Bid Letting Information

MDOT contracts with consultants,
suppliers, contractors and other service
providers who design, build, support or
Nearly 10,000 miles of highways
4,704 highway, railroad and pedestrian bridges
655 miles of railroad track
103 nonmotorized trails
Four state-owned airports
Other transportation programs for aviation,
intercity passenger services, rail freight,
Great Lakes ports and public transit services
Fiscal Year 2014
MDOT expects to invest $1.69 billion
during the period of Oct. 1, 2013 - Sept.
30, 2014.
• $1.3 billion for roads and bridges
• $315 million for transit, marine, port and
• $94 million for aviation
Our program supports an estimated
20,300 jobs.
Moving Ahead with MDOT
MDOT continues to work toward better,
safer travel, partnering with private
companies and public agencies to face
today’s challenges:
• Managing congestion
• Balancing growth with protecting the
• Making travel safer
• Developing smoother pavements that will
last longer, reducing motorist inconvenience
• Doing Business
– Consultant and Construction Prequalification
– Highway Construction Materials
– Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
– Small Business Program (SBP)
– No Prequalification or Certification Required
• On-the-Job-Training Program – workforce development
• MDOT Bidding and Proposal Submission
• Bidding with MDOT’s Partners
The State of Michigan requires
vendors to become
prequalified before bidding as
a prime or subcontractor on
the majority of MDOT service
consultant and road and
bridge construction projects.
Service Consultant Contracts
MDOT awarded 135
consultant contracts
valued at $130,685,507
between Oct. 1, 2012 and
Sept. 20, 2013.
Service Consultant Prequalification
Consultants must be prequalified in
services they wish to provide if the
services require prequalification.
Service Consultants
MDOT contracts
regularly with
consultants who
work in these
areas and more!
• Highway and bridge construction
• Testing and inspection
• Surveying and staking
• Engineering assistance
• Environmental site investigation and
• Underwater bridge inspection
• Design
• Hydraulics and hydraulic surveys
• Landscape architecture
• Photogrammetry
• Historic archaeology
• Wildlife and endangered species
• Outdoor advertising
• Intelligent transportation systems
Consultant Prequalification
• Service consultant classification
descriptions and a service
prequalification application can be
downloaded from Select
“Doing Business,” then
“Vendor/Consultant Services."
• The application, instructions and work
classification descriptions are under
the "Service Prequalification" heading
near the bottom of the page.
Service Consultant Prequalification Application –
Select “Doing Business,” then
“Vendor/Consultant Services.”
Who do I contact with
service consultant
application questions?
Mike Meddaugh
[email protected]
Road and Bridge Construction
Between Oct. 1, 2012 and Sept. 30, 2013:
MDOT awarded 871
road and bridge-related
construction projects valued
at $1,210,558,210!
Construction Prequalification
Contractors must be prequalified in
services they wish to provide if the
services require prequalification.
Construction Prequalification
• Land clearing
Many skilled trades • Concrete and asphalt
are needed to build
• Grading, drainage
roadways and
structures, and
bridges*. MDOT
aggregate construction
needs contractors
• Electricians
like these, and
• Bridges and structures
• Landscaping, seed and
* For a complete list, please
refer to the prequalification
• Pavement marking
Construction Prequalification
• Construction classification descriptions
and a construction prequalification
application can be downloaded from Select
“Doing Business,” then “Contractor
Services” and “Prequalification.”
• The confidential prequalification
application and related documents are
under “Most Requested Forms.”
Contractor Services Center –
Select “Business Links,” then “Contractor Services.”
Construction Prequalification –
Select “Doing Business,”
then “Contractor Services” and “Prequalification.”
Who do I
contact with
Theresa Myrick
[email protected]
Greg Frens
[email protected]
Highway Construction Materials
Materials incorporated into highway
projects must be approved for use.
Highway Construction Materials
MDOT's Materials Source Guide
identifies suppliers who provide
approved materials. Potential
suppliers should have materials
certified for inclusion in the guide,
available at
• Select “Maps and Publications,” then
“Manuals, Guides, Advisories &
Materials Source Guide –
Select “Maps and Publications,”
then “Manuals, Guides, Advisories & Memos.”
Who do I
contact with
about highway
Dennis Warren
[email protected]
Disadvantaged Business
Enterprise (DBE) Certification
The DBE program is required by federal
regulations governing the U.S.
Department of Transportation (USDOT).
DBE Certification
The goal of the DBE program is
to help transportation-related
businesses owned by minorities,
women and other socially and
economically disadvantaged
individuals grow and become
DBE Certification
To qualify for DBE status, owners must meet
federal eligibility criteria:
• Disadvantaged individuals must independently own
and control at least 51 percent of the business
applying for certification.
• Personal net worth of DBE owners cannot exceed
$1.32 million. This figure excludes assets of the
business applying for DBE certification and each
disadvantaged owner’s home.
• The overall business size standard for the DBE
program is $22.41 million, although many types
of work have smaller size standards.
DBE Certification –
Select “Download Forms,” then “MDOT DBE Application.”
Who do I
contact with
about DBE
Jeanne Day-La Bo
[email protected]
Small Business Program (SBP)
Suitable construction projects with an engineer’s
estimate of $1 million or less are set aside for
bidding by SBP-approved vendors only.
MDOT-report local agency airports and bus transit
grantees designate a 5 percent SBP goal on
appropriate projects let by local agency grantees.
An SBP is required by federal DBE
program regulations.
• The SBP is a race- and gender-neutral
program designed to provide opportunities
for small businesses.
• SBP bidders must meet federal personal net
worth and small business size standards.
• Bidders also must meet conditions and
standards required of all vendors who work
for MDOT and its sub‐recipient grantees.
Do I qualify for the SBP?
• Your business receipts, including receipts
of all affiliate businesses, must not
exceed small business size standards
defined by the U.S. Small Business
Administration (SBA).
• Individual business owners must not
have a personal net worth greater than
$1.32 million.
How do I Apply for the SBP?
Download the SBP application and
instructions from the DBE Web site at SBP links are
available under “News & Events.”
You also can download an application
from by
selecting “Doing Business,” “Forms,” then
“Search the repository of MDOT online
forms.” Under “Form Number,” enter
Go to, then select the
links for the SBP Application and Information
under “News & Events.”
Who do I
about the
Jeanne Day-La Bo
[email protected]
No Prequalification or Certification Needed
No prequalification is needed to bid directly to local
government agencies, universities, Metropolitan
Planning Organizations
or nonprofits that
receive USDOT funds
through MDOT.
No Prequalification Needed
Local government, university and
nonprofit construction and consulting
projects can provide experience needed
for prequalification.
Work not listed on the construction or
service prequalification applications, and
supplies not included in the Materials Source
Guide do not require prequalification or
supplier certification.
Local Government, University and
Nonprofit Opportunities
• Drug testing laboratories
• Environmental
• Bus and automotive fuel
• Garbage disposal
• Mechanics tools and
• Advertising and marketing
• Automobiles
• Accountants and auditors
• Bus, bike and ski racks
• Security and surveillance
• Insurance
• Bus wash systems
• Office furniture, computers
and supplies
Third-party managers
Facility renovation
Pavement repair
Communications and
dispatching equipment
Energy-efficiency audits
Bus and auto parts
Bus shelters
Legal services
• and more!
On-the-Job Training (OJT) Program
The OJT program
is a federal
OJT contractors provide paid training in
construction skilled trades to qualifying
disadvantaged individuals.
OJT Program –
Questions about
the OJT program?
Karen Schulze
[email protected]
MDOT Bidding –
Select “Quick Links,” then “Bid Letting.”
MDOT is a fully electronic bidding agency
for construction projects, as advertised on
the Bid Letting Information Web page.
Construction Bidding
To bid as a prime or general, bidders
are required to establish electronic
Instructions for primes to set up
electronic bidding are available
through the USE EXPEDITE link on the
bid letting page.
Bidding and Prequalification
Primes must have both the bid capacity
and prequalification classifications
required for each project they wish to bid.
• Subcontractors must have required
prequalification work classifications.
• Subcontractors quote directly to each
potential prime.
• Suppliers, truckers and other service
subcontractors typically do not need to be
prequalified, and also quote directly to primes.
Bid Letting –
Select “Quick Links,” then “Bid Letting.”
Bid Letting –
Select “Quick Links,” then “Bid Letting, and
“Bid Letting Information.”
First select the letting date and month to review advertisements,
then sign in to download project plans/proposals and addenda.
Construction Prequalification and Bidding
A contractor looking to bid on MDOT construction
projects must be construction prequalified.
Contacts for Construction Bidding
Who do I
contact with
Heather Stinson
[email protected]
Jill Mullins
[email protected]
Consultant Contracting
Consultant Proposal Submission
and Prequalification
Primes must be prequalified in the
appropriate work classifications when
prequalification is required.
• Subcontractors also must have required
prequalification work classifications.
• Subcontractors submit proposals
directly to each potential prime.
Consultant Selection Types
• Best Value
Services are based on qualifications and
price. The bid amount is a component
of the total proposal score (at least 25
percent) but is not the determining
selection factor.
• Low Bid
Vendor selection is based on the lowest
bid obtained from items set forth in the
Consultant Selection Types
• Qualification Based (QBS)
A vendor is selected based on qualifications
set forth in the RFP. Price is not a selection
factor, it is negotiated after the vendor is
• Qualification Based (QBS)/Low Bid
A two-step selection process which enables
us to obtain services based on qualifications
set forth in the RFP. The selected vendor is
then chosen by the lowest bid obtained from
items set forth in the RFP.
Consultant Selections
For detailed information about our selections process, go to Select “Doing Business,” then
“Vendor/Consultant Services.” Scroll down to the “Requests for
Proposals” section, select “Requests for Proposals (RFP),” and
click on “Vendor Selection Guidelines for Service Contracts for
Consultant Requests for Proposal
RFPs are available at
Select “Doing Business,” then
“Vendor/Consultant Services.”
MDOT also posts Anticipated Quarterly
Requests for Proposal, which describe
services expected to be advertised for
proposal submission during the
respective three-month period.
Consultant RFPs –
Select “Doing Business,” then “Vendor/Consultant
Services” and “Requests for Proposal (RFP).”
Consultant Selections Questions?
Amy Meldrum
[email protected]
Bus Transit and Airport Opportunities
The MUCP Web site has permanent links to bid
opportunities with transit agencies and airports
under “News & Events.”
Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB)
State agencies post opportunities for non-prequalification-required
work, including facilities and more on Contract Connect.
DTMB Steps for Interested Contractors
Step One: Register
• Register on the state’s bid posting Web
• Register for accounts payable on the
state’s procurement site:
• You also can find training information on the
procurement site.
Networking - a Bidding Basic!
Successful business owners take every
opportunity to build relationships.
• Join professional associations. Attend their
meetings, “for fun” outings and conferences.
• Subscribe to list-serve notices; attend events
and training.
• Share your business cards.
• Develop a brief “brag” sheet highlighting what
you do and your most successful jobs.
• Keep in touch with potential business
Jeanne Day-La Bo
DBE Program Specialist
Office of Business Development
Michigan Department of
P.O. Box 30050
Lansing, MI 48909
Phone: 517-373-9246
E-mail: [email protected]

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