New Member and Senior Programming

New Member & Senior Programming
Province Meeting, 2013
Why are new members important to your
New Members …
Keep the chapter growing
Bring new ideas and perspectives
Strengthen sisterhood
Increase diversity
Continue the Kappa legacy
New Members to Actives
Important characteristics of new members
become values of active members
Chapter Preview of New Member
• Explain new member program to actives
• Role of the Big Sister
• Annual Acknowledgement and
Commitment Form Against Hazing
Bid Day Guidelines
• NPC Unanimous Agreement = no men and
no alcohol
• New member gifts paid for by chapter
• Formal Pledging must occur within one
week of Bid Day
Bid Day Agenda
• President and New Member Chairman introduction
• New members are introduced to chapter
• Annual Acknowledgement and Commitment Form
Against Hazing
• Bid Day activity is held
• Emergency Information Cards
• Question and Answer
Formal Pledging
(Held within one week of Bid Day)
• Initiation requirements
– Complete new member program
– Fulfill financial obligations
– Remain in good standing
– Be a full-time student
– Make plans to secure a badge before initiation
• Teach new members the importance of
confidentiality and ritual
• Perform the Formal Pledging Service from the
Book of Ritual
Presentation One
Fraternity and Chapter History and Organization
History of Kappa Kappa Gamma and chapter
The organizational structure of the Fraternity
Kappa Notebook Founder activity
Chapter supplement
Introduction to Kappa video
Event contract
New member calendar of events
Explain Big Sister, Little Sister selection process
Presentation Two
• Goal is to teach the new members Kappa standards,
values, and expectations for personal and group
• The role of the Standards Committee
– Standards Committee procedures
– Positive aspects of Standards Committee
– Spirit and morale
• Conduct a mock standards meeting
• Your Character the Criteria of Hers video
• Kappa Notebook FACTS activity
• Provide time for question and answer
Presentation Three
Finance and Facility
Financial obligations of membership
Chapter financial information PowerPoint
Explain the badge ordering process
Learn facility rules
Filling the facility to capacity
– If applicable, New Member Commitment to
Presentation Four
Academic Excellence
• Define Fraternity and chapter academic expectations
• Review campus all-sorority average and chapter
• Campus and Kappa academic resources
• Period of concern
• Any Kappa academic excellence incentives
• Academic profile activity
• Kappa Notebook academic goal activity
• Upperclassmen mentors
Presentation Five
Risk Management
• Group + individual = mutual support
• Read Fraternity Risk Management
• New members break up into groups and
discuss how procedures help manage risk
• Group case studies
Presentation Six
Kappa Cares
• Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation
– Confidential aid
– Scholarships
– Two museums
– Education and training
• Local philanthropy unique to each chapter
Presentation Seven
New Member Retreat
Event Planning Form
Driver Responsibility Forms
No alcohol or hazing activities
Paid for by the New Member Chairman’s
Presentation Eight
Introduction to Inspiration Period
Review values
The meaning of ritual
Review schedule for Inspiration Week
Review attire
Allow time for question and answer
Kappa Notebook values reflection activity
New member pins returned prior to meeting
New Member Conferences
• 1st conference
– One-on-one within first three weeks of
new member program
• 2nd conference
– Group meeting prior to Initiation
• 3rd conference
– Group meeting after Initiation
Senior Programming
• Conduct “Senior Survey” for incoming Seniors in
April of their junior year
• Finalize calendar of program dates by May 1
• Submit “Senior Program Planning Form” by May 1
• Assist the Standards Committee in all senior
• Plan the recognition event for outgoing seniors
• Alumna education workshop
• Alumna per capita fee
Sample Six Week Senior Program
Persons Responsible
Networking Night
Education and PR
Interior Design
Education w/ Guest
Purchasing a New Home
Education w/ Guest
Establishing Credit
Education w/ Guest
Professional Etiquette
Education w/ Guest
Kappa Alumna Education
Education and Local
Senior Programming Ideas
What are some examples of senior programming
presentations that have worked for your chapter?
Senior Conferences
• Standards Committee and Education Chairman
consult on “Senior Agreement Form”
• 1st conference
– One-on-one during the first three weeks of
school with a member of the Standards
• 2nd conference
– One-on-one meeting prior to the start of spring
• Fraternity and Chapter Bylaws, Standing Rules and
• Vice President-Standards Leadership Guide
• Education Chairman Leadership Guide
• Archived webinars, standards workshops, KLI programs
• Standards Adviser, PDC, RDC
• Members of Standards Team
• Assistants to Director of Standards
• Director of Standards

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