Government Contracting Checklist

Contracting Checklist
Renee Decker
Slippery Rock University of PA
August 14, 2014
Presentation Topics
Identify Codes
Basic Registrations
Finding Opportunities
Marketing Tips
Identify Your Codes
North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes Classifies business establishments for the purpose of collecting,
analyzing, and publishing statistical data related to the U.S.
- Identifies your industry
- SBA uses these codes as a basis for size standards and
size standards apply to federal government procurements
Size Standards -
238220 - Plumbing, Heating and Air-Conditioning Contractors ($15M)
332710 - Machine Shops (500 employees)
541512 - Computer Systems Design Services ($27.5M)
Identify Your Codes
Product Service Codes (PSCs)/Federal Supply Codes (FSCs) - codes
to describe products, services, and research and development (R&D)
purchased by the federal government
Product Service Code Manual
Category D - Information Technology and Telecommunications
Category Y - Construction of Structures/Facilities
Category 59 - Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components
Identify Your Codes
United Nations Standard Product and Service Codes (UNSPSC) An open, global, multi-sector standard for efficient, accurate
classification of products and services
- DGS requires that a company submits these codes when
self-certifying as a small business
Classification Code Look Up –
- Dropdown menu for codes also available when self-certifying
through SBPI database
72130000 - General Building Construction
73181900 - Welding and Brazing
81110000 - Computer Services
Identify Your Codes
Local – Allegheny County
Commodity Group Code - Identifies commodities purchased
- Primarily used for buyer commodity assignments
Commodity Groups & Purchasing Agent Assignments, click on
Commodity Group Detail
Construction & Related Services - 004
Information Technology & Communication - 010
Furniture & Accessories - 008
System for Award Management (SAM) - Official U.S. Government
system that consolidated the capabilities of multiple websites
(CCR/FedReg, ORCA, and EPLS)
- Primary supplier database for the U.S. Federal government
- Collects, stores and validates data from suppliers
- Completes FAR 52.212-3 requirement (Representations and
- Required by federal agencies in order to award a contract or
purchase order
- Registration is a must for anyone interested in doing business
with the federal government (there are always exceptions)
- SAM registration is required prior to doing many other
registrations/certifications (Vetbiz, WAWF, FBO, etc.)
- Government agencies and prime contractors use SAM to identify
potential contractors and for market research
- FREE at official government website
Registration Steps:
1. Create an individual user account
2. Log in with newly created username and password and complete
the following sections of the registration:
Core Data - DUNS, business type, TIN, financial information, etc.
Assertions - NAICS, PSC/FSC (one reason you need to know
your codes), size metrics, etc.
Representations and Certifications - Responses to FAR and
DFAR clauses
Points of Contact - Contact information for specified roles
3. Review all data and submit
Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) - Database of all SMALL
businesses that have registered in SAM
Access through - If you are a small business,
you will be prompted to complete the SBA’s Supplemental pages
(DSBS) as the last option before you submit your SAM registration.
All updates are also done through
- Federal agencies and prime contractors use this database to
locate small businesses that meet their requirements
- All data common to SAM and DSBS is pre-populated into DSBS
- At a minimum, complete the primary NAICS, keyword, and
capabilities fields
- Additional fields include performance history, non-federal
government certifications, special equipment and exporting
Vender Information Pages (VIP) Database - US Department of
Veteran Affairs database of Veteran and Service-Disabled VeteranOwned Small Businesses
Businesses must go through the VetBiz verification process at
- Businesses must be at least 51% owned, operated and controlled
by one or more Veteran or Service-Disabled Veterans to qualify
Verified businesses are eligible to:
- Participate in Veteran-Owned and Service-Disabled VeteranOwned Small Business set-asides issued by VA
- Subcontract with VA’s large prime contractors
Detailed information/assistance on the verification process can
be found at
- Verification Self-Assessment Tool
- Verification Resource Tool
- Application Instructions
PA Supplier Portal - Database for registering your company as a
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Supplier
- Must register to participate in electronic bidding opportunities
- Must register to participate in the SBPI
Small Business Procurement Initiative (SBPI) - Special contracting
initiative for small businesses
- Self-certify as a small business to participate in contracts under
this initiative
- Self certify as a small diverse business (includes veteran and
service disabled veteran owned businesses)
Go to
Local – Allegheny County
Pennsylvania Purchasing Group - Electronic centralized posting
and notification system
- Fee and no fee registration options
Access, click on How to
Become a Supplier, and then Supplier Registration Options
Finding Opportunities
FedBizOpps (FBO) - Central website that all Federal agencies use to
post open procurements with an estimated value over $25,000.
- Also posted to this site are sources sought notices, requests
for information and award notices
- Register to gain full access at
DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS) - Website DLA uses to post
its purchases of goods and services under the simplified acquisition
threshold of $150,000
- Provides the capability to search for and view Request for
Quotes (RFQ’s), Request for Proposals (RFP’s), Invitation for Bid’s
(IFB’s) and Awards for DLA items of supply
- Bid submittals for RFQ's are also done through the DIBBS site
- Register to gain full access (including access to technical data)
at https//
Finding Opportunities
Individual Agency Websites - purchases under $25,000 are
generally posted to individual agency websites
Army Contracting Command, Warren
Navy Electronic Commerce Online (NECO)
Army Single Face to Industry (ASFI)
Finding Opportunities
Pennsylvania eMarketplace Portal - One-stop shop for bidding,
awards and other contract information
Local – Allegheny County
Pennsylvania Purchasing Group - Centralized site for access to bid
- Not only for Allegheny County - includes other counties,
municipalities, townships, etc.
Access , click on Bid
and Proposals
Finding Opportunities
Additional Resources
GACO/GCAC Bid Matching Program
- Bid matching program tailored to your products/services
- Bid matching profile is created during your initial meeting
- A combination of codes and keywords are used to generate
open solicitations
- Emails are sent out each day that your profile matches to one or
more solicitations
- Databases searched include FBO, DIBBS, individual agency
websites, PA eMarketplace, Pennsylvania Purchasing Group
and much more
- Tailored to products/services and databases you choose
- Your time can be spent reviewing relevant solicitations and
marketing your business
Identify NAICS Code(s)
Identify FSC(s)/PSC(s)
Register in System for Award Management (SAM) by accessing
Register in Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) through SAM
Verify your Veteran-Owned at
Register on FedBizOpps at
Register on DLA-Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS), if applicable, at
Obtain a User ID and Password for cFolders (DIBBS), if applicable, at
Identify UNSPSC code(s)
Register on PA Supplier Portal to obtain a vendor number at
Self-certify as a small or small diverse business for the Small Business Procurement
Initiative (SBPI). Access through PA Supplier Portal
Local – Allegheny County
Access to find commodity codes, register as a
supplier, view solicitations and more
Tips for Marketing
Use the codes you have identified or other pertinent information
(competitors names, keywords, contract numbers) to research
agencies to find out who is buying what you sell:
- FBO, DIBBS, and other federal agency websites, PA
eMarketplace, Allegheny County Commodity list, etc.
- Federal Procurement Data System –
- Federal Procurement Forecasts –
- PA Treasury e-Contracts -
Identify appropriate contacts at agencies
- Small business specialists, buyers, purchase card holders, etc.
Create a good capability statement
- may be your first exposure to a potential customer
Tips for Marketing
Maintain an updated website
- Make sure it is a clear and professional reflection of your
product/service line
Embrace social media
- Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter
Attend Networking Events
- Seminars, procurement fairs, prime contractor pre-bid
meetings, etc.
Utilize GACO services
- bid match service, subcontracting match program, past
procurement information, etc.

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