows you to display your talents
and strengths.
Marketing Efforts
Where to Find Business Opportunities
• There are several online resources where
business opportunities can be located
 Vendor Bid System (VBS)
 MFMP Sourcing
Marketing Efforts
Where to Find Business Opportunities
Vendor Bid System (VBS)
Marketing Efforts
Where to Find Business Opportunities
• MFMP Sourcing
 Select the Public Access button
 Any open solicitations will display
on this page
 You can review the solicitation
specifics and determine if you
want to bid
 If you do not have the applicable
commodity codes, you will need
to add them
 Contact Vendor Help to be added
to the solicitation
• DMS State Purchasing Website
– Agency Purchasing Contacts and DMS State Purchasing Contacts
• Department of Financial Services (DFS)
• Florida Small Business Development Council
– The Florida SBDC Network has access to robust databases, business
research resources, and knowledgeable experts who can help you
successfully navigate the obstacles that come with the stages of the
business life cycle.
• Florida Procurement Technical Assistance Center
– The Florida Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) Program
was established in 1985 to assist any business located in Florida (small
or large, profit or non-profit) interested in obtaining contracts with the
Department of Defense (DOD), other federal agencies, state and local
government agencies, and government prime contractors.
• Florida agencies have two levels of purchasing
 Formal and Informal purchases
• Determine which purchasing level and which agencies best
match your business’ abilities.
• Use available resources to understand what agencies
currently buy your goods or services.
• Once you identify your target agency customers, focus your
efforts on them and send personalized communications
• Review your Commodity Codes in your MFMP registration to
make sure they fit your business.
• Make sure your VIP account is up to date
 Ensure your company’s Solicitation Contact is correct.
MFMP Customer Service Desk
• When you have questions about MFMP, feel free to
contact our Customer Service Desk, Monday - Friday,
8 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time
Phone: (866) 352-3776
[email protected]
• The MFMP website has great vendor information.
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