USDA Foods for School Year 2014

August 2013
• Entitlement dollars allocated to States
based on meals served in prior year
multiplied by the federal meal rate
• Federal meal rate is published annually, in
school year 2014 it is 23.25 cents
• School year is July 1 through June 30
• USDA Foods equals 15-20% of foods
used in school meals
Variety of foods
School and Agency Input
• YOU receive through email and program bulletins the USDA Foods
Available List
• YOU contact US with input on what USDA Foods should be made
• A list will be made based on request received from YOU of the types
and amounts of USDA Foods preferred.
• The Advisory Council reviews the list of USDA Foods YOU selected.
• THEY will make the decision on what USDA Foods will be available. WE
create a survey in CNP-Web, YOU place your order for USDA Foods that
are in the survey for the entire school year.
• WE place an order with USDA for the USDA Foods YOU have requested
• Selection of processed items are done through Invitation to Bid
to processor for specific end products.
• Input from YOU of processed end products YOU have interest in
through vendor show at AKSNA .
• Schedule of Invitation to Bid (ITB) sent to processors for
selected end products:
• SY14/15- Eggs (breakfast entrees), Cheese (pizza), and Chicken
• SY15/16- Beef, Pork, and Pollock
Surveys (ordering)
• First survey will be opened in late January and
close in February with delivery periods
beginning in August and ending in January.
• If bonus USDA Foods are offered, a separate
survey will be opened and all schools/agencies
will be notified in the program bulletin or
through broadcast email.
• The State of Alaska will receive 8 truckloads of BONUS Fat
Free Chocolate and Strawberry UHT Milk.
• First shipment will be delivered in August with a monthly
shipment until January
• Survey open in CNP Web for orders;
• Delivery in September and October closes August 16
• Delivery in November, December, and January closes
September 16
• No entitlement dollars needed to order
• Only cost is administrative cost per case
• Shipping beyond the direct drop point
• The administrative fee for SY14 will
increase to $3.05 per case.
• This increase is needed due to the increase
cost associated with shipping the
processed orders to the schools and
agencies, also the salaries and benefits for
the Food Distribution staff.
There is a difference.
• Direct USDA Foods (Brown Bow)
• Orders go directly from State to USDA
• USDA Foods shipped to one of the 13 pre-paid destinations
which are
Mt. Village
RA pays $3.05 per case state administration fee
• Orders go from State to USDA to Processor
• Schools and agencies must have agreement with
Processor which may include a credit line
• Processed USDA Foods are shipped directly to the
school district or agency
• School or agency pays Processor fee-for-service
• School or agency pays $3.05 per case for state
administrative fee
• It is the price per pound or by case representing a processor’s
cost of ingredients other than the USDA donated foods, labor,
packaging, overhead, and other costs incurred in the conversion
of the USDA donated food into the specified end product.
• Example; JTM Beef Patty
• USDA Case value = $67.78
• Entitlement dollars are used for this amount
• Fee for Service = $27.96
• This is the amount you will be billed by the processor
Asian Food Solution - Chicken entrees
Cargill- Breakfast entrees
Horizon – Fruit pockets
JTM – Beef products, pork products and cheese sauces
MCI/Los Cabos – Mexican entrees
National Food Group- Applesauce
Pilgrim’s Pride- Chicken products
Schwan's – Pizza and grilled cheese sandwich
Taco Loco – Tortillas and salmon wrap
Trident – Alaska Pollock products
•Canned fruits in extra light syrup or juice
• Mixed Fruit
• Peaches
• Pears
• Applesauce is unsweetened
•Frozen fruits- blueberries and strawberries
•Apples and cherries for processing
•Orange Juice in single servings
• USDA issued Policy Memo SP 49-2013 which extends the
provision to serve frozen fruit with added sugar in the NSLP
and SBP through SY2014-2015 (June 30, 2015)
• This exemption applies to products acquired through USDA
Foods as well as those purchased commercially
• Red/Orange – Carrots and sweet potatoes
• Dark Green – Frozen broccoli
• Beans – Red kidney beans, and vegetarian
• Starchy Vegetable- No salt added canned
corn, fat free potato wedges
• Other- Green beans
Meat/Meat Alternate
• Bulk eggs for processing
• Reduced Fat Shredded Cheddar
• Chicken Fajita Strips ‐lower sodium
• Diced Chicken
• Beef crumble
• Uncooked Fine Ground Beef
• Home style pre-cooked patties ( 1.5 ounce )
• Sunflower Seed Butter
• Whole grain pastas ( rotini )
• Whole grain pancakes
• Whole wheat flour
• Rolled oats
• Brown rice
• Whole wheat flour
• UHT 1% Milk
• UHT Fat Free Chocolate and Strawberry Milk
• USDA vegetables, meat, poultry, pork,
cheeses all have reduced or low sodium
levels to help school meet or exceed the
two-year target.
• USDA continues to dialog with industry to
modify specifications for SY 2014-15.
100 Servings
Commercial Price
USDA Food Value
10.6 lbs
Corn, canned
14.2 lbs
Tomatoes, canned
2 #10 cans
Pinto beans, canned
2 #10 cans
WW tortillas
5 lb
Chicken Fajita strips
12.5 lbs
Reduced Fat
Cheddar Cheese
1.5 lbs
Cost per entrée
• State must balance orders by shipment requirements
• Direct USDA Foods in ½ truckloads or full truck loads
• Survey response from RAs do not arrive in at least a
½ truck to split with another state or full truck sizes
• Processed USDA Foods may have a minimum order
• USDA may cancel orders
• Check CNP-Web for information on orders under
Allocation or Inventory
Mobile web site and enhanced available food list
• USDA Foods Available List for Schools and Institutions with links
to USDA Foods Fact Sheets
The USDA Foods Mobile site is available at
USDA Foods Program Coordinator
Sue Lampert
[email protected]
Program Assistant
Tony Warren
[email protected]

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