Device: WP2 Interface & materials

Device: WP2 Interface & materials
Amit K. Tiwari, Nick Wright and Anthony O’Neill
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Newcastle University
[email protected], [email protected] and
[email protected]
Our research work area
Designing, parameter optimisation and performance evaluations of power semiconductor devices1
(static, transient, electro-thermal, breakdown analyses)
Hot spot
Lateral JFET
Self-heating analysis
Vertical JFET
1. High voltage 4H-SiC current limiting device for serial protection
applications, submitted to ECSCRM2014.
2. Design optimization and performance evaluation of a 10 kV superjunction power SiC-JFET, submitted to ECSCRM2014.
3. Self-heating effects in lateral JFETs, in preparation for IEEE TED.
Transient analysis
2. Device fabrication and characterisation
SEM image of cross-section of a lateral FET
1. Manuscript in preparation
3. Modelling of wide bandgap materials (SiC and diamond) and surface/interfaces analysis
Electronic affinity calculation for H- and O-terminated
diamond surfaces
[001] Oriented metal terminated diamond surface
(a) Surface topography and (b) contact potential difference
(Kelvin probe measurement) map for a nano-crystalline
diamond surface
4H-SiC (C-face)
4H-SiC (Si-face)
Electronic and structural properties of diamond (100) surfaces
terminated by selected transition metals, PRB 86 155301.
2. Calculated electron affinity and stability of halogen-terminated
diamond, PRB 84245305
3. Tuning optoelectronic properties of 4H-SiC QDs using -H, -OH and -F
surface functionalisation , submitted to ECSCRM2014.
Project Plans & Objectives
•Designing and performance evaluation of novel
high temperature and high voltage SiC devices for
rugged electronic applications (our current main
focus is on the super-junction structures)
•Development of fabrication process steps and
high temperature device packaging analysis for
thermal management
•Extreme environments testing
Super-junction VJFET structure
1. Design optimization and performance evaluation of high voltage (>1 kV)
super–junction SiC–JFETs, in preparation for IEEE TED.
Charge-imbalence analysis
Potential Outcomes & Exploitation Plans
•Commercially unavailable novel high temperature and high voltage SiC-devices
•Advancement of underpinning material growth and device fabrication technology
• Technology dissemination to the wider power-electronics community working in
different areas (aerospace, automobile and power distribution sectors) through
the knowledge transfer networks and potential collaborations.
•Publications in refereed academic journals and conferences, and feature articles
in trade journals
Input from the PE Community
• Any experience/feedback regarding the super-junction and
electro-thermal simulations of thick device (several 100s
microns) structures will be much appreciated.

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