Institute Cultural GBM
16th February, 2011
Literary Arts
Lit Blogs
• Continued regular update of the 3 Lit blogs
during the vacation period.
• Encouraged participation through various
ideas like chocolate challenge
Open Events
• Conducted various open events like Potpourri
Open, Rebus Open, Open General Quiz, etc.
• Conducted the Literati Orientation for freshers
• Conducted various workshops for the various
genres of lit (elaborated later)
• Conducted various quizzes as part of the
Institute Quiz League (elaborated later)
Open Events(contd.)
• Conducted Gandhi Jayanti essay competition
with sponsorship from alumni (Rs.8k)
• Conducted social/crossover events like Spy
Games and Bollywood Nite
• Conducted various sessions of the IITB
language-enthusiasts group
• Conducted various informal cryptic-crossword
solving sessions, taboo sessions, potpourri
sessions etc.
• Conducted 5 events under the literary arts banner in
1. Rebus Open
2. Cartoons Quiz
3. Entertainment Quiz
4. Potpourri
5. Treasure Hunt
• Ensured coaching of freshies by hostel lit secies for
stated events
• Conducted freshie open creative writing separately in
respective hostel messes with the help of hostel lit
• Each event saw participation of more than 150 people
PG Cult
• Conducted 4 events under the banner of
literary arts in PG Cult
1. Scavenger Hunt
2. Logic Quiz
3. Potpourri
4. Breakup letter writing
• Conducted Freshie Workshops for Lit in general,
for Potpourri and for Word Games
• Conducted a PG workshop for Lit before Freshizza
• Before each GC event, material for workshop
AND intra was made available to all hostel secies
and cult cos by the Institute Literary Arts
• In addition, one central workshop was conducted
by a club senior for anyone to attend
• Made available various quizzing resources online
to help people improve their quizzing
GCs – Continuation of old events
• Successfully conducted the General Quiz GC
which saw participation of over 100 teams
(incl. open freshie teams).
• Successfully completed the Pot Pourri GC and
the Word Games GC which saw participation
of 50-60 teams.
GCs – Improvements to old events
• Conducted the creative writing GC over two days – English
and Hindi
• Participation went up from 150 to 130+80=210 as a
• Introduced refreshments (tea) for participants in Hindi
Creative Writing GC
• Ensured that both results were out within 1 month of the
• Obtained detailed feedback from the judges about the
• Put up English Creative Writing entries on the lit blog to
ensure transparency. Hindi Creative Writing entries will be
put up soon as well
GCs – new initiatives
• Introduced the Wolf Pack Quiz GC, in a new
format designed to promote both individual
quizzing and hostel enthu – a first in a quizzing
• The event was highly successful with 130-200
people taking part in each of the three small
New Initiatives - IQL
• Introduced the Institute Quizzing League, with
sponsorship from senior students, alumni and
independent bodies to incentivize high level
quizzing in the institute
• Maintained a leaderboard throughout the year to
increase the spirit of competition among people
• Paired up freshie and senior teams in the finals of
each of the quizzes to increase freshie-senior
• Involved club seniors in the setting of the quizzes
New Initiatives – Writers Bloc
• Founded the Writers Bloc, a society for writing
and reading enthusiasts
• Conducted two sessions to discuss Flash Fiction
and Sci-fi/Fantasy stories
• On the spot topics were given and an impromptu
writing session was held
• Interesting stories from both these genres were
compiled and handed out to attendees
• A blog will soon be made to display the entries
that people submitted
New Initiatives – Pre-festival
• Introduced practice quizzes and events for
major festivals like Malhar, Umang, Mood
Indigo, Nihilanth, Techfest and Chaos
• As a result, we won the literary arts trophy(or
highest number of lit competitions) in all of
these festivals (wherever applicable) except
New Initiatives – The IITB-BQC
Quizzing Open
• Inaugural edition of the IITB-BQC Quizzing
Open will be conducted in the first week of
• Quizzes will be set by top quizmasters in the
country and attractive prizes are on offer
• This will be the first ‘big’ event for Literati
New Initiatives – Battle of the Batches
• Conducted a unique event which saw each
batch fight it out for quizzing supremacy in an
all new format
• Plan to include batch of alumni for the next
New Initiatives – Book Club
Initiated renovation of the SAC Book Club Library
Work is expected to be completed by mid-March
Bought 100 new books for only Rs.10000.
Introduced a system of library cards
A permanent librarian was hired for opening the
library during evening hours
• Discarded old books and journals which were
occupying precious cupboard space in the library
Performance at the inter-collegiate
Literary Arts Trophy at Malhar
Literary Arts Trophy at Umang
Literary Arts Trophy at Mood Indigo
Sci-Tech Quiz top 3 positions in Techfest
Nihilanth Sports Quiz 2nd position
6 positions in 4 competitions at Chaos(highest for
any college)
• Wins in over 20 other quizzes and literary arts
Club Events
1. InSync Orientation and Salsa Worskhop (27th
 Had past performances from Malhar
 Had a Salsa demo performance followed by a
salsa workshop
Club Events
2. Bollywood Night and InSync's Birthday
Celebration (1st Oct)
 A bollywood night happened for the first time.
 Had around 30 freshies performing
 Was followed by a filmi couple workshop and
DJ night
Club Events
•3. Auditions
 Malhar (Had a turnout of 100, 15 freshies were
selected) (9th Aug)
th Nov)
 MI and AIDS auditions (10
4. Annual InSync's Dance Show (18th Jan)
 Managed a team of 80 dancers
 Had new genres and styles like uncle pinto, charlie
chaplin, samba and innovative performances
Fests and Competitions
•1. Malhar
 For the first time had sent entries to 4 competitions, including a contingent of
rd Prize in UV
 Secured 3
Qualified in Street Dance for the first time
2. Umang
 Sent entries in Folk and Street Dance Competitions
3. Mood Indigo
nd in Jaisa Filmo mein hota hai (had sent 2 entries)
 2
th in Dhol Baaje
 4
th in Pump it Up
 5
 Secured a position in every major Dance event at MI
4. Chaos
nd in Choreo event
 2
Dance Classes
•1. B-Boying Dance Classes (introduced for the
first time)
•2. Contemporary Dance Classes
•3. Salsa Dance Classes
•1. Gyrations
 Hostels were given 1 hour practice slots on
convo stage for the first time
 Apart from that half an hour light slot given to
each hostel
 Workshops were conducted in hostels who
requested them
 Sound Forge Workshop was conducted before
Gyrations to cater to their sound forge needs
Club Culture
• Encouraged regular jamming sessions in the
Dance Room
• Printed the InSync Club T-shirt
• Arranged a club picnic at Kashid Beach as
part of AIDS treat tradition
Other Achievements
•1. Winners of UTV Bindass Street Dance
 Fought over 80 teams nationwide to become
the champions
2. Opened the Kalaghoda Festival
 Had a half an hour performance opening
Kalaghoda Festival
Work Report
Main Dramatics GC
• Changed format from 1 day to 2 days
• Allowed increase in rehearsal time with lights from 15
mins to 45 mins
• Professional judges invited
• Reduced stress for judges from 7 hours in 1 day to 3.5
hours in 2 days
• Reduced number in complaints regarding technical as
compared to last year
• Rules regarding time penalties were made transparent
• Rules given 25 days in advance, slots given 10 days in
Ad Making GC
• Introduced a new GC for mass participation
• Allowed 3 entries per hostel
• Saw 29 entries with a total participation of
• Alumni Judges
Yoga Room
• Work was initiated this year to convert yoga
room into a mini theatre room for practice
and small performance purposes
• Work of Rs. 315000 was sanctioned from
Estate Office and completed a week ago
Yoga Room
• Platforms – 6 polished platforms 6ft X 5ft were
made to give a movable stage
• Truss – 1.5 inch parallel piped trusses were made
to hang lights
• Wings – 2 wings, 10ft X 5 ft were made for use
during major performing arts functions and for
regular use in yoga room
• Cupboard – Place to store collected prod, books,
scripts, costumes, lights
• Mirror – Full length mirror for make up
• Curtaining – All windows were curtained to
prevent light during the day
Pending Infrastrucutre
• Lights – Lights to be used in yoga room.
• Speakers + Computer – For sound during plays
• Make Up Box – A box containing basic cosmetic
requirements along with some essential items
like wigs, beards, moustache etc.
The quotations for the above are being arranged
• Script Bank – A collection of scripts and theatre
books – to be procured from NCPA once
cupboard in yoga room is finalized
Ad Making Workshop
• Ad making workshop conducted before GC to
give basic fundae regarding ad making
• Conducted by Mrs. Gita Sashidharan, in the
profession of Ad making for 14 years and a
teacher in Mass Media
• Attended by 2 representatives from each
Technicals Workshop
• Conducted before Main Dram GC to give basic
fundae regarding the creative usage of lights
and sound in a play
• Conducted by Sameer Mishra, senior involved
in dramatics and film making
• Attended by 20 people fromm different
Malhar (St. Xaviers)
• Entries sent in all dramatics events:
Street Play, Mime, Shadow Theatre,
• Results:
Mime – 1st
Shadow Theatre – 1st
Pentathlon – 3rd
Street Play – 4th
Mood Indigo (IITB)
• Entries sent in all dramatics events:
2 in One Act Play, 2 in Street Play, Hum Tum
Aur Who (Short Skit), Overacting
• Results:
One Act Play – 3rd
Short Skit – 2nd
Overacting – 2nd
Chaos (IIMA)
• Entries sent in all dramatics events:
Broadway Theatre, Street Play, Movie Spoof
• Results:
Broadway – 1st
Street Play – 2nd
O2 (Bhavans)
• Entries sent in all dramatics events:
Street Play
• Results:
Street Play – 1st
Umang (NM)
• Entries sent in all dramatics events:
Street Play, Short skit
• No winners
• Coordinated 2 entries of Thespo main festival
1. Witness for the Prosecution
2. Naali Ke Kutte
• Both were joint efforts between alumni and
students. Both were selected for Thespo Fringe to
perform at Prithvi House
• Coordinated 1 entry to Thespo platform festival:
1. Jaago Jaago Jaago
Selected to perform at Prithvi Platform
Corporate Tie Up
• Initiated corporate tie up with Mckinsey and
• Used dramatics (street plays) to help the
company spread greater awareness about
their campaigns amongst their clients
Alumni Reunion
• Coordinated a performance to showcase in
front of alumni during cultural show at the
alumni reunion
Freshizza Phase I
• Conducted 2 events in Phase 1
• Monoacting:
- Ensured workshops and fundae sessions were
conducted in all freshie hostels for monoacting.
- Last year’s monoacting winners were asked to
present an example of monoacting to the
- Event saw participation of 43 freshers
• Group Impromptu:
- Ensured secies conducted intras for impromptu
- Event saw participation of 28 teams
Freshizza Phase II
• Group Prepared Drama:
- Alloted mentors to all hostels to mentor
- Event saw participation of 11 teams
- Coordinated 1 entry from PG freshers
PG Cult
• 1 event held: Group prepared dramatics
• Decided event format: Characters were given
to the teams to choose from and make a play
• Event to be conducted:
• First time introducing an individual event PG
Club Events and Activities
Sophie Prod Orientation +
Passing Out Tribute Performance
• A play, Rukhsat, was performed in honour of
the passing out batch
• Followed by Sophie prod orientation where
small worskhops / fundae sessions in acting,
scripting, directing, technicals were held for
• Freshers were given fundae on structure of
Sophie prod followed allotment of mentors for
the summers
Fourth Wall Orientation
• 3 performances were held:
Upanayas – MoodI winning One Act Play
Jaago Jaago Jaago – Moodi winning Street Play
What’s in a name – Monologue which was
earlier performed at Prithvi
• All performances of different genres to show
freshers the variety of dramatics at IIT
• Orientation also included insights into events
and activities at club level
Sophie Prod
• Mentors allotted during summers
• Mentors worked on script development over the
• Script reading sessions held to filter scripts
• Auditions held to allocate actors in various plays
• Event saw 7 entries, one of which was done by
• 2 theatre games sessions held during Sophie Prod
practices and script reading sessions
Theatre Fest
• 3 professional plays brought:
Gorky+Tinku Ke Kaarname – Ekjute Theatre
Rafta Rafta – Akvarious Productions
Biwi O Biwi – IPTA
• Brochures made and sent out in October
• Contacting done through November and
Ann Prod
• Meetings held to finalize plays and allot slots
• Continued tradition of reviving old plays
• Encouraged new form of theatre in the form
of crossover between Kannada and Hindi
performance, mimes and monolgues
• Held a broadway for first time in Ann prod
which went on to win at Chaos
Pending Club Work
• Workshops:
- Fresher workshop to be held
- Workshop by professional
• Theatre Sessions:
Regular theatre sessions to be restarted on
completion of work in yoga room
Saaz/Staccato orientation
• The orientations for Saaz and Staccato were held on
the 13th of August at the SAC Yoga Room. The
orientation saw a huge turnout and the yoga room was
filled to capacity. The orientation included
performances alternating between Saaz and Staccato.
There were 2 very good freshie performances, from H4
and H2. The bands performing in Malhar (which has
qualified to the finals ) and Umang also showcased
their performances. The performances were enjoyed
by all. The conveners doled out fundae about Intercollege fests, GCs, institute-wide music events and
forming bands and jamming with batch-mates and
Music Classes
 Classes for 6 instruments (Tabla, Flute, Violin,
Guitars, Drums and Vocals) have begun and
are almost towards completion. These saw
registrations from across the institute
demographic, i.e., UGs, PGs and even Project
Staff with a total of over 160 registrations.
• The annual freshmens’ festival saw
overwhelming participation in events like
Classical Instrumental, Classical Vocals, Freshie
Idol, Western Band and Indian Band Events.
The band performances were exceptionally
brilliant. The fresher’s were well mentored
and are still playing as bands in inter collegiate
• Had an exclusive set list with a variety of
instrumentally and vocally challenging songs.
• This year the team was totally fresh with only a
few senior members. The auditions attracted 120
odd singers and out of the selected group, leaving
4-5 singers, all are new to the “family”.
Conducting an event with a totally new team
presented it’s own challenges which were tackled
well by the conveners.
• The best songs were showcased on the OAT stage
in the Institute Cultural Night
 This year with proper scheduling and planning,
there were 24 performances in AD
 A lot of Freshies and H10 performances to
embellish the event as well.
 The conveners did a splendid task of managing
this event and coordinating multiple practices
and other logistics.
Institute Classical Night
• For the first time in IIT, an Institute Classical
Night was organized.
• It provided a platform for our classical artists
and was also a show from professionals.
• It was very well received and applauded.
• Looking forward to it being an annual event.
• Instrumental Duet
– The GC saw some brilliant performances.
– We had in all 26 performances.
• Goonj
– For the first time introduced the concept of
Original Compositions which was a new challenge
accepted by the hostels.
– Brought together several new ppl from the
• Music Appreciation Workshop
A music workshop has been conducted with
excellent presentations by the students
• Hindustani Classical Worshop
A workshop by a professional teacher from the
US to explain the nitty gritties and details of
Hindustani Classical Music.
Recording Studio
• The work has been brought to its near
Music Room
• Its being used to its full potential. A lot of
infrastructural repairs have been done. A log
book for its usage is maintained.
Major Achievements
• Won overall music trophy in Moodi
– First in Mantra
– Third in String Theory
First in band competition in chaos
2nd in Indian vocals in Chaos
Two 2nd positions in solo instrumental at chaos
Shaadarsh played at Kala Ghoda festival for 45
• Shaadarsh also invited to headline in the festival
of saraswati college of engineering, kharghar
Coming Up
• A workshop for improvement of singing skills
• A workshop to understand the relations
between Indian and Western music
• Swarsandhya
• Unplugged & BotB
The IITB National Debate
The 2nd IITB Debate was conducted from October 15th to
17th. It was the high point of debating enthusiasm in
the Institute.
Things done to conduct a successful National Debate:
• Marketing: Sponsorship was found via marketing the
event throughout the summers
• Accommodation: Accommodation was arranged for all
outstation students on campus and in a hotel for 5
• Assembled a qualified adjudication core of people
• Organized a workforce of over 50 people to ensure
smooth execution on the 3 days and before
The IITB National Debate
• Over a 100 debates took place
• Audiences of over 800 students attended the
• Exposed interested junta to the best quality of
• Was an immense learning experience for active
• Initiated a huge number of first years students
into competitive debating, they are representing
IITB in various National Debates currently
General Championships
Semester 1:
• English Debate Round 1
• Hindi Debate
• English JAM
Semester 2:
• Hindi Stand-up Comedy
• Hindi Kavya Sandhya
• English Debate Round 1
A timeline for Speakers Club
April– Open Debate
August – Speakers Club Orientation
August – Debate Workshop 1
Sept – JAM and Extempore workshop
Sept – Debate Workshop 2
October – Adjudication Workshop
Jan - MUN workshop
Jan - Freshie Open Debate
Feb – Extempore Open
3 English events
• Conventional Debate
• JAM and Extempore – 50 people, very good
• Newsroom Spoof
1 Hindi event spread over 2 phases:
• Freshies Got Talent – Included written and
spoken elements, judged on creativity and
Speakers Club
• Events were organized effectively to enable
great participation in Freshizza
• Multiple debating workshops encouraged
more people to take up debating as an activity
• Adjudication workshop was a first, an institute
wide attempt to encourage people to be a
part of the IITB National Debate
Other workshops
Uttara Workshops
• A few workshops were organized in the wake
of the National Debate for students by Uttara
Gharpure, an experienced debater.
• 2 workshops for seniors
• 1 for freshmen
• The idea was to train people to be judges in
the National Debate
Debating Society
• They practice competitive debating at its best.
• This group of people has been more active
then ever before, improving the level of our
debaters and great performances at outside
• Has grown to include many first year students
in the regular practice sessions
• Creative Writing Competition + Word Games Aug
• Prem Patra Lekhan - October
• Open Hindi Debate + Fundae - January
• Hindi Creative Writing - Feb
• Online Competition for book – ongoing
• Comic Strip Filling Competition - Jan first week
Achievements in this year
• IITB participated in the UADC tournament(all Asian level
debating comp) in May. They broke(qualified for the
• IITB broke at the RVCE National Debate – Quarterfinals.
• IITB wont the most prestigious National Debate – the NLS
Debate in November
• IITB participated in the WUDC, world level debating
championship, in December
• Our adjudicators did a splendid job at the IITB National
Debate, with 3 out of top 4 being from our college
• About 20 freshies have represented IITB in various National
Debates – indicating great enthusiasm and a huge
development from previous years
Achievements in this year
• Malhar JAM: 1st and 2nd
• Umang JAM 1st and 2nd
• Kshitij JAM: 3rd
• MI JAM: 2nd and 3rd
• MI extempore: 2nd
Hindi events
• Malhar: 1st
• MI: 1st
 Basic Work
• 3 Fine Arts GC’s and 2 Photography GC’s – total of 35 + 25 points
• Workshops
• Club sessions
• Freshizza
• Inter collegiate participation
• Kaladarshan
 Initiatives
• Wall painting – part of phase II of Freshizza
• Orientations and sessions to establish Pixels as a separate entity
• Photography Lecture Series
• Morning sessions of photography at the lake side
• Blogs, website, FB pages – recognition and publicity to artists/photographers
• FB groups – segregated the irrelevant conversations from the information content of
the mailing lists
• Introduction of new genres in PFA – Origami, Kirigami, Ambigrams, one stroke
painting etc.
Events in PFA
Splash Painting 30th July
Served as a publicity of cultural
orientation and also as matter for
the video to be screened during it.
Rang Orientation 13th Aug
 Attended by around 70 freshers
 Orientation was followed by a
mask making competition for the
Events in PFA
Pixels Orientation 11th Aug
– Camera Handling Workshop
• A separate orientation for
pixels was organized for the
first time.
• Saw a huge participation from
PGs and UGs alike – over 120
• It was followed by a camera
handling workshop and a
photography session at the
lake side
Events in PFA
Eco Ganesha GC 29th Aug
• Like every year, we organised
eco ganesha workshop as a
participation based GC to
promote the use of eco
friendly ganesh idols
• All the hostels participated and
around 25 ganesh idols were
Events in PFA
Freshiezza 4th-5th n 25th-26th Sep
Collage Making
About 100 people participated and made
about 35 collage on themes “War and Peace”
and “Freedom”.
Face Painting
The popular open was clubbed with Freshizza
to boost fresher participation –86 people
participated and about 50 faces were painted
Theme based photography contest was
organized with themes “Metropolitan”
“Nature” and “Nocturnal”
Foot Painting
A completely new event held during freshizza
to complete the FA experience of freshers.
Participation of about 50 people.
Events in PFA
Wall Painting 26th - 30th September
During the 2nd phase of Freshizza, wall
painting was organised to give freshers an
experience of the scale of FA in campus. It
was painted by freshies and sophies with
thirdies and fourthies mentoring them entire
time. The theme was [email protected]
This led to:
 Increased enthusiasm among the freshies
and sophies for Fine Arts
 Superbly talented fresher batch in FA,
most of whom picked it up during wall
 Set a trend to be followed in the coming
Events in PFA
3D Modelling GC
28th Sep
-Robot Designing
This year in 3D modeling GC, participants
were to design a robot with a concept.
More than 100 people participated in it
and came up with 40 amazing concepts.
Concept was given more importance than anything else in the GC.
Implementation was another important criteria
Photo Calendar GC October
• Restructured Color De Vita, the photography GC since 3 years
into a Photo Calendar GC
• Addressed issues of mismatch between GC points and effort,
transparency in judging, robust rules to counter possible frauds
Events in PFA
Photography Lectures and Sessions
• Organized for the first time
• A series of 3 lectures on photography interspersed with handson morning sessions
• It saw a descent participation from UGs and PGs alike. Some
staff members attended the lectures too.
• Aimed at teaching photography right from the basics and
develop the enthusiasm for photography among the IIT
community into a hobby.
• Were conducted while the Photo Calendar GC was already
running thus providing the participants support in the same
• Led to a jump in online activity through google group and blog
Events in PFA
Origami Workshop 20th Oct
• Attended by more than 50 people
• Was attended by PGs in large numbers
• Introduction of a new genre in Fine Arts – genre which is close
to mathematics and thus appeals more
• The workshop covered a number
of interesting designs and even a
few mathematical advantages of
• It was followed by a number of
informal sessions on origami
Events in PFA
Comic Making GC 19th Jan
• Second among the 3 FA GCs, this one was a continuation of
cartooning GC introduced last year
• It stressed more on the idea and how it is portrayed in a comic
than on the cartooning skills of the participant
• Topics given were recent ones:
- Election
- Price Rise
• Around 75 people participated and 50 comics were made
Events in PFA
Book Cover Design 28th Jan
• Third FA GC was on book cover design
• Participants were asked to design the cover for a forthcoming
book by Vaani, the Hindi speaking club of IITB
• One of the top five entries will be the cover of this book titled
“Vaani Sankalan”
• About 80 people participated
and around 40 book covers
were designed
Events in PFA
OTS Photography GC 6th Feb
• Format similar to scavenger hunt but toned down
• A set of 5 subject were given with appropriate points attached to
each of them.
• A set of 5 photographs one for each theme were to be submitted
• Participation meant one has to go about searching for the subjects
(not too difficult) and click
• Results will be out soon
Other Events
 A number of Morning sessions in photography
 Sessions in one stroke painting, ambigrams, origami, kirigami, oil
 Online Events in photography – theme based and “daily favourite”
threads on the blog – more than 500 photographs in a span of 5
Inter collegiate Festivals
Malhar 2010
• Qualification in all but 3 of the events.
• 2nd in Hat Making Competition
Mood Indigo 2010
Rapid FA: 1st
Rangoli: 1st 2nd and 4th Photography: 2nd
Chaos 2011
Fine Arts
T-shirt painting: 3rd
Rangoli: 3rd
Mehendi: 1st and 3rd
Face Painting: 3rd
Junkyard Wars: 3rd
Photography: 5 out of 6 positions
Weave a Tell: 1st and 2nd
Face off: 2nd
Espirit d chaos: 1st and 2nd
Film and Media
Work Report
General Championship events
GC Events
 Successfully screened the movies and came up with results
within 3 days of submissions.
 Brought 2 professionals for judging.
 Promoted the use of advance technology for the GC entries by
providing logistical support like green screen etc.
 Conducted 3 workshops, i.e., for scripting, cinematography and
editing well in advance. The workshops were successful with a
participation of around 80-100 students for each workshop.
• Introduced a new GC to promote the culture of animations.
• Conducted the first stop-motion workshop for the event that
was attended by more than 70 students.
Campus Radio
Revamped the working of Campus Radio.
• Made the radio regular after the launch on 6th September. 2
shows per week are being uploaded thereafter religiously.
• The success of Radio can be seen from the statistics : 200-300
listeners atleast for each show and a maximum of >1000
listeners for a single show.
• Developed the idea of the radio in a totally new manner by
incorporating sections like institute and outside news for
information, love guru, poetry etc. for entertainment and
debates and trivia for infotainment.
• Shaped Campus Radio like a club, increased the number of
people involved in making the shows 6-folds.
A workshop on editing in Sony Vegas was conducted which saw
a great participation from the freshies as well as seniors.
• A series of classes for scripting, cinematography and editing
were conducted in October.
• A stop-motion animation workshop was conducted on 4th Feb.
• Apart from these workshops, regular fundae sessions were
conducted in freshie hostels for freshizza video making
competition in September.
Mood Indigo : 4 entries. Secured 5th position
 Antaragini, IITK, Rendezvous, IITD,
UICT film fest etc. :5, 5, 7 entries were sent.
 India Fest : Special mention
(4th out of 85 entries)
Made a video especially for the orientation that consisted of
various special effects that were never used before in the movies
made in the institute and a compilation of various short films
made in the institute.
For the first time, introduced an on-the-spot movie making
competition in the club orientation itself. The event was
successfull with a participation of 80 1st year students and 15
seniors to mentor them. 6 movies were made in the event.
Freshiezza and PG Cult
A music video-making competition was organised.
27 music videos of great quality were made in the competition.
Uncut movie making : Submissions due.
Ad-making : Submissions due.
Open Events
Uncut movie making competition : Saw a great participation
with 16 entries in total.
• Movie Spoof making competition : 3 good length movie spoofs
were made by the students.
• Movie Screenings: 6 movie screenings were conducted.
• IDC Movie Screenings: Ensured regular updates of IDC movie
screenings through help of IDC students
Pending Events: FILM FESTIVAL
PG Reforms
PG Cult Orientation & Sophie Prod
• A separate PG Cult & Sports Orientation was
conducted so as to make PGs aware of the
various Cultural Activities taking place in the
• A slot was given in the Sophie Prod to the PGs, in
which from script writing, to directing to acting
everything was done by the PGs. This helped to
incubate PGs into dramatics club right at the
beginning if the academic year.
• For the first time in the history of IIT, PGs
participated in Freshiezza as a single team.
• PGs participated in a large extend and had a
performance in all the high preparation events
like Dance, Drama & Bands.
• This further helped to cache the talented &
enthusiastic PGs in the cultural scenario
PG Cult 2011
• PG Cult 2011 first phase was held on 12th-13th
Feb. which was a success.
• Around 700 participants took part in events
across all the genres.
• The second phase will be held on 12th-13th
PG Handbook
• PG handbook was made which included the
information about all the departments
including the Cultural Scenario of IIT Bombay.
General Championship
• The GC points system was revamped with the
reintroduction of the trumping concept. Led to a
more competitive GC and well received by
• GC rules were made available 20-30 days in
advance. The judging criteria was made to both
judges and participating hostels beforehand.
• Workshops/Intras were conducted before all
major GCs on the request of hostels.
Cult Library & Information Flow
• Well maintained Facebook Page
• DC Hub Cult Le Saale: sharing of all cultural
• Monthly Calendar posters on all Notice Boards
• Website renovation in progress: would include
winners database, link fb page, all cult sites/Blogs
• Nearing Completion of Recording Room
• Started and nearing completion of SAC Yoga
• Renovation of Book Club going on
• Proposal of PFA Room accepted
• Use of buffer budget for purchasing infra
items/maintenance : camera, music room,
wings, books, handycam,etc.
• Formulation of PAF Rulebook
PAF Orientation and Month Long PAF Publicity
• SPICMACAY: Concert by Pt. VishwaMohan
Bhatt and Pt. Vijay Ghate
• Social Events like Scavenger Hunt, Bollywood
Night were revamped to increase
participation. Kind prizes provided for the
• Collaboration events like Nobel Quiz, M&M
Auto Quotient, Gandhi Essay Writing, etc.
• Sent contingents to Malhar (4th position), MI
(1st position) and Chaos (virtually 1st position)
• Ensured smooth execution of transport,
registration, stay and other fest related issues
• Institute dance and music performances at the
prestigious Kala Ghoda festival
NCPA-IIT Bombay Collaboration
• Started the NCPA-IIT Bombay collaboration
• Sattriya Dance performance in the 1st sem
• 1 performance/1 workshop in the next sem
• Special offers for IIT students for certain NCPA
Institute Book
• A compilation of poetry, articles and short
stories by students of IITB(from the past 4
years) shall be published. The idea is to display
the talent of the institute to people at large,
boost new writers and archive this content.
The idea is still taking shape and we intend to
publish the book by the end of this semester.

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