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Procurement Card
Bookkeepers & Central Office
Procurement Card Overview
• The Bank of America procurement card is issued in the
name of a Cobb County School District employee with
the direct responsibility for the control and usage of
the card under the principal or department director.
• Monthly limit - $5,000
• Transaction limit - $2,000
• The transaction limit or monthly limit may be
temporarily increased upon request by emailing Dawn
Authorized Purchases
• Items not on the CCSD Bid List - found on the
Procurement Services web page.
• Exceptions to the bid list are:
• Office Supplies – All Office Max orders must
be made on the procurement card (except
SPLOST and Capital Outlay expenditures)
• Art Supplies
• Custodial Supplies
• Other Vendors listed in Procurement
Card Manual
Unauthorized Purchases
• Personal purchases, money orders, or cash
• Gift Cards (including ITune gift cards) – when paid by
county allotment funds. Gift cards are only allowable on the
procurement card using local school activity funds
(hospitality, staff recognition, etc.) for the purchase of a gift.
• Employee travel expenses – when paid by county
allotment funds. Refer to Travel Procedures on the
Financial Services Portal intranet support site.
Unauthorized Purchases
• Sales Tax
• Capital Outlay – any equipment or non-expendable property
with a unit cost of $1,000 or more and an expected useful life of
longer than 2 years; including all computers, iPads, printers,
interactive white boards and LCD projectors.
• Purchases using bond funds, SPLOST money (with the
exception of pre-approved purchases from the Finishes Account
for new schools or schools with additions) or fire loss purchases.
• Items on the CCSD bid list – with exceptions under
Authorized Purchases.
• The purchase of any type of service.
Procurement Card Posting
• Bank of America charges - downloaded daily.
• Bank statements - sent to the cardholder around
the 10th of every month.
• Posting charges - should be done weekly, except for
Grant purchases, which must be posted in the month
that the charges are incurred. An email will be sent
with the posting deadline date each month.
• Detailed posting analysis report - available upon
request from Dawn Vastola.
Procurement Card Issues
• Posting Errors - If charge is posted to incorrect charge code,
email Dawn Vastola the details. A journal voucher will be done to
correct the code.
• Charge Discrepancies – Further information from Bank of
America system may be helpful. Email Dawn Vastola.
• Dispute Charges – Dispute form, found in the Procurement
Card Manual and in the Form bank, needs to be completed and
faxed to Bank of America.
• Fraudulent Charges – Bank of America needs to be contacted.
The account will be closed and a new card will be issued. Email
Dawn Vastola.
Lost or Stolen card
Call Bank of America – 1-888-449-2273 and contact
Dawn Vastola, 770-426-3517 or
[email protected]
Request a Procurement Card
Complete form FS-410 and send to Damaris Whyte in
Procurement Services, [email protected]
Address change or card cancellation
Email Damaris Whyte, [email protected]

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